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The protagonists of Code Lyoko - Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd
The protagonists of Code Lyoko - Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino
Original title: Code Lyoko
Thomas Romain, Tania Palumbo
Aelita Schaeffer, Jeremy Belpois, Odd della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama, William Dunbar, XANA, Monsters, Waldo, Schaeffer, Jean-Pierre Delmas, Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas, Hervé Pichon, Nicolas Poliakoff, Jim Morales, Suzanne Hertzn
Production: Antefilms, MoonScoop
Country: France
Year: 2003
Broadcast in Italy: 2004
Gender: Science fiction
Episodes: 97
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The cartoon series of the science fiction genre Code Lyoko was created by authors Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino for French television where it was aired between September 2003 and November 2007 on France 3 and Canal J. In Italy the series was broadcast first by Disney Channel and after passing through Raidue and RaiSat Smash it arrived in Raigulp. The first four seasons have currently been broadcast, for a total of 97 episodes lasting 24 minutes each. Of these 26 belong to the first season, 26 to the second, 13 to the third, at the end of which two prequel episodes were presented that tell the discovery of the virtual world and 30 to the fourth. A fifth season is in preparation which will air in 2012 and consists of 30 episodes.

The story is about 4 boys who attend Kadic middle school, who discover a super computer located in the basement of a factory (which reproduces a Renault factory on Ille Seguin closed in 1992 and demolished before 2004) which controls a world virtual called Lyoko. The four boys, Jeremie Belpois, Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern and Odd della Robbia, discover that this parallel world was created by Franz Hopper, a former science professor at their school protected by a virtual girl Aelita, a prisoner inside and who she will be devirtualized by Jeremie, in such a way that she is liberated and can return to the real world. But the kids will have to contend with XANA's virtual intelligence and its urge to dominate the world. Xana is also a creature of Professor Hopper, created for the purpose of destroying the terrible Carthage weapon, which he had invented himself on behalf of a company. He later discovers that the agency wanted to attack the earth to destroy it. In the course of the story, it will be revealed that the professor had built Lyoko to protect himself and that he had sent his daughter Aelita there to save her life.

The peculiar characteristic of the cartoon is constituted by the fact that the parts relating to the real world are drawn in a classical way while those of the virtual world are made on the computer.

The protagonists of Code Lyoko - Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd
Odd, Aelita, Ulrich, Jeremy and Yumi
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

Episodes Code Lyoko - First season
The episodes of the first season in fact do not present a very complex plot, with the exception of the last two. The cliché that repeats itself is essentially always the same: the boys discover an attack by Xana, foil it and reset the time so that everything returns to normal. The normality of real life constitutes a sort of subplot of the story, school and relationships with others constitute the pretext for Xana's attack.
It is the case of the first episode The plush monster (Teddy Gozilla) which begins with Milly and Tamiya who are preparing a service on the prom and who, for this purpose, try to interview Sissi, the queen of the previous year who, however, not only refuses, but makes fun of them considering them small. Milly would like to go out with Ulrich but she has to go to prom with Yumi. The enraged girl locks herself in her room and tells Tamiya that she hates everyone, unaware that Xana is listening to her. Xana also listens to her when she declares to her teddy bear that she would like them to be bigger and so when Milly leaves him in the garden shed she takes possession of it and uses it to attack whoever made fun of her. Then it makes it become gigantic and attacks the city. As Ulrich has to protect the school and alert Yumi, it's up to Odd to go to Lyoko to help Aelita deactivate the tower to protect the city from the raging bear.

The virtual protagonists of Code Lyoko
The virtual protagonists of Code Lyoko
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

After the emergency, after a trip to the past Milly asks Ulrich once again to go out, he accepts, thus embarrassing Sissi. As already mentioned, all the episodes of the first series are structured in a similar way, so much so that they can also be watched in a different order without altering the sense of the story. Only the last 2 episodes introduce a significant novelty: Jeremie who was working on a program to materialize Aelita manages to complete it in the penultimate episode Earth code (Code Terre), devirtualizing Aelita will be more complicated than expected and, as we will discover in the last episode Round trip (Faux Dèpart), Xana has taken countermeasures to keep Aelita tied to Lyoko, so that she remains an opening, a ploy that will allow the programming of the second season.

Aelita, Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd
Aelita, Jeremy, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

Code Lyoko Episodes - Second Season
The second season begins with Aelita enrolling in Kadic's middle school. Meanwhile Jeremie works to solve the problem that XANA has ensured that Aelita is always tied to Lyoko, so he looks for more effective ways to allow the group of boys to fight XANA as new vehicles. In the meantime we are witnessing a trip of the boys' class in the woods for a scientific research. Ulrich would like to partner with Yumi, but she has already joined a new boy William Dunbar, from another school from which he was expelled. Aelita pairs up with Jeremie who, however, will have to abandon her in the woods to retrieve her computer. Left alone, the girl is prey to terrible visions of wolves, which lead her to a Hermitage house, where she is attacked by XANA who has taken over the house and uses everything contained therein to attack her. When the rest of the group manages to reach her, they find Aelita in the basement in a sauna where XANA tries to push the others to burn them as well. XANA manages to capture Ulrich and Yumi, but Aelita and Odd manage to deactivate a tower before being boiled alive.
In this second season there has been a change of the production company, a change that translates into a slightly different graphic design both in the change of the character traits of Sissi and Jim, and in the physical education teacher and school guardian. In the second series there is a clear difference from the first, the story takes its more precise form and the episodes unfold along a common thread that connects them in succession while also telling complete stories. With Aelita on earth, who showed up at school as Odd's cousin, it is necessary to find a tool that allows her to remotely verify the activity of XANA. That's why Jeremie invents scanning. Each member of the group, in this second season is equipped with vehicles: a skateboard, Overboard for Odd and respectively a motorcycle each for Ulrich, Overbike, and Yumi, Overwing. Aelita, despite being able to drive a vehicle independently, usually goes together with another from the group. On earth the girl begins to have visions, visions of a life that she should not have lived, in which Franz Hopper appears more and more insistently.
The group discovers a fifth sector on Lyoko, Carthage which later turns out to be the home sector of XANA, the place from which all the data of the dreadful system that controls the super computer can be accessed. For this the boys begin a series of trips to Lyoko. Likewise, Xana has her own strategy and sends the Scyphozoa to try to steal Aelita's memories, memories that she can use as a key to escape the super computer. In addition to the Sciphozoa, XANA invents three other monsters that are much scarier and more powerful than those of the first series.

Yumi - Code Lyoko
Yumi Ishiyama
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

The purpose of XANA is slowly revealed as the season progresses as well as the origins of the supercomputer and Aelita herself. In episode number 23 of the season, the boys meet Franz Hopper. Jeremie has discovered five towers and decides to go and deactivate them with the whole group. Once there, however, they meet a man who seems to have a long familiarity with the place, able to deactivate the towers as if nothing had happened. This man, who claims to be none other than Franz Hopper, accuses the scanner and therefore Jeremie of causing the cells to break down and thereby causing the destruction of his journals. The whole group, except Aelita, disapproves of the man's claims. Jeremie decides to drop out of Kadic's middle school and asks his father to be enrolled in a school for gifted kids. But as he closes the call, he realizes that there is something wrong with Hopper's story. In the next episode Contact Jeremie is disheartened, because the latest attempt to create an antivirus for Aelita has failed once again. Odd and Ulrich try to cheer him up by assuring him that the decoding of Franz Hopper's diary is now only a matter of time. But the boy begins to doubt his own abilities and wonders if he is facing a task that is too difficult for him. According to Ulrich, Jeremie just needs a break and suggests watching Odd's short film, which no one at school has seen yet. That night Milly Solovieff and Tamiya Diopp are interviewing Sissi about Odd's latest film, which according to the girl will make her known to the world. When the discussion moves to the plot of the film, after a moment of uncertainty Sissi says that it is a story in which love, intrigue, drama and comedy are all intertwined. At this point Milly states that they probably don't have clear ideas on this point yet and Sissi makes an excuse and runs away. Later they all find themselves in a room, seated, and an elderly man greets them by welcoming them to the night of the short film of the Kadic Academy club. The first film to be screened is that of Odd entitled Life Size.

Jeremy - Code Lyoko
Jeremie Belpois
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

The movie starts with Odd running through the dorm halls yelling "She woke up". Jim, played by Roman Le Goff thinks that Odd is insane and takes him to the infirmary, but they are attacked by a giant Sissi. Sissi who is following the film begins to rail against Odd disgusted by the role he plays in this scene. As she screams a Specter sneaks into her body and she starts raving about Jeremie. Sissi is taken to the infirmary, while Jeremie accompanies the students to the dormitory. Yumi is convinced that XANA is responsible for what happened. But Jeremie's superscan rules out XANA's responsibility while Sissi is still in the infirmary. Later the girl enters Jeremie's room and continues to talk incoherently. Jeremie interprets what he says as a coded "can I help you" message, but he thinks it's not from XANA. After a series of vicissitudes that lead Odd and Yumi on Lioko to fight against the monsters created by Xana, at the end of the episode Jeremie inserting a CD in the player hears a voice that says "I can help you, I want to get in touch with you, I'm Frank Hopper ". The season ends with the episode Final mission (Reminescence) with the group's claim to continue fighting XANA.

Episodes Code Lyoko - Third season
In the third season, XANA was strangely quiet during the summer, but now, even if it needs a computer to exist, it can run from one computer to another. This forces Jeremie to prepare a new scan program that locates XANA in the United States. The group looks for ways to travel through the internet. Now that the artificial intelligence travels through the network it has become much more powerful and, while having to activate the tower to unleash its attacks, it is able to possess more people at the same time making life difficult for the group. In addition, XANA found a way to destroy the sectors hoping to get the group away from Lyoko and especially Carthage. Jeremie, however, is able to access Carthage directly. Faced with the growing power of XANA, the group decides to include a new member in an attempt to strengthen, William Dunbar. In the last episode Final Round (Dernier round) William is happy because he has joined the group. One morning Jeremie reports an attack by XANA, but Yumi and Odd must necessarily stay in class, Ulrich is engaged in a discussion with his father about his school results, and Jeremie is engaged in an interview with Milly and Tamiya.

Odd - Code Lyoko
Odd della Madder
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

So only William and Aelita leave for Lyoko. The boy is so excited by the new situation that he does not accept Aelita's calls for caution and bounces into the virtual world feeling like the protagonist of a video game. In this way, as soon as the girl moves away to open Lyoko's core, returning back she finds herself in front of a wall that separates her from William. In the meantime, Jeremie managed to escape the interview of the two tireless editors of the school day by descending from the bathroom window and joins the two on Lyoko. He meets William who has found something that looks like a large jellyfish and orders him to leave it alone as the Scyphozoa is very dangerous. William, however, does the exact opposite of what he is told and attacks the Scyphozoa, so as to find himself disarmed and possessed by XANA. When Aelita finally manages to arrive, she finds William trying to get up off the ground. When she looks up in her eyes XANA's eye is shown and with a single swipe of her sword she launches a beam that immediately devirtualizes Aelita. When the rest of the group joins them they face a dilemma, finding William who has become a powerful ally of XANA. They will have to fight it to save Lyoko's core, but will they be strong enough to do so? The answer will come in the fourth series.

Ulrich - Code Lyoko
Ulrich Stern
ï ¿½ Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino

After the third season, two Prerequel episodes are broadcast which explain some things that were not clarified at the beginning of the series. Jeremie is seen finding a super computer complex in an abandoned factory. Approaching he discovers that this computer contains Lyoko's virtual world, and a virtual girl who is called Maya as she doesn't remember her name. With the reactivation of the super computer, strange attacks are unleashed in Padic's school involving Odd, Ulrich and Yumi for which Jeremie is reluctantly forced to share his discovery with them. Using a scanner, Jeremie manages to send the boys into Lyoko's virtual world in order to stop the attacks in the real world. Here they manage to block the attacks by discovering that it is a XANA artificial intelligence that wants to control the world to cause them. Disabling the tower, the girl named Maya discovers that her name is actually Aelita. In the second episode of the Prerequel Jeremie discovers a function that can take you back in time, but he cannot find out who invented the super computer, Xana and Aelita herself.

Some curiosities. The series was born as a development of a pilot episode Children in the garage about four students who discover the secret of Xanadu, a virtual world invented by a professor leading a research group. But then the professor goes crazy and with the virtual world he becomes unstable, threatening the real world. The series is set in France, presumably in a Parisian suburb, as can be seen in an episode where a satellite zooms in on an image of France before framing the school. In the English version, however, this is not always clear. In fact, in one episode Sissi is seen talking with her father about a school exchange program with France and the names of some places are replaced with corresponding American names. The Kadic school seems to be based on the LaKanal school of Sceaux, of which it retains the main characteristics.
The cartoon was elected by French viewers as the best show broadcast by Canal J.

Code Lyoko copyright © Thomas Romain / Tania Palumbo / Antefilms / MoonScoop / Benoipe and Christope di Sabatino


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