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Walt Disney and Italy - A love story

Walt Disney and Italy - A love storyFrom 10 to 12 February the expected one will be screened in Italian cinemas "Walt Disney and Italy is a Love Story", the first production of Disney Europe for this film narrated, in the form of a documentary, by the director Marco Spagnoli on the intense but little known relationship between Uncle Walt and the Belpaese.
The film is presented as a preview of the release (February 20) of "Saving Mr Banks", film produced on the occasion of the golden wedding of the famous "Mary Poppins", which recounts the vicissitudes of Walt Disney to obtain the film rights necessary to bring to the big screen the fantastic adventures of the funny and eclectic protagonist of the novel by Australian writer PL Travers.

The goal of the documentary by Marco Spagnoli, Is to narrate in a realistic key the deep bond that Walt Disney had with our country, describing it through the most striking moments of his travels in Italy (about ten) between the '30s and' 60s, accompanied by numerous testimonies, current and of the time, of famous characters fascinated by a man who had made his utopias a lifestyle: "if you can dream it you can do it"
His motto was certainly strengthened by meeting the spirit of that Italy that Walt Disney admired, where he had been welcomed and loved since 1932, through his mythical Mickey mouse, as a true artist unlike his American compatriots who, for several years, considered as a tycoon, this young man from a remote area of ​​Missouri, who grew up distributing newspapers, at dawn and dusk, riding a bicycle and spending the rest of his time on the desks of the local school.

Walt Disney and Italy - A love storyIt is no wonder that in Italy he found a feeling, perhaps fascinated by that economic miracle that the beautiful country was able to give life to after the war, a model of will to grow in which dreams found the space to come true.
E Uncle Walt had already shown that he believed in the potential of our country, given that in 1938, exactly on May 8, the first branch in the world of Walt Disney was born in Milan, which today manages it more than 70% of the entire publishing area thanks to that prestigious school of cartoonists, a point of reference in the overseas, which has seen famous protagonists of the pencil  which Romano Scarpa, Cavezzano e Silvia Ziche.

Walt Disney and Italy - A love storyMarco Spagnoli with his documentary he tells us this and more with the contribution of the voice, for the fabulous occasion, of Serena Autieri and with an exceptional narrator, Vincent Paperica, chronicler of Paper Evening, character, behind which hides the voice, the features and the nice presence of the journalist Vincenzo Mollica
They have the task of "presenting" the historical films, many unpublished that Marco Spagnoli has selected from among over 100 hours of clips and clips, present in Rai showcases and in the archives of Light Institute, to build a document that does not want to have any historical role but of simple testimony in which repertory images alternate with memories of famous people who in their life and career have strongly felt the influence of the Disney imaginary.

A Federico Fellini, Umberto Eco, Gianni Rodari, Bruno Bozzetto, Elio Fiorucci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Enrico Brignano and many other artists who have lived, directly or indirectly, the charm and influence of the Disney world, the task of sharing their emotions with those of the spectators, because the films and stories of Walt Disney they are a legacy that belongs to everyone, especially to those who never forget that they were children.

Walt Disney and Italy - A love story
60 '
Directed by: 
Marco Spagnoli
Exit date: 
10 February 2014
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