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Arlo's journey

Arlo and Spot - Arlo's journey

Directed by Peter Sohn (Partially Cloudy) and produced by Denise Ream (Cars 2, Up), the new Disney • Pixar feature Arlo's Journey will arrive in Italian cinemas on November 25, 2015 and will transport audiences on an epic journey into the prehistoric era, where a brave and curious dinosaur named Arlo makes an unusual friendship with a human.

What would have happened if the asteroid that changed life on earth forever hadn't hit our planet and the dinosaurs never went extinct? An epic journey into the era of prehistory, where a brave and curious dinosaur named Arlo makes an unusual friendship with a human being. Traversing rugged and mysterious places, Arlo will learn to face his fears and discover what he is truly capable of. The little dinosaur will encounter a variety of unique characters who will all contribute to its evolution, voluntarily and otherwise. But it will be friendship with Spot, a wild little boy, to have the biggest impact in his life.

“There is a touching moment in the movie where Arlo and Spot try to share stories about their dead family members,” says effects supervisor Jon Reisch. “They communicate with each other by drawing circles on the sand to represent the family. It is a very subtle effect to move the sand, but it is difficult to achieve. It's one of my favorite movie effects. It requires finesse and attention to detail, especially since it is a static image that cannot be confused with anything else ”.

Spot - Arlo's journey

"Spot it's the opposite of Arlo, ”continues Sohn. “He is tenacious, courageous and animalistic, in the true sense of the word. It is the story of a "boy" and his "dog", but in our version, the boy is a dinosaur and the dog is a boy ".

The film plunges Arlo into a vast and mysterious environment that forces him to face his fears. According to producer Denise Ream, the extraordinary landscape created by the artists played a fundamental role in the story. "Nature is stronger than anything," he says, "even a huge dinosaur."

“From the moment he is born, Arlo is afraid of the world around him,” explains director Peter Sohn. “He is cheerful and determined, lively and full of energy when it comes to helping his family. But his problem is fear: a fear that holds him back and blocks him ”.

Tyrannosaurs - Butch. Ramsey and Nash


BUTCH it's a big, fat T-Rex, made even more menacing by the frightening scar on its face. A cowboy expert and a true professional in herding cattle, Butch encourages his sons Ramsey and Nash to learn the trade, literally throwing them into the fray. The thing he loves the most is listening to and telling stories of real life, in front of a bonfire, in the evening, at the end of a long day of work.

RAMSEY she is a brave, intelligent and very practical T-Rex. She enjoys driving cattle alongside her father Butch and younger brother Nash. Ramsey has an exuberant and outgoing personality: he loves to joke, tell compelling stories and has a soft spot for those in need of help.

NASH He is an enthusiastic young T-Rex who loves adventure and anything that can distract him from boring herd work alongside his father Butch and older sister Ramsey. Nash isn't quite the smartest in the world and has some trouble tracking cattle; however, his mischievous sympathy and positive attitude make him pleasant company.

The predators

THE PREDATORS they target the herd that belongs to Butch and his T-Rex family. Predators - or cattle robbers, as Butch calls them - sport feathered bodies, the size and potential of which are nowhere near comparable to that of a tyrannosaurus. However, as a group, they can pose a threat and even a T-Rex may be forced to call for reinforcements before grappling with them.

They're very dangerous, ”says screenwriter Meg LeFauve. “They don't waste time. He doesn't care if Arlo is a kid. They fight to fight and Arlo stands up to them ”.

Silvano the Shaman

Silvano The Shaman is a mysterious Stiracosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur that lives free in nature. He too, like Arlo, has unreasonable fears. His ability to blend into his surroundings helps him, as well as an unusual (and not exactly threatening) array of forest creatures he recruited to protect him. Says production designer Huy Nguyen: “We researched the way animals blend in and analyzed various trees. We realized that the Aspen trees have a pattern that looks like many black eyes, so we strategically placed the dinosaur between these trunks, casting a shadow over it, to camouflage it ”.

“This character has been the subject of a great deal of study,” says production designer Harley Jessup. “He is a bizarre being who lives in nature, funny and creative. His drawing was a tour de force, because of all the complementary creatures, each more fun than the previous one ”.

In the original version of the film, executive producer John Lasseter suggested director Peter Sohn, who previously voiced Monsters University's Scott “Soufflé” Squibbles and Ratatouille's Emile, for the voice of Sylvan the Shaman.

A technical challenge

Inspired by the landscapes of the Northwest of the United States, filmmakers have found that even the most massive dinosaurs can feel small in the right environment.

The setting of Arlo's Journey is not only completely external, it also features climatic variations. To achieve these effects, Pixar artists and technicians created a real library with various types of rain and clouds that could be mixed and matched with each other, or stretched, compressed and manipulated, in order to obtain the desired result.

Clouds are usually done through matte painting, while in Arlo's Journey, for the first time ever, they are completely three-dimensional. This means they have thickness, mobility, and can receive light from any angle. The effect obtained is truly incredible.

Some flaws

Arlo and Spot

Arlo's Journey (original title is The Good Dinosaur) tells the story of the dinosaur Arlo, who after seeing his father die in a storm during a chase, loses his way home and begins a journey together with a child with characteristics " canine ". In fact, this animated film is based on the overturning of many of our knowledge, many of our prejudices and many of our points of view that we are used to taking for granted: starting with the fact that dinosaurs have never become extinct, but rather they have evolved giving life to a real civilization that deals with breeding and agriculture.

Arlo's Journey is the classic Pixar film for children that can also be enjoyed by adults without too many pretensions and, above all, without too much memory: yes, because different points of the script are easily predictable, and in general the action scenes, while showing everything the competence and all the skill of Pixar's graphics department add little or nothing, making it easy to assume that the good ones will win and the bad ones will lose. In Arlo's Journey, in fact, the antagonists are not lacking: not a single figure, but many supporting actors who alternate on the scene, annoying the dinosaur and his nice friend Spot.

Arlo and his parents

It was said that older viewers should put their memories aside, then. Because, for example, the scene of the death of the protagonist's father is almost identical to that of the Lion King. Beyond this, in any case, the latest Pixar product scripted by Meg LeFauve is able to make people smile, make people laugh and move, underlining the importance of a united family but also the need not to forget the own origins and roots. Even if the main theme is that of fear: that it cannot be defeated, but it can be faced with courage.

And, if another flaw can be found, it is that of having put together too many characters without fully developing them or without grasping and showing their full potential: this is the case of Silvano The Shaman, the prehistoric version of Shrek's Donkey . Who knows that in American studios they are not already working on a spin-off dedicated to him, as happened for the penguins of Madagascar.

The images of the film

Sad Spot Image - Arlo's Journey

Original title: 
100 '
Directed by: 
Peter Sohn
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Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney
Exit date: 
November 25, 2015
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