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Richard - Mission Africa - The animated film

Richard's Italian poster - Mission Africa

Richard - Mission Africa (Richard the Stork the original title) is an animated film that will be released in Italian cinemas starting from 10 Maggio 2017. Directed by directors Toby Genkel, Reza Memari is co-produced by a collaboration between Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Norway thanks to Den Siste Skilling, Knudsen & Streuber Medienmanufaktur, M lusine Productions, Ulysses Filmproduktion, Walking The Dog studios. The film lasts 85 minutes and will be distributed in Italy by M2 Pictures.

The story tells the life of the sparrow Richard, whose egg happens and hatches inside a stork's nest, so that he becomes convinced that he is a stork after being adopted and lovingly raised by his mother stork, but a little less by his father. . The problems come when the storks, being migratory birds, have to leave for Africa when winter arrives. The stork father does not have many scruples and abandons him in the nest from which he was born. However Richard is a determined and courageous sparrow and tries in every way to reach them. Thus begins an adventurous journey through Europe during which he will meet a slightly eccentric owl and a vain parrot and a lover of disco music.

RICHARD - MISSION AFRICA is an exciting adventure for the whole family. Richard, Olga and Kiki are three little heroes who accept a challenge and growing up thanks to their courage and their extraordinary friendship, they discover how great they really are.

This adventurous journey will lead the three weird and cuddly birds from the north of Germany to France to Italy up to Africa. Like the plot, the production is also international, and to be exact it is a European co-production. The film is directed by Toby Genkel (Ooops! I lost the ark ...) together with Reza Memari, author of the original screenplay and produced by Kristine MI Knudsen. A touching animated film presented in competition at the 67th Berlin Film Festival in the Generation Kplus section and already sold in more than 40 countries.


A handsome young man with a long red beak, elegant black and white wings, and two stout and graceful legs: that's what Richard looks like. The reality is a little different, because it is only a small sparrow. He was raised by a stork family and his greatest ambition is to participate in the crossing of his adoptive family, but as he is stubborn as a stork he does not want to look at the reality of the facts. During the journey to Africa, when he comes to risk his life and that of his new friends, Richard understands that he must stop seeing himself as the smallest of the storks and that even being a sparrow is not bad at all. .

A small, shaggy and disproportionate owl, which should actually be wandering through the woods with its family. The sisters, on the other hand, mocked her for her different appearance and so Olga ran away from home and met Oleg, whom no one sees except her. He who asks Olga to help Richard, even if the self-styled stork fails to take him seriously. Olga accepts and in this adventurous journey she finally understands that she can be proud of her diversity.

A self-centered budgie, convinced that the world is waiting for nothing but applauding him for his wonderful voice. To demonstrate his singing qualities he wants to participate in a talent show, but there is only one small problem: he is trapped in a cage in a shabby club where he has to sing country and western songs during karaoke. As if that were not enough, he is also afraid of heights. To become a free bird and become a star, Kiki deceives Richard and Olga and leads them astray. But instead of realizing her celebrity dream, Kiki will have to realize that she's not really the amazing songbird she thinks she is. So, to clear his conscience, he decides to help Richard reach Africa and, from self-centered and selfish, he turns into a true friend.



The sparrow egg hatches and Richard is born

Stork mom welcomes him lovingly

Richard looks at stork mom for the first time

Richard is ready to go to Africa with the stork family

Richard realizes he can't leave

Try a desperate flight to reach the storks in Africa

Seagulls try to help Richard

Richard meets Olga and Kiki

Richard, Olga the owl and Kiki the parrot

Richard understands his fun from a stork

Original title: Richard the Stork
Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Norway
85 '
Directed by:
Toby Genkel and Reza Memari
Den Siste Skilling, Knudsen & Streuber Medienmanufaktur, M lusine Productions, Ulysses Filmproduktion, Walking The Dog
M2 Pictures
Exit :
May 10, 2017 (cinema)

Video trailer Richard - Mission Africa

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