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Kit'n Kate

Kit'n Kate - The animated series

Original title: Kit'n Kate
Kit, Kate, Mom, Dad, Duck
Authors: Vladimir Ponomarev, Michael Mennies, Mike de Seve
Production: Pavel Muntyan / Toonbox
Country: Russia, Cyprus

Year: 1st September 2014
Broadcast in Italy: 3 May 2018
Gender: comedy, adventure
Episodes: 104 mm
Duration: 5 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 6 years old

Kit and Kate (Kit ^ n ^ Kate; in Russian original) is a series of short cartoons produced by the Russian company Toonbox (whose animation studio and office were later relocated to Cyprus). In Italy it is broadcast on Rai YoYo at 16.55. In Australia and New Zealand, the series aired on the Disney Channel.

The two kitten brothers Kit and Kate, curious and creative, enter a box containing an object to have fun during their games. Thanks to their imagination they are transported to a world full of adventures, which will have the object of the box as its protagonist. However, their "adventure" often ends in big trouble due to the behavior being discovered by one of the two kittens Kit and Kate or both. To solve the problem either the mother or the father of the brothers arrive, disguised as some character who listens and gives the right advice to the two cats. The siblings acknowledge the advice of their parents, thank them and start their "adventure" from the beginning, but correcting their behavior as recommended, which will bring their adventure to an end in the best way.

When kitty Kit and her sister Kate find a problem to solve, their parents (dad, mom or grandpa) come up with a story that helps them understand the situation. Kit and Kate, not only insert unusual elements in the story itself (such as: shower of cucumbers, pigs on a leash, jelly cake with jelly decorations), but they take part in it and become the protagonists. When the story ends, the kittens discover that the problem that arose at the beginning or in the difficult situation is actually solved in the same way as the events in their story.

Kit'n Kate images - The animated series

Kit'n Kate - The animated series

Kit'n Kate - The animated series

Kit'n Kate - The animated series

Kit'n Kate - The animated series

Kit'n Kate copyright Toonbox

Video Kit'n Kate - The animated series

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