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Trolls (2016)

Review and history of the film

The Trolls are having fun. They dance and sing happily

Trolls is an animated film released in theaters on October 27, 2016. Made by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn, it is based on the characters of the Troll dolls created by Thomas Dam.


Colorful, cheerful and always in a good mood, i Trolls they are small creatures that live in harmony with each other.

Healthy carriers of joy, the Trolls they sing, dance and hug all day, making the world around them a blast.

Their solar life is, however, overshadowed by the Bergenmonstrous creatures destined for sadness who are convinced that only by eating Trolls can they find some happiness.

The ruthless Bergen Chef

For this reason, by order of the King Gristle Senior and led by the ruthless Executive, every year the Bergen people await the Trollstice: a terrible day in which the subjects of the sad kingdom will find joy by eating Trolls.

The long-awaited banquet is even more special because, for the occasion, the little heir, the Prince Bergen, will taste a Troll for the first time.

But arrived at the tree of the Trolls, ready to start the slaughter, the Bergen discover that the little colorful creatures have escaped: guided by their Peppy King, the Trolls have fled to reach a quiet place, where you can resume a happy life, sheltered from the clutches of the Bergens.

20 years pass, and the Trolls, now safe, live splendidly.

Poppy the Trolls princess is always happy and optimistic

So happy that poppy, the exuberant daughter of the King with a bright shocking pink color, throw a big party to celebrate the wonderful anniversary of the liberation from the Bergens.

All the Trolls are thrilled with the idea of ​​the mega-party, based on hugs, pop songs and wild dancing, except one. Branch, a disillusioned and paranoid little Troll that warns Poppy: the noise of the party will recall the Bergens and the nightmare of persecution will start again.

And indeed Branch's fear proves to be well founded: during the party, the lights and noises attract the attention of Chef, who is now exiled after the thin figure of the last Trollstice, and is looking for redemption.

Poppy and Branch

The Trolls are discovered: Chef catches some of them, bringing them to the kingdom of the Bergen with the aim of regaining the trust of the former prince Gristle, now King.

But Poppy is not there, and with the help of a reluctant Brench, she arms herself with courage and leaves for the kingdom of the Bergen to free his friends.

In the meantime, Chef has arrived in the presence of the new King and, showing him the captured Trolls, convinces him to organize a big banquet to satiate the subjects now sunk in the darkest sadness.

The King is enthusiastic: the banquet based on Trolls will take place, and it will be the occasion to indigestion of happiness.

Chef, then, instructs Brigida, the little orphaned maid of the Palace, secretly in love with the King and never reciprocated: her task, amidst shouts and harassment, will be to guard the Trolls and prepare the dishes while waiting for lunch.

Poppy and Branch are not long in coming to the aid of little friends. And when they discover Bridget's feeling for Gristle her they propose an exchange: they will help her get a romantic date with the King and she will reciprocate by freeing the imprisoned Trolls.

And that's how Bridget, thanks to the help of the Trolls, turns into Lady Glitter Glitter, a `` stunning babe '' who literally turns the King's head spinning, making him experience new sweet sensations.

Prince Gristle and Brigida Lady Glitter glitter version

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