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The characters of the film Planet 51Clemont is an alien boy living on planet 51 and apart from his green skin, his lifestyle is very similar to that of the kids on planet earth. He attends school, loves studying and above all dreams of being able to go out with Neera, the girl of his dreams. The films and broadcasts of his planet do nothing but talk about a hypothetical invasion by aliens, so much so that his 6-year-old brother Eckle drives his parents crazy when he plays to shoot imaginary alien monsters, with his gun. Their life will suddenly change when astronaut Chuck Baker, sent from our planet and ready to place the American flag, lands near their garden. To his amazement he will discover not only that that planet is inhabited by beings similar to terrestrials, but that it can also breathe the oxygen of the atmosphere. The inhabitants of planet 51 are terrified, so General Grawl puts the entire army on alert, in an attempt to capture him. Together with him Professor Kipple, a sort of mad scientist who wants to analyze the earth, to study the brain. Chuck manages to hide thanks to the help of Clemont, always ready to lend a hand to those in difficulty, but certainly his excessive self-esteem and confidence in his abilities, will not help him to become aware of the real dangers to which he faces. . Chuck is accompanied by Rover, a robot programmed to explore the planet's surface, collect stone samples and send images to the earth, but he will have many problems with the inhabitants of planet 51, except for Skiff, a friend of Clemont who has the passion for aliens and mysteries. Among the other nice and odd inhabitants of planet 51 we find Glar, the classic hippie who, armed with a guitar, sings protest songs and is in love with Neera, which gives rise to rivalry between him and Lem.
After a series of ups and downs, escapes and disguises, astronaut Chuck Baker will try to fix the spacecraft and resume his journey.
A film produced by the English and Spanish studios of the Ilion Animation Studios in Madrid directed by Jorge Blanco, Javier Abad and Marcos Martínez is very well done from a graphic point of view and there is no shortage of scenes and gags that tear a few smiles, however it rests on a story and a script, banal that exploits the stereotypes of previous films such as Independence Day, Wall-e, Alien and Shrek.

Planet 51
Original title:  Planet 51
Country:  Spain, England
Year:  2009
Gender:  3D animation
Duration:  97 '
Directed by:  Jorge Blanco and Javier Abad
Official site:
Production:  Ilion Animation, HandMade Films
Distribution:  Moviemax
Exit :  20 November 2009 (cinema)


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