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Tinker Bell and the lost treasureLet your imagination take flight in this magical new film starring Disney's most beloved fairy. This year's Fall Festival gives hope to be something special.

A blue September moon will rise in the sky, thanks to which the fairies will have the ability to use a precious moonstone to restore the Tree of Magic Dust, the source of all their magic. But when Tinker Bell mistakenly puts the entire Enchanted Glade at risk, he must cross the sea for a secret assignment and get things right. With the help of his elf friend Terence - and a funny firefly named Brillo - Trilli will have to face a new and exciting journey, to discover the greatest treasure. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a fairy tale that speaks of the value of friendship, which will undoubtedly win the approval of the whole family.

Tinker Bell's greatest feat begins as the fairy community gets organized for fall. On land, many are busy changing leaf colors, planting pumpkins, and helping geese find their direction of flight south.

However, in Enchanted Glade, Tinker Bell is happy to have received an invitation from the queen. The rare Blue Moon is about to appear, an absolutely unusual event. When its light passes through a magical moonstone into the special ritual scepter that Tinker Bell is to create, Enchanted Glade's reserve of moon dust will return to normal levels.

Tinker Bell and the lost treasureTinker Bell's closest friend, Terence, is committed to helping Tinker Bell every moment of his journey, but big trouble arises when a lively exchange of views between these two elves brings the moonstone, a rare and precious fairy gem, to break into a thousand pieces.

Tinker Bell is terrified and sets out in search of a new moonstone to save their magical land and restore their supply of fairy dust. However, she is opposed to the idea of ​​invoking Terence's help after their argument. Rather, this resourceful fairy employs her magic to craft a cotton ball and set out on a secret mission to find the enchanted Mirror of Enchantment, which allows every wish to be fulfilled.

Her journey takes our enterprising fairy north of Neverland, in search of the extraordinary pirate ship that holds a magical secret. It is a dangerous adventure, which goes beyond the Enchanted Glade, in a land of unlikely creatures, emotions and unpredictable facts, but Tinker Bell is lucky enough to have at her side a delicious and intrepid firefly called Blaze, who will help her in the his business. Will the magical fairy be able to save Enchanted Glade? Will he be able to return to his home before the Blue Moon rises to the sky? Will Terence be his longtime friend again? Only time will be able to give an answer to all this...

Tinker Bell and the lost treasureTRILLI AND THE LOST TREASURE includes some beloved characters we got to know from Disney Fairies' first appearance film, Tinker Bell. Among these, there are the best friends of Tinker Bell, Doe, Iridessa, Rosetta and Argentea, as well as the extras of the benevolent Queen Clarion, her mentor, the loving Fairy Mary and the funny Clank and Blò Blò.

Eventually, Tinker Bell makes an exciting discovery in this heroic and adventurous fairy tale: there is no greater treasure than a true friend. With the power of faith, trust and a little fairy dust, she discovers the value of being loyal to herself and the magnificent strength of friendship.

Tinker Bell and the lost treasureEnchanted Glade is the home of many Tinker Bell fairy friends, including Daina, Iridessa, Rosetta and Argentea. Each character is cute and colorful, with different abilities, and each has been designed to reflect their lifestyle and role in the magnificent community of Enchanted Glade. Of course, when they aren't arguing with each other, they're busy bringing nature to the world. In fact, many of the characters from Enchanted Glade were introduced to us in the first Disney Fairy movie, but there are also new additions in TUNNELS AND THE LOST TREASURE. Here is a handy guide of all, old and new ...

Tinker Bell is the fairy we all know and love. She is determined, rebellious, impatient, impulsive, determined, tenacious, inconstant, but also charming and lovable. She has a great knack for fixing things, a love for lost things and is braver than many other fairies when it comes to contact with humans. Of course, her temper can easily get the better of her, but she's always a selfless and devoted friend when the stakes are high.

Doe is a combative animal fairy, full of sympathy and malice. She is a prankster and a tomboy who loves to prank Iridessa, and Tinker Bell loves her mischievous nature. Daina speaks many different animal languages, although toads are her favorite. The other fairies have clothing made up of flowers and leaves, while doe's costumes have a different structure, because they are made of orange moss. On the other hand, animal fairies live in trees, where moss grows. Doe possesses an aggression that will have a major effect on Tinker Bell at some point, such as when she challenges Captain Hook or disobeys Peter Pan. Last thing: Doe doesn't mind getting her nails dirty.

Iridessa is a fairy of light, who helps brighten the season with tricks like giving fireflies their light. Probably the most rational of all Tinker Bell's friends, she wants to help her, but knows she will always remain an experimenter. Iridessa follows logic, she is intelligent and a perfectionist. At heart, she is a girl scout and has a passion for her job, but she can also be apprehensive. She tries to see the bright side of things, but she often smells disaster in advance. It can be difficult to get her to follow a dangerous plan, so you need a stubbornness that Tinker Bell surely possesses. Sometimes these are excessive concerns, but in other cases his caution is based on solid grounds. In the end, however, she would do anything to help a friend.

Rosetta is a garden fairy with a penchant for formalities. She is kind and well-mannered, but also gifted with sagacity, irony and a lot of grace. Fairies obviously never reveal their ages, but Rosetta got to Enchanted Glade earlier than most of her friends, so she's a little wiser than the others. Rosetta is the undeclared leader of the group of fairy friends. She is always ready to offer beauty tips and tricks for friends and flowers. Her dress is poetically composed of an inverted rose.

Argentea is an aquatic fairy who has a delightful and peculiar way of observing the world. He is a free spirit, who often listens to his heart more than his head. However, he is also a cordial soul who loves to please. Argentea has no problem making friends and her sense of loyalty is unrivaled, something Tinker Bell loves. His duties are related to water, from making streams murmur to ensuring dewdrops are placed in strategic spots in the morning. She is always determined, bright and original, while her dress is composed of the calla of the florists.

Terence keeps the dust and distributes the magical substance according to the needs of the fairies. He has an incredible view of the fairy world and remarkable knowledge of Tinker Bell's way of thinking. On the other hand, she is his best fairy friend. Although he loves to have fun, he is also kind and thoughtful, with great wisdom in his heart. Terence has one of the most important duties in Enchanted Glade. In fact, every day she gets up before dawn to pass the dust to the other fairies, who need a precise amount of dust every day to be able to fly and carry out their magical activities.

Fairy Mary
Fairy Mary is something of a wise mother to fairies, considering she manages the group with a protective and loving attitude at all times. She is big, brave and determined. She loves what she does and is proud of the situation. Mary understands that Tinker Bell has taken their business to another level and is a big believer in this little prodigy. However, it is best not to make her angry.

Clank is big and fat, he loves his role and being close to his best friend, Blò Blò). Surprisingly, Clank plugs his ears when he hammers things out. It would be natural to think he should be the first to love the sound of fairies, but he insists on having 'delicate ears'. When he's not helping his fellow fairies at Enchanted Glade, he can probably be found working on something unfinished that was nonsense from the start.

Blò Blò
Blò Blò is friendly and pays great attention to detail, so much so that it invades the sphere of influence of others. He believes he is more refined and intelligent than his colleagues. In fact, he is a bizarre type, who often finds himself, along with his best friend Clank, having problems with the Fairy Mary, who does not tolerate antics well. Blò Blò admires his good friend and neighbor Trilli for her talents and talent.

Brillo is a cute and brave firefly. He does not speak, but whirls with the enthusiasm of a puppy. Although he is a little guy, his courage knows no bounds, perhaps also because of his name. He quickly becomes attached to Tinker Bell, but he doesn't want or need her help. However, thanks to her sweetness, she allows him to be close to her. Brillo has the ability to brighten everyone's day (and night)!

Yes, it's a mouse called Caciotta. Or at least the fairies are convinced that this is his name because he always answers when they call him that. A nice and friendly helper of the fairies, Caciotta. is the backbone of Tinker Bell in times of need, even when he doesn't know what trouble he is about to get into. Although he is sometimes nervous and reluctant, he is a kind and faithful friend. She always knows when Tinker Bell is feeling depressed and needs to be cheered up. At first, Cheese didn't have a name, but once John Lasseter saw the character's impact in the first Tinker Bell movie, he demanded that a nickname be thought of. Caciotta. was the winner.

Queen Clarion
Queen Clarion is the royal manager of Enchanted Glade. He has a genuine love for all faithful subjects, although he has a soft spot for the determined Tinker Bell. An ethereal being, she is practically Mother Nature, as well as a mother figure for all fairies. His knowledge of fairy magic is so advanced that he is even capable of traveling on a trail of pure fairy dust. Despite her wisdom and power, she doesn't take her role too seriously, so she is warm, straightforward, kind and lovable. However, it can also become stiff in time of need.

Gary is very determined. He's in charge of the Dust Depot and it's a lot of fun to hear this essay when he tells everyone what to do. Gary controls who uses the fairy dust and who does not, because he must always keep the flow of the product constant. Gary is apparently tough, but he actually has a heart of gold. She loves Tinker Bell, but she won't give in and break the rules for her.


Tinker Bell is copyright DisneyToon Studios - Buena Vista
and those entitled and are used here only for cognitive and popular purposes.

Tinker Bell and the lost treasure
ORIGINAL TITLE: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasures
REGIA: Klay Hall
PRODUCER: DisneyToon Studios
GENRES: Animation
EXIT: 02 October 2009 (cinema)
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