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The curse of the first moon

The adventures of the film "The Curse of the First Moon" are set in the spectacular Caribbean Sea around the XNUMXth century AD. It all begins when the terrible pirate Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), steals the ship The Black Pearl from Captain Jack Sparroe (Johnny Deep, extraordinary in his interpretation). As if that weren't enough, he landed in Port Royal with his crew and sows terror among the population by killing and plundering everything he finds, including the beautiful daughter of the governor Elizabeth Swann, who is kidnapped and embarked on board their ship. But Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), a friend and in love with the beautiful Elizabeth, ponders revenge and is willing to do anything to save the girl. Find an ally in Captain Jack Sparrow to be able to hunt down the terrible pirate, so they steal the fastest ship of the British Royal Navy: the Interceptor, in order to reach the pirates in the shortest possible time. But the British fleet, noticing the theft, did not take long to hunt him down with the Dauntless ship. Meanwhile, Captain Jack Sparroe and Will Turner chase the pirates but do not know what horrible surprise awaits them. Those who believe pirates are actually zombies, living dead who are transformed when they are illuminated by the moon, this is because they are victims of an ancient Aztec curse, of the gold stolen by Hernan Cortes, to return to being normal men they will have to recompose the ancient treasure coin by coin. Both the interceptor and the Dauntless will collide with the pirate-zombie ship in the Isla de Muerta and here there will be action scenes full of breathtaking twists, duels and endless punches. As in any adventure there will be a happy ending, but ... it's worth watching this movie and be enchanted by the splendid action-packed scenes.

Original title: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Country: Use
Year: 2003
Gender: Action / Adventure
Duration: 143 '
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Official site:
Production: Jerry Bruckheimer
Distribution: Buena Vista
Exit : September 04, 2003


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