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Little Pig Big Hero
Piglet little big hero

The film obviously aimed at an audience of children, deals with the theme of self-acceptance within a group of friends and sees the little pig Pimpi as the protagonist. Pimpi is one of many friends of Winnie the Pooh, part of their merry gang. Piglet is a little pig who suffers from an inferiority complex towards his friends which he sees as smarter than him. It all stems from the fact that he came back empty-handed after participating in a honey hunt in the forest. Sad and dejected, he decides to flee. but Winnie the Pooh and his friends Tigger, Cap and Iò notice his absence and immediately start looking for their missing friend.

Piglet little big hero

Thanks to a personal diary of Piglet where various memories, thoughts and drawings of the pig are noted, they try to reconstruct the probable path where their friend Piglet might have headed. Winnie and her friends are joined by two kangaroos, little Roo and his mother Kanga. The precious diary, however, accidentally ends up in the river, only to go to the branch of a tree. Winnie the Pooh then decides to go and retrieve it, but the branch on which he has climbed breaks and our teddy bear still has little time to avoid falling into the dangerous river below. His friends then make a chain; Tigger, Tappo, Iò, Kanga and Roo, hold hands in an attempt to get him out of this situation, but all this is not enough, in fact only for a few centimeters they cannot reach Winnie the Pooh's hand, here comes the pig. Piglet, who despite his small stature manages to bridge that distance and grab Winnie firmly in his hand and pull him to safety. Despite everything, Pimpi's diary falls into the water and the sheets with his drawings scatter here and there. Back at his home Pimpi discovers that his friends have wallpapered the walls with drawings of their adventures where he is depicted as the protagonist, this as a sign of esteem and acceptance in the group.

Piglet little big hero

Original title: Piglet's big movie
Country: Use
Year: 2003
Gender:  Entrainment
Duration: 75 '
Directed by: Francis Glebas
Official site:
Production: Michelle Pappalardo-Robinson
Distribution: Buena Vista
Exit : September 05, 2003

Piglet little big hero<

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