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RAPUNZEL - The intertwining of the tower

Rapunzel and FlynnOn December 3, Walt Disney Pictures will present the new animated fairy tale Rapunzel: The Interweaving of the Tower , featuring scenes of breathtaking adventures and loud laughs in Disney Digital 3D When the most wanted bandit and heartthrob in the kingdom, who goes by the name of Flynn Rider, to escape the pursuit of the king's guards, takes refuge inside a mysterious tower, he is bound and imprisoned by the beautiful Rapunzel, a girl characterized by very long and magical blonde hair that she uses as a real weapon.

RapunzelRapunzel has spent her life locked inside a tower by her mother Gothel, who with her overprotectiveness wants to keep her away from the world. The girl with very long blond hair, measuring over twenty meters, is a spirited girl who spends her time drawing, playing the guitar, reading and fantasizing about the day she will see the flying lanterns. Rapunzel's only company is her little chameleon friend named Pascal, with whom she confides and takes all advice and suggestions seriously. Upon reaching the age of majority, contravening Mother Gothel's advice to hide and keep the secret on her long magical hair, she escapes from the tower thanks to the complicity of the bandit Flynn and the advice of Pascal. Although Mother Gothel disapproves of Rapunzel's escape, the blonde girl's thrilling and adventurous journey could have sensational implications for the mystery behind the strength of her hair.

The bandit Flynn RiderFlynn Rider is characterized by an immense narcissism, as he has always used his beauty and his cunning to free himself from the most problematic situations. Being an infallible thief, he seeks the master stroke, which could allow him to live rich and happy forever. These projects of his are shattered when he decides to climb the tower where Rapunzel, the extravagant girl with very long hair, is locked up. Flynn thinks he can charm her with ease, but Rapunzel is completely immune to her beauty and doesn't hesitate to fry him on the head. Flynn and Rapunzel share whom they will come across along their path.

One of these is the exuberant Maximus, the horse of the Captain of the Guard. He has made the capture of the wanted Flynn Rider his life's goal. The horse pursues Flynn, with a spirit of self-denial and contempt of danger, even where the king's soldiers refuse to go - it seems that nothing can stop this tough nut from capturing his man. When Maximus meets Rapunzel his heart softens and he begins to see the world differently. What began as a bitter pursuit can also be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Mother Gothel of RapunzelAs for Mother Gothel, she may be domineering, manipulative, and overprotective, but she is the only mother Rapunzel has ever known. By taking Rapunzel away as a child and hiding her in the tower, Gothel would have secured exclusive access to Rapunzel's magical hair, to be used as a personal fountain of youth. Gothel views Rapunzel as more of a possession than a daughter and uses every weapon in his arsenal, including constant and subtle teasing, ambiguous compliments and most of all guilt, to keep the girl hidden. When Rapunzel finally escapes her will and ventures into the world, the delightfully deranged Gothel will stop at nothing to bring the young woman back into the tower.


Rapunzel's Italian poster

Original title: Tangled
Country: USA
Year: 2010
Gender: 3d animation
Duration: 117 '
Directed by: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
Official Website:
Production: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: December 3 2010


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