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Images Up the Disney Pixar movieThe new film from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios stars
Carl Fredricksen, the 78-year-old balloon trader, who after so many years manages to fulfill his greatest dream, that of a magnificent adventure. By means of thousands of balloons he takes off his little house and heads for the unexplored lands of South America. Despite himself, he discovers an unwanted guest on board: an overly optimistic eight-year-old, a Wilderness Explorer named Russell. Together they will explore a lost world, where they will come across some bizarre, exotic and extraordinary characters.
Carl fredricksen he is not the classic handsome and young hero, but a gruff and misanthropic elderly man, to whom it is impossible not to love. The retiree was once a balloon salesman and decides to leave the house he and his late wife, Ellie, built together. But instead of locking himself in some hospice, Carl decides to spend the last years of his life following the impulse of his desires. He connects thousands of helium-filled balloons to the roof of his wooden house, which soars into the sky and heads to South America, staying true to the promise he made to his dear wife all those years ago. Carl's project is likely to go awry due to the presence of an intruder, the little optimistic and overly enthusiastic Russell. This adventure will test Carl's patience, as the old man and the boy will have to survive extreme weather conditions, in a territory full of pitfalls and in the company of strange inhabitants of a lost world, as well as their mutual coexistence.
Images Up the Disney Pixar movieThe small Russell he is an optimistic and stubborn Boy Scout who is part of Tribe 54 and Sweat Hut 12. He never leaves his backpack full of equipment with a thousand resources. His only problem is that he never went outside the city. The world knows him only through books, and his only camping experience was in his living room. Russell proudly displays his many Wilderness Explorer badges, including First Aid, Second Aid, Zoology and Disguise Master. He only needs an Assistant to the Elders badge to achieve his life's goal: the illustrious rank of Senior Wilderness Explorer. When he decides that Carl Fredricksen will be the elder to care for, Russell ends up being a stowaway aboard Carl's flying home, where he truly finds himself experiencing the outdoor adventure he has always dreamed of.
Images Up the Disney Pixar movieDuring their journey they will meet Debt is a cute little dog, who lives in the wilderness of Paradise Falls as a member of a pack of dogs that is looking for a nowhere to be found bird, nearly four meters high, hiding from everyone in its remote habitat. Like his companions, Dug possesses an ultra-tech collar that can translate his thoughts into words, but is regarded as a loser by other dogs. He is entrusted with a 'special' mission in the jungle and Dug accidentally discovers the rare bird. Once they meet Carl and Russel, the tender and naive Dug will be faced with the choice of deciding which is the real pack to belong to.
The rare bird is called Kevin and is endowed with a colorful and spectacular plumage as well as a long and supple neck, Kevin is very fast and although very tall, he manages to contort assuming incredible and bizarre positions. This specimen is unknown to scientists, but Carl and Russell find it and discover that it is also a sweet tooth. Kevin and Russell become friends and despite the bird's propensity to swallow Carl's orthopedic brace, Kevin joins the most unlikely group in the jungle along with Carl, Russell and Dug.

Images Up the Disney Pixar movie'Up' is Pixar's 10th animated film and according to executive producer John Lasseter, it's the funniest and also one of the coolest. The filmmakers found a lot of heartwarming emotion in their latest work, exploring the love that Carl and his late wife shared and the friendship between Carl and Russell. In fact, Carl discovers that the real adventures of life can be found not so much in travel or big hits, but in the daily relationships one has with friends and family. From a stylistic point of view, Disney has taken the classics of Peter Pan and Cinderella as a reference, trying to make the characters that measure only three heads even more caricatured. Despite the hyper-realism of the breathtaking environments, the film was inspired by the children's illustrations by Mary Blair, George Booth and Martin Provensen, in order to give a sweet and comical style at the same time, based on essential lines. With their strongly caricatured style, the characters in "Up" have a place
many challenges for Pixar's team of animation experts, production designers and technicians.
For Carl, they had to learn how to achieve nuance, emotion and a wide range of motion in a character that is basically built on a square, while Russell is an egg-shaped character, who has practically no chin, but so many layers. of clothing, as they had never been addressed before.

A great contribution to the film is undoubtedly the music of Michael Giacchino, with an evocative soundtrack capable of amplifying the emotions, the humor of the situations and the spirit of adventure.


All names, images and trademarks are copyright Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and of the right holders and are used here exclusively for information and information purposes.

Original title:  Up
Country:  USA
Year:  2009
Gender:  Entrainment
Duration:  97 '
Directed by:  Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Film script: Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon
Official site:
Production: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit :  15 October 2009 (cinema)
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