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Beyond the clouds: the place promised to us

Movie poster - Beyond the clouds: the promised place

After the success of You Name to the cinema from Tuesday 11 April 2017, the previous animated film " is also revivedBeyond the clouds: the place promised to us"by the Japanese director Makoto Shinkai dating back to 2004. The film tells of two schoolmates Hiroki and Takuya who cultivate a great dream, until one day their lives divide.

The film, set in an alternate history where the Soviet Union occupies half of Japan, intertwines science fiction with human emotion in a compelling and engaging way.

The plot revolves around two childhood friends who, as the years pass, distance themselves from each other due to the mysterious disappearance of one of their companions. However, as often happens in Shinkai's stories, fate has a new encounter in store for them. An enigmatic tower erected by the Union begins to replace the surrounding matter with that of other universes. This phenomenon will have repercussions not only locally, but also internationally. As tension between the nations grows, the two friends realize that their missing friend may be the key to saving the world.

Unlike his largely self-made short film “Voices of a Distant Star,” “Beyond the Clouds, the Place Promised to Us” is a large-scale production. This is clearly reflected in its superior animation quality and longer film runtime. The film achieved widespread diffusion in Japan, thanks to its broadcast on the Animax satellite network, and subsequently gained recognition internationally. It was, in fact, selected for screening at the Japanese film festival in India, celebrating the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Japan.

The genre of this work can be classified as "uchronia", a sub-genre of science fiction that explores alternative historical scenarios. Shinkai, with his narrative mastery, manages to mix history and fantasy, creating a unique and enveloping atmosphere.

In conclusion, "Beyond the Clouds, the Place Promised to Us" is not just an animated film, but a testimony to Shinkai's ability to touch the hearts of the audience through the magic of the seventh art. If you love animated cinema and exciting stories, this film is absolutely not to be missed.


In an alternate future, Japan was split into two blocs after losing World War II: the north was assigned to the Soviet Union, while the south was assigned to the United States. Hokkaido was annexed to the "Union", while Honshu and the other southern islands are under the sovereignty of the United States. A gigantic and mysterious tower was built in Hokkaido and could be clearly seen from Aomori (Northern Honshu Prefecture) through Tsugaru Strait.

In the summer of 1996 Hiroki Fujisawa and Takuya Shirakawa, two friends in the last year of middle school, had made the promise that one day they would build a plane capable of unraveling the mystery of the tower, but their project was interrupted after the their friend and classmate, Sayuri Sawatari, had fallen ill with severe narcolepsy and then moved to Tokyo for better treatment.

Three years later, Hiroki Fujisawa accidentally heard news that Sayuri was in a coma and so he asked Takuya Shirakawa to help him find a way to revive her, who now works as a physicist doing research on parallel universes and quantum mechanics. What they don't know yet is that Sayuri's loss of consciousness is somehow connected to the secrets of the tower and the world.

The historical context of "Beyond the Clouds, the Place Promised to Us" presents us with a divided Japan, an alternative and powerful image that serves as the backdrop to the entire narrative. After World War II, the nation is rocked by a geopolitical divide: while most of Japan is unified, Hokkaido, renamed Ezo in the anime, remains under the influence of the Soviet Union. Precisely on this island a huge tower is erected, not a simple structure, but a weapon potentially capable of transforming the entire reality into a parallel universe.

In this scenario, the story follows the lives of three teenagers living in the northern region of Japan, in Aomori: Hiroki Fujisawa, Takuya Shirakawa and Sayuri Sawatari. The first two, both prodigies in terms of intelligence and skill, are fascinated by the Hokkaido Tower, so much so that they commit to building a plane with the aim of flying near it. Sayuri's arrival in their lives adds a profound emotional element: the girl approaches the two friends and shares with them the desire to venture towards that mysterious structure.

However, a shocking event interrupts their bond. Sayuri disappears into thin air, leaving an unfillable void. While Hiroki tries to forget the past by enrolling in a distant school, Takuya immerses himself in the world of physics, studying parallel universes. The shocking revelation is that Sayuri, who has disappeared from everyone's eyes, is actually afflicted by a serious form of narcolepsy and is in hospital. Her condition is not a simple illness: she is directly connected to the tower and its mysterious activities.

The tower, with its ability to alter reality, poses a threat not only to its surroundings, but also to the entire world. Sayuri, trapped in a deep sleep and a desolate parallel universe, involuntarily becomes an integral part of this device. Her state of narcolepsy is not accidental, but is closely linked to the energy of the tower and the potential cataclysm she could unleash.

The reconnection between Hiroki and Takuya, despite geopolitical conflicts and tensions, represents the determination to save Sayuri and, consequently, the entire world. Their mission, which goes beyond friendship and love, is a race against time. The story, therefore, not only offers a fascinating look at an alternative Japan, but also explores the themes of friendship, love and sacrifice, demonstrating how strong human bonds can be in the face of the most extreme adversity.
Date: 04/04/2017

The images of the film Beyond the clouds: the promised place

Original title: Kumo no muko, yakusoku no basho
Country: Japan
Year: 2004
Gender: Animation - Anime
Duration: 91 '
Directed by: Makoto Shinkai
Production: ADV Films, CoMix Wave
Distribution: Nexo Digital
Exit : April 11, 2017 (cinema)

Video Trailer Beyond the clouds: the promised place

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