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The great and powerful Oz

The great and powerful Oz
The great and powerful Oz
ï ¿½ Roth Films / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy

Starting from Thursday 7 March 2013, the film "The great and powerful Oz" will be released in all cinemas, directed by Sam Raimi, one of the greatest masters of horror, who many will remember for directing the trilogy of films of Spider-man making them so characteristic that they have won millions of spectators from all over the world. In this film he tells in a style halfway between the fairy tale and the gothic, what are the origins of the Wizard of Oz, and the adventures that will lead him to become such. The film will be produced by Disney, a long time producer of great successes. The original title is in English: "Oz: the great and powerful" and the project was born in the United States.
The cast is nothing short of phenomenal, made up of young and truly qualified actors, such as James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Joey King, Abigail Spencer, Bruce Campbell.

The story of the Wizard of Oz stems from the work of Frank Baum, whose name of the book is "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" as well as the ideal of the film released in 1939 entitled "The Wizard of Oz", where they are described the adventures of little Dorothy and her famous red shoes traveling to the kingdom of Oz with her dog Toto, where she meets some "particular" and really special friends, who will be close to her during the journey and will remain her forever in the heart.
The film tells how the wizard arrives in the kingdom of Oz, and what challenges he will face in order to become the great and powerful wizard of Oz.

The great and powerful Oz
The great and powerful Oz
ï ¿½ Roth Films / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy

One day the young illusionist Oscar Diggs (James Franco) who worked in a small circus, whose fame was not exactly the best in the world of magic, now tired of his condition, as he was mocked and put in difficulty by everyone, runs away from the monotonous and boring Kansas. During his escape, while traveling in a hot air balloon, he is carried by a powerful cyclone to the fantastic kingdom of Oz. The young boy is enchanted by the beauty of the landscape, made up of a variegated shade of colors and the magic of which the whole country is full from the plants to the mountains, from the sky to the clouds. Oscar is happy to have arrived in a new place where he will finally be able to demonstrate his talent as an illusionist, therefore he is convinced that he can achieve a great success. In that world he finds gold, beautiful women and anything he could wish for at his disposal, however he still does not know that this journey will be full of tests to overcome, therefore very difficult but also very useful as regards his personal growth.

Glinda the Witch - The great and powerful Oz
The witch Glinda
ï ¿½ Roth Films / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy

This is until he meets three witches: Theodora (Mila Kunis), represents the queen of the West; Evanora (Rachel Weisz) is the queen of the East, and finally the beautiful Glinda (Michelle Williams), who plays the good witch. All three witches are endowed with extraordinary powers, and we will be able to witness magical battles within the film, with breathtaking special effects. Since, according to a prophecy, a great and powerful wizard should have arrived in Oz, and given his poor skill in administering what are the magical arts, the witches are not entirely convinced that the long-awaited wizard is the young Oscar. and initially, just like in Kansas, they give it little credibility. Despite the little trust they have in him, the boy finds himself involved in the conflicts between the inhabitants of the kingdom of Oz, which have plagued the country for a long time now and are very hard and heavy clashes. The boy, with his strength alone, must be able to distinguish the good from the bad of the fairytale world of Oz, in which there are goblins, gnomes, talking plants and flowers and also strange and evil flying beings.

The great and powerful Oz
porcelain girl
ï ¿½ Roth Films / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy

Oscar must not be able to trust anyone, as everyone would like to take him to his side, before the worst can happen and it's too late for everyone, should the wrong person take power. In fact, each of the witches would like to be placed at the head of the kingdom, but the only one who really deserves it is Glinda the good witch, however this very important role is not intended for her but for the young Oscar Diggs, who however does not believe in prophecies, because she knows very well what her skills are in the field of magic and does everything possible to help the good witch in bringing peace to the kingdom of Oz and to make sure that she can take the place of queen in the kingdom.
However, thanks to his magical arts even if reduced, his great inventiveness, ingenuity, a bit of illusionism and, even the use of witchcraft, make the boy transform into a powerful wizard, the best of all. times but, thanks to the experiences lived, he can also become a much better man.
The good witch realizes that the boy has become the wizard of the prophecy and does not hinder him, on the contrary she helps him to excel over the two evil witches, that of the East and that of the West, thus placing him at the head of the kingdom and helping him to become the most powerful wizard of all time, the great and powerful Oz.

Evanora the witch - The great and powerful Oz
Evan the evil witch of the east
ï ¿½ Roth Films / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy

The skills of the great director Sam Raimi are included in what is a film with a fairy-tale soul but also an educational one, as the boy in the end will be able to understand who to trust and, the many tests to which he is subjected, ensure that he becomes a better person, of a profound character and above all a more mature person.
The first clip that has been previewed, awaiting the release of the film, and which has already met with considerable success, is the one in which Oscar Diggs (James Frala good witch played by Michelle Williams, travels to the kingdom of Oz all 'interior of soap bubbles, the scene is full of magic and will surely be able to leave the audience speechless, ranging from the smallest to the largest. In short, the Great and Powerful Oz is the film suitable for the whole family, able to make adults and children dream, where action and twists are not lacking, which make it all

really interesting and never monotonous.

Oscar and Glinda - The great and powerful Oz
Oscar and Glinda
ï ¿½ Roth Films / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy

The extraordinary thing about the film is the way in which the director was able to give life to the pages of the book the world of Oz, making it all real, as if it were a place that existed in reality and all this thanks to the help of the fantastic. production designer Robert Stromberg, who managed to make the atmosphere truly unique, and then thanks to the help of the amazing costume designer Gary Jones with unique attires of their kind.

Little by little, Disney made sure that a new spot was always coming out, just to arouse the curiosity of the most avid of the genre, it promises to be one of the best films of the year in the fantasy genre.
On the Disney site it is possible to preview the posters and an exclusive photo contest has been inserted, "Color your photo with Oz", where the first prize is a trip to London for two people, to follow closely the European Premiere of the film.

The great and powerful Oz
Original title: Oz: The Great and Powerful
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Gender: Adventure, Fantastic
Duration: 130 '
Directed by:  Sam Raimi
Actors:  James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Joey King, Natalie Gal, Deborah Puette
Official site:
Production:Roth Films
Distribution:Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit :  March 07 2013
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