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The Jungle Book 2

It is the sequel to "The jungle book"made in 1967, the last cartoon that Walt Disney himself was able to follow before his death. As was the case for all the animated films edited by Disney also" The Jungle Book "based on a Rudyard novel Kipiling, represents a "cult" for lovers of the genre and the character of Mowgli has become a real "icon" as well as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Peter Pan", "Dumbo" and many others. 35-year-old director Steve Trenbirth ventured into the sequel to the previous masterpiece and tried to leverage the central themes that are freedom, lightheartedness and music.
Shanti and MowgliThe story of "The Jungle Book 2" picks up when Mowgli goes to live in the village, adopted by a very dear family, who teaches him education and good manners. Her friend Shanti, a cute and intelligent girl, will act as teacher and will have to keep at bay besides the "wild" Mowgli, also her little brother Ranjian. But Mowgli, having difficulty adjusting to village life, feels the call of the forest and misses his old animal friends, with whom he lived a life without rules. Baloo Shanti and MowgliFor his part, the bear Baloo, Mowgli's best friend, despite the impediment of the panther Bagheera and the elephant Hathi, manages to enter the village and take Mowgli away, but the two are clumsy and are noticed by some villagers , among these the little Shanti and Ranjian who courageously follow them entering the forbidden jungle. After Shanti and Ranjian they are desperately searched for by the villagers. In the meantime, Mowgli and Baloo have met all his old friends again near the temple of the singing monkeys (King Louis is missing) and has fun singing and dancing in complete freedom and lightheartedness. He does not notice that his old enemy, the tiger Shere Khan allied with the snake boa Kaa, Shanti, Rajian and Mowgli dancingcontemplates revenge for the treatment received in the previous film "The Jungle Book". The two predators encounter the unfortunate Shanti and Ranjan in the jungle, but Mowgli comes to their aid and manages to get them out of trouble. Mowgli will be able to make little Shanti understand the joie de vivre of her world. In addition to the engaging rhythm music that sees the participation of famous singers, such as Phil Collins and John Goodman, also the splendid animations and colored drawings on the computer, but where we do not find evident traces of processing in 3d graphics. Add to this the inevitable funny gags of the protagonists, in particular of Ranjian and Colonel Hathi.

  Original title: The Jungle Book 2
Country: Use
Year: 2003
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 75 '
Directed by: Steve Trenbirth
Official site:
Production: DisneyToon Studios
Distribution: Buena Vista International Italy.
Exit : April 04, 2003 (cinema)


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