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ï ¿½ Norihiro Yagi / Madhouse Studios
Original title: Kureimoa
Claire, Raki, Louvre, Teresa, Priscilla, Irene, Sofia, Noel, Hilda
Author: Norihiro Yagi
Production: Madhouse
Regia: Hiroyuki Tanaka
Country: Japan
Year: 2007 mm
Broadcast in Italy: 2011 mm
Gender: Fantasy / Drama
Episodes: 26 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The anime "Claymore" (Japanese original title: Kureimoa Claymore) was made by the animation studios Madhouse Studios in 2007, under the direction of Hiroyuki Tanaka. The animated series is taken from the famous manga of the same name, designed and produced by Norihiro Yagi, and published in Italy by Point Break (over 120 chapters have been published at the moment).
Divided into 26 episodes lasting 23 minutes each, the anime is broadcast every day on the Sky and digital terrestrial channels Man-ga, in the morning at 7.50 am, in the afternoon at 15.20 pm and in the evening at 21.20 pm.

The story set in the Middle Ages, tells of the Claymore, warriors endowed with superhuman powers, created by a secret organization with the aim of fighting the Yoma, monstrous creatures that feed on men, but who also know how to take the human form of the person they mauled. , becoming one with it also in the cerebral aspect. The name of the Claymore derives from the characteristic of knowing how to use their large and heavy double-bladed swords with impressive skill. The powers of the warriors derive from their mixture of yoma blood with the bodies of human beings, selected and trained for the purpose of fighting monsters, also exploiting their strategy and cunning. Among the various powers of the Claymore there is that of immediately regenerating the wounds suffered in battle and the sixth sense able to understand if the person in front of them is a human being or a transformed yoma.

In the first episode entitled "Claymore", a giant youma is annihilated by the sword of a masculine Claymore, called by the village chief. In a long flashback, the young Raki is intrigued by the particular features of Claymore, and turns to her in a curious way, asking her numerous questions. The same young man, before Claymore gets rid of him, discovers that the youma is none other than his brother.

ï ¿½ Norihiro Yagi / Madhouse Studios

In the second episode "The Black Card": Claymore meets a mysterious emissary, who gives her a black card and a change of clothes. The same emissary, the following day, makes some important revelations to Raki: the Claymore are beings that are half men and half Youma; the second part is destined, little by little, to take complete possession of the body, making the being in all respects a youma.

Episode 3 - Darkness in Heaven: Claire must investigate a mysterious case involving the death of a priest at the hands of a youma. Not being able to enter a sacred place as a demonic being, Claymore will have to swallow special pills procured by her emissary, able to keep the youma in her in check, making only the human part emerge. the trusty Raki, and in the final duel manages to injure a youma in the eye, although at the same time she is pierced by the monstrous being.

Norihiro Yagi / Madhouse Studios

In later episodes, Raki continues to follow the young Claire on her pilgrimages from town to town, village to village, to defeat all the Youma in circulation in order to free the villages. Claire, however, in her work of 'cleaning' will come more and more frequently to use the demonic part that is in her, risking her own safety.
During their travels, Raki will discover the most attractive part of the Claymore, in which he is able to grasp, at the expense of expectations. A soul not only magnanimous, but also kind, very similar to that of a girl; will somehow end up infatuated with it. At the same time, the young woman begins to suspect her own emissary and the foundation in general: she fears that the increasingly difficult and frequent missions are agreed precisely with the enemy.

The anime, which must exhaust its overall duration in 26 episodes, finds itself having to reduce numerous details and events that are also quite relevant that we find instead in the Yagi manga. The events are expunged, however in a precise way, in order to make the narrative flow smooth and not to leave room for possible misunderstandings and questions on the part of those who have not read the comic.
The plot is well thought out and the script guarantees a greater degree of involvement in the viewer. The drawing is also very popular: in the anime it was decided to give a much more feminine appearance to Claymore, who in the manga appears more an androgynous being, between man and demon.
The most striking aspect is precisely that of the animation: the Madhouse played a truly excellent role in the realization of the fights; the clashes between Claymore and Youma are very realistic, and rendered with an incredible fluidity of image. The final product is well organized and absolutely enjoyable.

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Claymore and all names, images and registered trademarks are Copyright Norihiro Yagi / Madhouse Studios and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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