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Brave Puppy Ozzy - The animated film

Ozzy brave puppy

Ozzy brave puppy is a 2016 animated film directed by Alberto Rodr guez, produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures, BD Animation, Capit n Ara a that since Thursday 2 March 2017 will make its debut in Italian cinemas.

Ozzy, a nice beagle, leads a peaceful and idyllic life until the day when his owners suddenly have to leave for Japan without the possibility of taking him with them. Deeply saddened, the Martins must seek temporary accommodation for Ozzy and the choice falls on an extra-luxury kennel. But what on the surface looks like a paradise of love and cuddling, soon turns out to be a terrible dog prison run by an evil owner. Ozzy will have to find the strength to resist and the courage to escape thanks to the help of his new 4-legged friends.

Ozzy brave puppy pictures

Date: 18/02/2017

Original title: Ozzy - Fast & Furry
Country: Spain, Canada
Year: 2016
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 90 '
Directed by: Alberto Rodr guez
Production: Arcadia Motion Pictures, BD Animation, Capit n Ara a
Distribution: Eagle Pictures
Exit : 2 March 2017 (cinema)

Brave Puppy Ozzy Video Trailer

Ozzy Brave Pup - Italian Trailer

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