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Los Incre bles

The incredibles

After the successes of "Monster & Co.", but above all of the award-winning "Finding Nemo", the formidable Pixar-Disney couple has scored another masterpiece destined for great success: The Incredibles (original title The Incredible), an animated film made entirely in 3D, which in America has grossed only about 70 million dollars. in the first weekend of projection. Starring a family of super-heroes, made up of: Mr. Incredible the head of the family, his wife Elasticgirl and their children Flash, Violetta and Jack Jack. Mister Incredible is a superhero with superhuman strength, even if by now he is no longer very young (his extra pounds prove it) and due to some legal problems (he saved an aspiring suicide who denounced him to a billionaire compensation), he stopped carrying out his missions for several years. By assuming the name of Bob Parr he has found a joint job as a clerk in an insurance company, but his great dream remains to one day take on the role of the superhero for some very important mission. His wife Elastigirl is a superheroine able to stretch her limbs to excess, but in the life of an ordinary woman she took the name of Helen Parr, an employee and mother of three super children: Violetta the invisible girl, Flash the super-fast boy and little Jack Jack with still unknown powers, also forced to lead a normal life, in a small suburban house. The film is a pretext to highlight the little big problems of all normal families and thus laugh at our own obsessions and obsessions. It is no coincidence that the superpowers of the protagonists respond in a humorous key to the characteristics of many people; how many mothers have to "stretch" to look after their children and the whole house? And how many girls would like to make themselves invisible because of their teenage complexes? Not to mention Mister Incredible's super bacon problems. After 15 years of inactivity Mister Incredible receives a call from a mysterious woman, who invites him to go to a remote island to carry out a secret mission. Mister Incredible does not think twice and when he dreams of being able to return to the glorious life of a superhero thanks to that mission, he discovers that he has fallen victim to a trap set for him by the diabolical Syndrome, an old rival who wants to eliminate super heroes from the face of the earth. At this point, his beloved Elastigirl comes to his aid with superfamily in tow and from here on we will start extraordinary action scenes, along the lines of James Bond 007-style settings, where fantasy and fun reach their peak , also thanks to hilarious humorous gags. Also noteworthy are the other supporting characters, who alone deserve an Oscar like the superhero stylist Edna Mode (splendidly voiced by Amanda Lear) or as Frozone, a superhero who transforms the air into ice. The references to the classic Marvel superheroes and DC comics are wasted, just think of Fantastic Four , Superman , Flash and to all superheroes with super problems.
Director Brad Bird, (author of the splendid animated film The Iron Giant ), manages to mix humor and action in an exemplary way, which combined with a spectacular use of 3d animation and very elaborate rendering (they have been further powered by Pixar computers), give the viewer unforgettable scenes suitable for any age group (the era of cartoons aimed only at children is over).
The film is preceded by the nice animation of "L'agnello saltarello", an animated short film played in verse by hilarious characters.


The incredibles
Original title: 
The Incredibles
120 '
Directed by: 
Brad Bird
John Lasseter
Buena Vista
Exit : 
November 26, 2004


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