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Spider Man 3

Peter Parker - Spiderman

The third film of the Spider-Man saga was released on May 1st, like the previous one signed by director Sam Raimi, on which no expense was spared from the point of view of special effects, since it cost over 258 million dollars. Spider-Man 3 addresses numerous characters and themes dealt with in various Marvel comic books of theSpiderman, therefore, Sam Raimi had to tie different levels of stories into one film, sometimes not faithfully respecting the original story. We find Peter Parker (also played by Tobey Maguire) struggling with his decision to marry Mary Jane, which however will have intricate implications and full of misunderstandings between the two, especially after the appearance of the beautiful Gwen Stacy in Peter's life.

Mary Jane and Peter Parker

Added to this is the revived Goblin, under whose guise Harry Osborn (James Franco), a great friend of Peter and son of Norman, is hiding, who wants to avenge his father for being killed by Spider-Man. The two will give rise to some beautiful and spectacular aerial duels, between the skyscrapers of Manatthan, so as to leave you with bated breath. For Peter Parker, the wound on the murder of his uncle Ben will reopen, as his real killer will be identified. It is a cheap thief who, in order to escape a chase by the police, hides inside a sand pit of a research laboratory, where a scientific experiment is underway.

Sand Man

Here he is subjected to a series of radiations that transform him into a man of sand (Thomas Haden Church), capable of assuming different forms with the control of individual grains. The scene is by far one of the most beautiful of the film (and of many other films of this genre), as each grain of sand has been carefully reconstructed and animated in 3D computer graphics in an exemplary way, also highlighting the psychological profile of the character. , with its history and its inner drama. As if that were not enough, a meteorite crashes on the earth, from which a strange black and gelatinous substance emerges, which walks and attaches itself to Peter Parker: it is Venom, a semblance made up of an alien organic substance that must stay close to survive. contact with another person.

Spider-man and Venom

Suddenly he will bond to the fibers of the fabric of Spider-Man's costume, which will turn black, increasing his powers and self-esteem, which will make him cynical and determined. This new personality of Peter Parker will affect all his personal relationships, first of all with Mary Jane who will no longer recognize him and with his Aunt May. If on the one hand a simple disheveled tuft is enough to characterize the black soul of Peter Parker, on the other hand the interpretation of Tobey Maguire appears unconvincing and at times too caricatured, not to say ridiculous.

spider man 3

At this juncture Peter Parker will commit a series of mistakes that will lead him to become aware of the evil that is in him and of the absurdities that the mask leads him to do, despite the beautiful delirium of omnipotence hindering him from trying to get rid of it. Another character who appears on the scene is Eddie Brock, a photographer who will try to steal Peter Parker's work within the Daily Bugle editorial office. There is no shortage of comic scenes, which serve to de-dramatize the dark atmosphere of the film, among all the gags of JJ Jamson and Peter himself. Spider-Man's final fights with his enemies are Oscar-winning, with special effects and spectacular images that smoothly enhance the potential of CGI computer graphics and address the issues of revenge and forgiveness.

Spider-Man 3
Original title: 
Spider-Man 3
Adventure Action Science Fiction
125 '
Directed by: 
Sam Raimi
Official site:
Columbia Pictures Corporation, Marvel Enterprises, Laura Ziskin Productions
Sony Pictures Releasing Italy
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May 01, 2007


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