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Wall-eAfter the animation masterpiece "Finding Nemo"director Andrew Stanton, scores another film destined to remain in the history of cinema. Wall-e belongs to the science fiction genre and draws inspiration from other cult movies, first of all" 2001 A Space Odyssey "and" ET l'extraterrestre ".
The story is set in the year 2815, where we find the earth completely submerged by waste and desolately uninhabited by mankind, which has moved to the hyper-technological spaceship Axiom, managed by the multinational La Buy'N'Large Corporation (BNL). The only animated form on the planet is a small WALLE robot, the initials of Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, (meaning "Earth lifter of waste loads"), which has been forgotten on by humans and therefore continues the work to which has been planned for over 700 years. It is powered by solar energy and its task is to collect waste and compress it, until it becomes cubes, which are stacked on top of each other until they become skyscrapers. In all these years, Wall-e has cleaned up a large part of the earth's surface and collected thousands of objects, abandoned by men. Wall-e takes refuge in the trailer of a truck, from the violent storms of sand and dust, which frequently hit the earth's surface, due to climatic imbalances.

Wall-eHere he built his home, where he owns a lot of junk, which testify to the passage of man and his fashions: the Rubik's cube, the lighter, the radio, the light bulb and in particular the video recorder, where Wall-e has to see the movie "Hello Dolly!" and linger on the most romantic scenes: those in which the actors dance and join hands. Over the years, Wall-e has acquired an almost human consciousness and begins to experience feelings, such as that of loneliness. His only companion is a small cockroach, which follows him everywhere, managing to sneak into every hole. In the course of his operations, Wall-e finds an object unknown to him. It is a small plant, spontaneously grown among the waste and so the little robot collects it like all those objects that arouse his curiosity. One day his life is turned upside down by the arrival of a giant spaceship, from which a robot equipped with frightening technology descends. Her name is Eve, and she is able to fly, fire explosive cannons, move weights of several tons and solve very complex calculations.

Eve and Wall-e In the encounter with this robot, Wall-e is torn between fear and happiness for the knowledge of a fellow. Despite the initial distrust, Eve remains intrigued by the little robot and its world. Wall-e is prodigal in sharing all the objects in her world with Eve, including the music of "Hello Dolly!" and romantic images from the musical. But when he shows her the floor plan, Eve has an unexpected behavior. It starts to light up and locks the plant inside itself, after which it turns off and remains in stand by, with a flashing green symbol, which represents the icon of a leaf. Wall-e does everything to wake her up, but to no avail. The gigantic spaceship returns to earth to take back Eve and in that moment Wall-e understands all the love he felt for her. So after a desperate attempt to stop his departure, he manages to grab onto the spaceship and set off into space for the Axiom spaceship. Here are the men, now totally dependent on machines. They have become obese and inept at any manual action, as they move on flying chairs and have their faces always turned towards a monitor. They don't have to think about anything, because BNL robots think about everything.

There are specialized robots for every type of task: umbrella robots, hairdressing robots, waiters robots, etc ... Eve and Wall-eWall-e is identified by the surveillance of the robots as a foreign and highly contaminating element, therefore he is forced to flee and at the same time follow his dear Eve. Situations arise, comical and adventurous, which will be determined for the fate of the whole human race.
A film that combines scenes of stunning graphics with a moving poem, full of tenderness, which opens the horizon towards the most burning current issues: pollution, the relationship between man and technology, loneliness, the power of multinationals over politics , the ability to be amazed and to feel pure feelings, despite the directives of a society that tends to standardize.
A great credit goes to the soundtrack of Thomas Newman, who made use of the collaboration of Peter Gabriel (as in the final song Down to Earth) and to the choices of classics such as "La vie en rose" sung by Louis Armstrong.

The film is preceded by a short 3d animation short film entitled "Presto" which sees a magician, struggling with a hungry rabbit, who refuses to enter the magic cylinder and with which he will give rise to absurd and hilarious scenes.

Original title:  Wall-E
Country:  USA
Year:  2008
Gender:  Entrainment
Duration:  97 '
Directed by:  Andrew Stanton
Film script: Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon
Official site:
Dubbing Stefano Crescentini: WALL-E
Alida Milana: EVE
Enzo Avolio: Commander
Giorgio Favretto: Shelby Forthright
Alessandro Rossi: CAR
Sasha De Toni: MO
Renato CecchettoJohn
Francesca Guadagno: Mary
Alessandra Cassioli: on-board computer Roberto Bishop Vittori: Steward-bot
Production: Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit :  17 October 2008 (cinema)


All names, images and trademarks are copyright Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and of the right holders and are used here exclusively for information and information purposes.

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