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Paw Patrol - The movie

Given the enormous success of the TV animation series, the film of the puppy team will be screened at the cinema from 22 December 2016 Paw Patrol lasting 60 minutes, with 6 unreleased episodes never seen on TV, also produced by Spin Master Entertainment and made by Guru Studio, TVO Kids and Nickelodeon Productions.

I Paw Patrol are a group of 7 puppies of dogs of different breeds who, thanks to their vehicles and tools, help the inhabitants of Adventure Bay in need. The team is led by Ryder, a boy of about 10, who guides them in the various rescue operations, sometimes also participating in the action aboard his quad bike. The Paw Patrol are equipped to solve any kind of problem, from extinguishing a fire, to finding lost people or animals, or to saving boats or people in difficulty in the sea. All the puppies participate with great enthusiasm in the rescue and every time they are called through the Paw Pad by Ryder they run to reunite inside their headquarters. Once at the base, they enter the elevator that takes them to the first floor of the tower, where they wear their emergency suits, then on the next floor they position themselves in a queue waiting for Ryder's directions, who will choose the most suitable puppies for the type rescue. The puppies will have to do is enter the slide and land quickly in their vehicles to whiz towards the rescue, on the streets of Adventure Bay.

Ryder and Mayor Goodway

Ryder an intelligent and generous guy, always available to give immediate help to people in difficulty, in fact his motto is "We are available on every occasion!". He is often sought out by the mayor by Mayor Goodway, for some important mission in the city. During the rescues you can find Ryder aboard his technologically advanced jet ski that transforms into a jeep and a snowmobile.

Chase - He is a German Shepherd puppy leader of the puppy group, always at the forefront when it comes to giving his contribution and obeying Ryder's commands. He is a police dog and as such carries out the task of a spy dog, managing to move in disguise to discover some mystery. He drives his police truck and from his equipment he can shoot a net that can catch bandits or get people out of harm's way. It also has a megaphone to sound the alarm or communicate at great distances. Having a very developed sense of smell, he immediately notices if there are cats nearby, as he is allergic.

Chase jumps into his truck

Marshall - It is a Dalmatian puppy specialized in extinguishing fires. On its back there are two hydrants, which if necessary shoot effective jets of water. Marshall is also the most clumsy puppy of the company, as with each episode, there is no lack of his clumsy falls that send him to his paws in the air and that also involve those around him.

Rubble is a bulldog puppy specialized in construction, excavation and demolition work, which he performs with his mini crane positioned on the back and with his vehicle that he can use as a bulldozer. Rubble is also the sweetest puppy and is crazy about skateboarding and snowboarding in the snow.

The Paw Patrols exit the Paw Patroller

Skye A Cockapoo dog that thanks to the telescopic wings, which can come out of the equipment on the back, is able to fly with propulsion rockets. He also drives a helicopter with which he carries out rescue missions. When Ryder is chosen for some mission she participates with enthusiasm exclaiming "This puppy has learned to fly!".

Rocky a cross of different breeds of dogs, very creative and able to recycle everything, which he knows how to adapt according to the situation.

Zuma finally, he is a labrador puppy specialized in sea rescue thanks to his hovercraft. She loves bathing and playing in the water.

In the new episodes of the film, the Paw Patrol will save the cubs of a bear, princesses struggling with dangerous dragons, the three little pigs from the wolf's claws and the little lambs who have escaped from the farm.

At the end of the first two episodes there will be the entertainment of the host Federica Fontana, who with a group of children will do a sort of treasure hunt to recover various Paw Patrol gadgets.
The series is aimed at an audience of preschool-aged children, therefore the team spirit, their enthusiasm, the desire to have fun and the feeling of heroes are highlighted, identifying themselves in the rescue of their favorites.

Author: Gianluigi Piludu
Date: 21/12/2016

The Paw Patrol Chase, Marshall and Everest

Marshall the Dalmatian puppy firefighter

Rocky the half-breed recycler puppy

Skye the flying dog

Chase the police dog

The poster for the Oceania poster
Original title: Paw Patrol
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 60 '
Production: Spin Master Studios
Distribution: Notorious pictures
Exit : 22 December 2016 (cinema)

Video Trailer of the movie Paw Patrol

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Spin Master Entertainment and created by Guru Studio, TVO Kids and Nickelodeon Productions and by the rights holders and are used here exclusively for information and dissemination purposes.

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