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44 cats

44 Cats - the animated series
44 Cats the animated series
Original title: 44 cats
Iginio Straffi
Lightning, Milady, Pilou, Meatball, Nonna Pina, Winston, Boss, Blister, Scab, Igor, Fancey Dancey, Brutus, Bertie, Gas
Production: Rainbow, Antoniano
Country: Italy
Year: November 12, 2018
transmitted : 12 November 2018.
Gender: adventure, comedy, musical
Episodes: 52 mm
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

The famous song "44 cats", winner in 1968 of the 10th edition of the Zecchino d'Oro and sung by little Barbara Ferigo with the choir of the Antoniano di Bologna, has become an animated series, produced by Studio Rainbow (The same of Winx e Mia and Me). The series consists of 52 episodes each lasting 10 minutes, conceived by Iginio Straffi and made entirely in 3d computer graphics.

The cartoons are broadcast on Rai Yoyo starting from February 26, from Monday to Friday at 7.35 am and at 19.20 pm while the appointment on Saturday and Sunday is at 9.10 am.

The protagonists of the "44 Cats" series are Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Polpetta, 4 cats that are part of the Buffycats musical ensemble: Lampo is the singer and leader of the band, Milady the white cat plays the bass, the sweet and little Pilou he plays the drums, while the nice Polpetta is on the keyboards.
The four practice playing inside the garage of Nonna Pina, a nice old woman who pampers them and feeds them with her nutritious and delicious noodles. At each episode they will have to confront and solve their small and large problems with the other cats in the neighborhood, and in particular with the bossy Boss and his henchmen Blister and Scab.

Music plays a central role in the series, where there are over 20 songs from the repertoire of Zecchino D'Oro interpreted by the Antoniano's Piccolo Coro “Mariele Ventre”.

44 cats arrive on American TV

Rainbow has revealed that its animated series of 44 cats (52 x 13 ') will land on American TV a week early on Nickelodeon, starting Monday 10 June 2019 at 10 am.
The animated 3d computer graphics series tells the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou and Meatball - four kittens who are part of a band called The Buffycats. Together, they try to find creative solutions to everyday problems and help other needy cats in the neighborhood. In 44 cats, music-loving kittens live and play in a garage that they transform into a clubhouse, while helping their friends in the neighborhood.
The series celebrates and promotes proactive attitudes and addresses important themes such as diversity, friendship and altruism.
The launch in the United States follows the Rainbow 2018 agreement with Viacom International to transmit 44 cats to certain international territories. The transmission is enjoying rapid success both in Italy and in other parts of the world.

Iginio Straffi, the author of the series and president of Rainbow, commented

"Nickelodeon is synonymous with quality and excellence in the sector of content for children and families. We are very excited to announce the airing of another Rainbow TV series on Nickelodeon in the US. 44 Cats has already proven to be a top-tier animated TV series that can work in any territory, and thanks to Nickelodeon's enormous reach, we'll be able to bring the show's overwhelming positive energy to millions of kids across the states. United.ï ¿½

The characters of the 44 cats

Nonna Pina's tagliatelle - 44 cats - the animated series

Nonna Pina and her noodles

The intelligent and dynamic cat Milady and Lampo the leader of the Buffycats - 44 cats - the animated series

The intelligent and dynamic cat Milady and Lampo the leader of the Buffycats

The bossy Boss and his henchmen, Blister and Scab - 44 Cats - the animated series

The bossy Boss and his henchmen, Blister and Scab

Meatball - 44 Cats - the animated series

Meatball, the cat who only thinks about eating in this image paints a banana

Igor the Russian cat - 44 cats - the animated series

Igor the Russian cat is characterized by incredible strength


The neighborhood cats and dogs - 44 Cats - the animated series

Neighborhood dogs and cats


Lampo and Pilou attend the show - 44 Cats - the animated series

Lampo and Pilou attend the show

Among the other characters we find Igor, the Russian neighborhood cat, endowed with incredible strength. The 3 cats dancers Fancey Dancey, a group of dancers, Brutus and Bertie catch cats and Gas the dirtiest and smelly cat in the neighborhood. Without forgetting the cat journalist from the Gaby neighborhood, Piperita the cat chef, Lapalette the cat artist and Ambrogio the cat stylist.

A series absolutely recommended for preschool children.

Episode titles

1 - Buffycats on a mission
2 - A puppy to save
3 - Cosmo, the astronaut cat
4 - Cat traps
5 - Gaby, the reporter cat
6 - Gas, the stinky cat
7 - Grandma Pina's secret recipe
8 - Neko, the lucky cat
9 - A dog for a friend
10 - Lightning at the Miao Miao Grand Prix
11 - Cat fever
12 - The dance competition
13 - Milady and the Miao-Fu master
14 - Milky and Chock's circus
15 - Dogsitter mission
16 - Meatball's secret move
17 - Underwater mission
18 - Piperita, the cat chef
19 - Snobine, the snobbish kitten
20 - Four cats and a camel
21 - Pilou detective
22 - The Buffycats game
23 - The superhero cat
24 - Lightning at the Olympic Games
25 - Ambrogio, the stylist cat
26 - A new friend for Pilou
27 - Cats in Black
28 - Lapalette, the artist cat
29 - Fear of the dark
30 - Attic mission

44 Gatti copyright Studio Rainbow, Antoniano di Bologna and the right holders

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