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Purchase Plans

Dusty - Planes
Dusty the plane
ï ¿½ DisneyToon Studios

From cars to planes. Disney moves from the slopes to the skies proposing - after the success of Engines roaring-Cars e Cars 2 - a new animated film whose characters are atropomorphized vehicles.

Di DisneyToon Studios, the 3D comedy - which will be launched in Italian cinemas on November 8th - is directed by Klay Hall and as producers John Lasseter, Traci Balthazor, Tony cosanella, Kip Lewis. The music is by James Seymour Brett. While the film arrives in our country, in the United States of America its sequel is already under construction: 2 Planes: Fire and Rescue.

But let's get to know the plot of Purchase Plans. Its protagonist has a propeller instead of a nose, he is small but he has a big dream like that. Is called Dusty (the Italian dubbing is by Oreste Baldini) and is a single-prop agricultural aircraft with special ambitions. Its aspiration is in fact to participate in high-altitude competitions as a competition aircraft. But it's not easy for Dusty to defeat his limits. It was not designed to compete at such high heights and suffers from vertigo. However, the small plane with a heart as big as its courage decides to get help to overcome these limits.

Skipper Riley - Planes
Skipper Riley
ï ¿½ DisneyToon Studios

To do this, he goes to the good and wise naval aviator Skipper Riley, who has many years of experience in the navy (where he also worked during the Second World War) and as an instructor of the prestigious Jolly Wrenches squadron. But that bad luck wanted to bring back to earth due to an accident during a combat mission. Between the two, not only a teacher-student relationship is born, but an exchange of real "life lessons". Thanks to the preparation received, his determination and his commitment, Dusty qualifies for the most important and difficult challenge: the one against Ripslinger, the defending champion. The latter knows he possesses unparalleled wealth and equipment, but competes unfairly and, by taking off his two accomplices Ned and Zed, who specialize in sabotage, go to great lengths to knock Dusty out. But, beyond all his fears and all the expectations of others, he manages to beat unexpected records and achieve memorable feats. This demonstrates that - armed with will and passion - one can become strong enough to overcome any physical and psychological obstacle and limit.

Dottie and Chug - Planes
Dottie and Chug
ï ¿½ DisneyToon Studios

In addition to the above, many other flying characters revolve around the story. There is Leadbottom, an old biplane that is practically the opposite of the protagonist. Listless and grouchy, he is the living example of the "half-empty tank". The "mission" of his life was to sow the fields of the miraculous and putrid mixture that he himself invented, Vitaminamulch, containing vitamins, minerals and natural fertilizer. Leadbottom is therefore too busy to be interested in the brave Dusty's "flights of fancy". Then there is Dottie, who is a freight elevator and works for the "Fill Up and Fly" service station. A great friend of ours and her trusted mechanics, she is also a pragmatic and realistic girl and tries to convince the ambitious mono-propeller of the dangers to take a different path from the one for which it was designed. But at the same time it guarantees him support whatever he decides to do. With Dottie he works Chug, truck for the transport of fuel, hard worker and companion. Unlike his partner, Chug fully supports Dusty's dreams and trains him, even if his skills aren't enough to help him climb higher and higher. A character out of the ranks who roams at high altitude El Chupacabra. He is characterized by a charisma and an overwhelming engine as well as a blatant attitude that always makes one doubt the boundary between true and false when he is involved. Among the other airplanes of high altitude flying competitions there is Bulldog. An old-fashioned vehicle, it regrets the era before GPS, when orientation was entrusted to gyroscopes and the stars.

Ishani - Planes
ï ¿½ DisneyToon Studios

However, despite his age, he continues to bring home decent placings. At high altitudes there is also room for the fairer sex, proudly represented by Ishani, reigning Pan-Asian champion, as good as she is beautiful, and praised by legions of fans. And again, there is the match official roper, aloof in the race but full of humor outside; planes Bravo & Echo, two F-18 voiced, in English, by two experienced "film pilots" from the days of Top Gun, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards. And finally Colin Cowling, airship veteran of the Zeppelin Broadcasting School and reporter of high altitude competitions.

 If the previews on the story of Dusty, his friends and his antagonists intrigued you, from 8 November go to the cinema and bring your children! There will be laughter, but also learning and being moved in front of the courage and the big heart of a character who does not surrender to his "nature" but pursues his desires beyond the limits of the possible and the imaginable. Good vision!

Italian poster of Planes
Original title: 
Purchase Plans
3d animation
91 '
Directed by: 
Klay Hall
DisneyToon Studios
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
November 08, 2013


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