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Planes 2 - Fire Fighting Mission

Dusty the plane
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Flying over all Italian cinemas from 28 August, it arrives at the masters of Disney animation Planes 2 - Fire-fighting mission, the awaited cartoon sequel Plans, box office blockbuster in 2013 despite the not-so-flattering judgment of critics.

The ability to get involved and the importance of team spirit are the basic ingredients on which the American director Roberts Gannaway builds the story that stars a group of funny and colorful firefighting planes, ready to fly high to put out the flames.

In Planes 2 we find Dusty, the former agricultural plane who, thanks to his speed, had imposed himself as an aerial racing champion in the previous episode. Now, however, tried by an engine failure that cannot be repaired, Dusty is forced to completely rethink his life: no more races, the new challenge now is to join the Piston Peak firefighting team. As if to say, the parable of those who, after having always run alone, leave aside the desire for self-affirmation to discover the meaning of altruism and cooperation.

So, when the control tower raises the alarm of a fire that threatens to devastate the immense park of Piston Peak, it's time for Dusty to prove his worth as a tanker. Together with him in this clash between water and fire against the backdrop of breathtaking natural landscapes there are fellow travelers equally brave and bizarre: among them, the apparently gruff veteran Blade Ranger, called to keep the ranks of the group; and the wise Wind of Thunder, a transport helicopter with the soul of an American Indian, capable of listening to the secret language of nature and perceiving fires even before the alarm is raised.

Alongside the planes, there are also the five daredevil Jumpers (Dynamite, Pigna, Avalanche, Blackout and Sg cciolo), land vehicles that launch themselves from the belly of the old Cabbie transport plane and clean up the fire area carrying away fallen trees and debris.

The flights from exceptional heights, gliding over endless clearings and expanses of centuries-old trees surrounded by rock walls, transform the big screen into the theater of an adventure in which even the viewer feels involved. To make the ensemble more lively, the fresh comedy typical of Disney cartoons and the country soundtrack.

Without losing the lightness of animated films, in Planes 2 there are also references to recent history, in particular to the firefighters who died while serving in the post-11/XNUMX attack. Finally, for the romantics a hint of pink, brought by the solar Dipper, who loves Dusty. 

Planes 2 Italian poster - firefighting mission
Original title: 
Planes: Fire & Rescue
3d animation
83 '
Directed by: 
Roberts Gannaway
DisneyToon Studios, Prana Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
28 August 2014 (at the cinema)


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