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TRON: Legacy

On Wednesday 29 December, the film TRON: Legacy will be released in cinemas, almost 30 years after the first film of 1982. Presented in Disney Digital 3D ™, Real D 3D and IMAX® 3D, directed by Joseph Kosinski and the soundtrack of the Daft Punk, TRON: Legacy is a concentrate of high technology, with special effects and sets capable of giving life to an epic adventure, through a wonderful digital world, which goes beyond any imagination.


In 1982, when Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) reentered the real world and regained control of Encom, a company he had founded with his longtime friend and partner, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) to everyone it was clear that Kevin would continue to produce successful popular games
But this is what happened: Kevin got married and had a son, Sam. With Alan, he continued to run the Encom, making it a powerful video game house.
But secretly from everyone, Kevin continued to experiment with teleportation, frequently visiting the virtual world, secretly in his secret laboratory. One day Kevin disappears leaving Sam alone, fatherless and without answers. TRON: Legacy begins twenty years later. When a signal looks for people, it calls the now
adult Sam (Garrett Hedlund) in Flynn's game, the boy is teleported to the virtual world where his father was imprisoned for 20 years. There he begins a journey for him that will forever change his life and the life of his long-dead father.


SAM FLYNN Garrett Hedlund - TRON: LegacySAM FLYNN (Garrett Hedlund)
Kevin Flynn's only child - an adventurous and rebellious XNUMX-year-old who has turned his back on ENCOM money and whose only concern is the disappearance of his father.
Sam was born in 1983 and until the day of Kevin's disappearance in 1989 father and son shared a very strong bond. Kevin was everything to Sam, who seemed destined to follow in his father's footsteps. But when Kevin goes missing, his friend and colleague at ENCOM Alan Bradley dedicates himself to Sam like a real father. Now 20 years later Sam is a lonely boy whose passion is to jump off buildings or ride a motorcycle, rather than wearing a suit and tie and taking part in ENCOM. When Bradley informs Sam that he has received a message that certainly comes from old Flynn, Sam reluctantly begins to research his father's old game and soon finds himself trapped in the world that holds his father prisoner from.
over twenty years. There, instead of clashing with managers and executives, he is faced with a digital world beyond all imagination and is given the opportunity to find and rescue the father who he believed had abandoned him years ago.

KEVIN FLYNN Jeff Bridges - TRON: LegacyKEVIN FLYNN (Jeff Bridges)
One of the earliest computer geniuses, a video game developer who pioneered the creation of the virtual world. He transformed the ENCOM company into a super powerhouse of computing, disappearing in 1989 without a trace.
Brilliant game developer Kevin Flynn has always wanted the best for both the real and the virtual world. After being the first man to enter the fantastic world of Grid, he decided that the best way to achieve his goal was to combine the two. So he created the sophisticated CLU 2.0 program using it in secret to recreate a utopian existence that combined high human ideals and the digital world. By day prodigy of the company by night creator of the virtual world. One day in 1989, Kevin Flynn mysteriously disappears. He has now understood the true meaning of the words be careful what you want, trapped in the world he created, all he can do is hope that something changes and that he will one day have the opportunity to go home to his son.

QUORRA Olivia Wilde - TRON: LegacyQUORRA (Olivia Wilde)
A unique program acting as Kevin Flynn's confidant and often as a warrior helps him survive his life in exile.
The unique program Quorra is a kind of replicating daughter of Fynn, a confidant with intelligence, curiosity and fighting skills capable of turning anyone away. He talked to her about the real world and she promised him loyalty to pay off. As a result of his education, however, Quorra takes on Flynn's thirst for knowledge and looks forward to experiencing the user experience, which is far beyond the realm of the possible. So when she crosses Sam Flynn's path, he appears to be the person both she and Kevin have been waiting for. And when the quiet family surrogate explodes, they find themselves caught in a battle in a treacherous digital world created by Flynn himself.

CLU Jeff Bridges - TRON: LegacyCLU (Jeff Bridges)
A main program created in the image of Kevin Flynn to control the expansion of the digital world but which has become evil by seizing the world of Grid and its inhabitants.
When Kevin Flynn created the first CLU program, the intention was to find a way to prove that his best ideas were stolen by a colleague.
When Kevin returns to the real world, the first CLU does not survive. Thus the improved Clu 2.0 is generated (in his image) to supervise the construction of Utopia where men and digital elements coexist. But as in other cases where the intentions are good things don't go as planned. Now Clu is no longer a help to Flynn, but she wants him to disappear so that he can take control of this new world.

CASTOR (Michael Sheen) - TRON: LegacyCASTOR (Michael Sheen)
A flamboyant and adaptable program, which runs the End of Line Club in the world of Grid. The Castor program is designed to hold a large amount of information and is capable of adapting and surviving any kind of change in the environment. The particular combination of these qualities makes it the perfect program to manage a bar, in particular the End of Line Club, on the top of the highest tower from which the whole virtual world is observed. Eccentric and shameless, Castor wants to be everything to everyone and this gives him the opportunity to always make excellent profits from his transactions. Is he a friend or a foe? This depends only on how much he wants and how much can be offered.

ALAN BRADLEY (Bruce Boxleitner) - TRON: LegacyALAN BRADLEY (Bruce Boxleitner)
Kevin Flynn's partner during his golden years and now a sheltered executive at ENCOM who was a kind of tutor for Sam after his father passed away. In business, it is best to be careful when looking to the future, because yesterday's genius can become a business manager today. Almost thirty years earlier, Alan Bradley went from promising computer programmer to co-director at ENCOM. But after Kevin Flynn passed away he began to lose his control over society, which now treats him as an irritating necessity. Likewise, in his private life, everything said to young Sam is now considered by the grown-up boy as unwarranted advice. That's why for his (and Sam's) safety, Bradley hopes that the intercepted signal from the game by Flynn's Arcade will mark Kevin's return.

SIRENS / GEM (Beau Garrett) - TRON: LegacySIRENS / GEM (Beau Garrett)
Gem is the most prominent of the many Sirens programs and beautiful as a siren from ancient Greek mythology prepares the programs for confrontations in the Grid world.
The Gem program belongs to a group of software called Sirens, their job is to prepare other programs for challenges in the virtual world by providing the armor and (as in Sam's case) a disk. They are also probably the only pleasant face other programs encounter, if they unfortunately come to the end of the game. Because the best programs are always a pleasant sight, Gem and her sisters are frequent guests of the Castor Club. Women of few words, it's not clear if their beauty is more than just a surface. Will they hide anything else?


JARVIS (James Frain) - TRON: LegacyJARVIS (James Frain)
Clu's main follower - a program expert in the enhancement of intelligence.
In the new world order of Grid, as perhaps for any universe, knowledge is power and in the kingdom of Clu this knowledge is held by his right hand man Jarvis.
Designed to stealthily retrieve information to bring it back to Clu, Jarvis feels like everything bows and flattery without a personal agenda. But this in the dark the coding of a program is not always evident so it is better to double check what can be written on that program before making any judgments.


The filmmakers and creators of TRON: Legacy have given a lot of space to their creativity to develop a truly exceptional film aesthetic capable of immersing audiences in a world never seen before, nor ever imagined.
With director Joseph Kosinski at the helm of creating the film's look and with Darren Gilford called in to design the sets, it was clear that for both of them keeping the spirit of the first film alive was the key. “The first movie defined a style that was an icon by then,” explains Gilford. “And it was all done within the limits of what was possible in the 80s. It was all geometric and very simple. With modern technology we now have no limits. But we have consciously chosen not to upset everything. We have light shapes and shapes where we ultimately wanted to keep the geometric style of TRON ".
To achieve this, it was necessary to call in talented people including artist David Levy. It was his job to transform Kosinski's ideas into drawings and models and redefine the new film with a new world of its own. With Kosinski in control of the production design, TRON: Legacy did not become a film shot completely in CGI. Vancouver's spectacular Shangri-La hotel served as the ENCOM headquarters and Sam's apartment was reproduced on a pier in Vancouver Bay to make the most of a great view of the city skyline. Other sets including Flynn's Arcade, Kevin's Haven and End of Line Club were built in one of six studios available.
All the streets of the virtual world have also been recreated here, on a larger scale than the streets in the city. The main challenge was to create the style to represent the virtual world.
Finally, as TRON: Legacy will be released in 3D, the filmmakers faced a one-sided challenge, which would influence any decision regarding the visual aspect of the film.

“TRON: Legacy” is a showcase for modern technologies and presents some absolute novelties in the history of cinema: it is the first 3D film to integrate a completely digital head and body to give life to the young character of Jeff Bridges; the first film in which a series of self-illuminated costumes are used; the first film in which the costumes were created starting from digital models, using CNC (Computer Numerical Cutting) technology; the first 3D film shot with 35mm lenses and cameras with 35mm sensors.
In TRON: Legacy, the technology known as facial-capture has also been used to an exceptional degree. Using a three-dimensional scan from Jeff Bridges, a mold of his face was made and from it a mask with 52 sensors, used as a facial marker for four cameras attached to a carbon fiber helmet. Meanwhile, a three-dimensional digital version of Bridges was created in the digital domain with dozens of photos of Bridges at the age of 30 moved by the 52 sensors of the specially created mask.

The TRON poster: Legacy
Original title: 
Tron: Legacy
3D Science Fiction - Cyberpunk
127 '
Directed by: 
Joseph Kosinski
Official site: 
Live Planet, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
December 29, 2010


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