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Winx Club - The mystery of the abyss

Winx Club - The mystery of the abyssThe arrival in all Italian cinemas is scheduled for September 4, 2014, but the wait began already from the release of the first spoilers. Winx Club, The Mystery of the Abyss is the third appointment of the Winx Club series. This new chapter was produced by Igino Staffi and sees the Winx fairies as protagonists, loved by children, and not only. In this third episode the facts follow in chronological order what was narrated in the previous film Winx Club, Magic Adventure of 2010, a real success made in Italy that this new film also hopes to achieve.

We are in Alfea and everything is proceeding according to normalcy, indeed, on closer inspection, everything seems too normal and so much quiet is known, hiding sudden storms. Life in the magical institute follows the rhythms dictated by the lessons. The Winx, now veterans, tutor the new, inexperienced, freshmen, helping them to orient themselves and encouraging them. To break this picture of quiet everyday life we ‚Äč‚Äčthink the evil Trix who make their return to the scene. Historical adversaries of the Winx, the Trix are witches devoted to evil, envious of the fairies with whom they never finally win. This time, however, their plot is destined to leave its mark and create many problems for the beautiful fairies who, in this new animation, sport trendy looks that will surely drive the girls crazy.

BloomThe Trix have returned to carry out an evil plan that aims to restore the Emperor's Throne to seize power. The situation is worrying because the wicked witches act in a very particular moment. Humanity, in fact, is polluting the Infinite Ocean, a metaphor for our planet, not only for our sea, seriously putting the entire ecosystem at risk. The small and large creatures that inhabit it risk disappearing due to the recklessness of man. In this very favorable scenario, organizing an illicit takeover is child's play. As the three witches try to embezzle power to proclaim themselves empresses, something goes wrong and by mistake they evoke the nymph Politea, an evil creature which, needless to say, will plot together with the Trix against the Winx, not without its own advantage, of course.

the TrixPolitea, allied with the Trix, wants to help them gain power. He then confides to the witches that to restore the Throne, a king must be sacrificed. It is not difficult to imagine who the poor unfortunate ruler will be. The Trix, as one could predictably guess, immediately think of the young king of Eraklyon, Sky, who happens to be Bloom's boyfriend as well. Meanwhile, the two lovers find Gardenia, where they enjoy a moment of quiet intimacy. Sitting on a bench they joke and laugh. Suddenly, however, the Trix come to disturb their quiet. Witches kidnap the young king and lead him into the infinite ocean. Bloom can do nothing alone against such evil, but it is urgent to save Sky. The Winx were not long in coming to their friend's rescue.

In the depths of the infinite Ocean the Trix free the monstrous Tritannus from Oblivion. The monster is in fact indispensable, as reported by Politea, to recover the mythical Pearl of the Abyss, a key object to be able to make the sacrifice of the king and thus reconstitute the Emperor's Throne. It promises to be a bloody battle where the pure heart of the Winx will go to counter the evil of the Trix and the perfidious Politea. The water battles where the Winx are transformed with the Sirenix magic are interesting. Enchanting new costumes, fluid wings, similar to the ones they show off in the animated television series, but with new details. Will the happy ending triumph? All that remains is to wait until September 4th to find out, but the Winx certainly won't disappoint expectations!

The animation follows the line of the previous episodes, nothing mind blowing. Fans are divided regarding Sirenix magic, they wonder why they used that when the TV episodes went way beyond. Actually the film should have been released a little earlier, but it has suffered some delay. Even the graphics, especially Flora's face, are not crazy, but the message about respect for the environment arrives loud and clear, and that's enough to go to the cinema. An ecology lesson given by the most beloved fairies of the moment, a good soundtrack and a narrative fabric that is all in all fun and well structured, give a nice positive sign to the film.

Original title: 
Winx club: the mystery of the abyss
3d animation
98 '
Directed by: 
Iginio Straffi
Official site: 
01 Distribution
Exit date: 
September 04, 2014
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