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Sing - The animated film

Sing's piglet rosita

Sing is a 2016 animated film directed by Garth Jennings, produced by Illumination Entertainment which will make its debut in Italian cinemas from 4 January 2017.

In a world like ours, but inhabited entirely by animals, Buster Moon is an elegant koala owner of a once grandiose theater that has now fallen out of favor. Buster is an eternal optimist - okay, maybe he's a bit of a rascal - who loves theater more than anything else and will do what he can to safeguard it. Faced with the crumbling of his life's ambition, Buster has one last chance to restore his declining jewel to its former glory, producing the largest singing competition in the world. Five competitors will emerge: a mouse, as good at humming as he is at cheating; a shy teenage elephant with a huge case of stage anxiety; an overworked mother who goes out of her way to look after a litter of twenty-five pigs; a young gorilla who is trying to get away from the crimes of his family of delinquents; a punk-rock porcupine who has a hard time getting rid of an arrogant boyfriend and going solo. Each animal shows up at the entrance of Buster's theater convinced that this will be an opportunity to change the course of their life.

Buster Moon the Singing Koala Host
Buster Moon the koala presenter of the show.

Sing's piglet rosita
Rosita, the pig with a singing past, will participate in the audition to give the best of herself.

meena the elephant of Sing
Meena the elephant very good at singing, but with the fear of the stage.

Eddie Noodleman the sheep of Sing
Eddie Noodleman is Buster's best friend sheep, always ready to help and follow him in his crazy exploits. She lives in her parents' annex while trying to figure out what her purpose in life is.

Johnny the Sing gorilla
Johnny the mountain gorilla, the son of a leader of a trio of criminals, is very good at singing, but his father wants him to become a criminal too.

Ashley "Ash" Sing's hedgehog
Ashley "Ash" the porcupine who, after being betrayed by her boyfriend, decides to write her own song.

Ashley "Ash" Sing's hedgehog
Gunter the pig who speaks with a strong German accent, is very energetic, will be Rosita's partner.

Date: 28/12/2016

Original title: Sing
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 110 '
Directed by: Garth Jennings
Production: Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures
Distribution: Universal Pictures Italy
Exit : January 04, 2017 (cinema)

Sing Video Trailer

Sing - Italian spot "Don't give up"

Sing - Italian Spot "Car Wash"

Sing - Italian spot "Nothing to lose"

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