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Original title: Voltron: Defender of the Universe
Keith, Hunk, Sven, Pidge, Lance, Princess Aurora, Koran Counselor, Lotor, Witch Haggar
Author: Saburo Yatsude
Production: Toei Animation, World Events Production
Regia: Hiroshi Sasagawa (Golion), Kozo Morishita
Country: Japan
Year: September 10 1984
Broadcast in Italy: 1986
Gender: Anime / Science fiction / Robot
Episodes: 124
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Golion - Voltron (original name Hyakujuu Golion) was born in 1981 thanks to the production from Toei animation and later revived in 1984 by the American World Events Production. Golion Voltron it is one of the many modular Japanese robots that populated the cartoons of the 80s, the first series was broadcast on Canale 5 in 1982 and was divided into 52 episodes.


The history of Voltron is set in the distant future, which sees planet earth become the base of operations for all the planets in the galaxy, home to the Galactic Alliance. Although this peace is protected by the legend of Voltron, a gigantic robot who fights for the defense of the weakest, there are those who threaten the planets of the galaxy and these are Zarkon, which declares war on the planet Aron, precisely because it hides the secret of the powerful robot. The Galactic Alliance then sends to that planet, the Voltron Force composed of five space explorers: Keith the leader of the group, Sven a serious and taciturn boy, Throw courageous and impulsive, Hunk a touchy easygoing and Pidge a very young boy in order to take possession of the Voltron for the defense of the universe. During the invasion of the planet Aron by the fleets of Zarkon, the five space explorers are captured to be transformed into Robot Gladiators and fed to the Robot Beast.

Voltron pilot

The five boys with skill and cunning manage to escape from prison and flee on board a spaceship, chased by Zarkon's right arm, HeartHowever, the spacecraft is hit, but as it falls on the planet Arus, it is saved by a beam coming from a statue depicting a winged lion, Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk and Pidge they understand that they have arrived in the castle where the secret of Voltron is kept. Here they meet the beautiful princess Aurora which reveals the secret of Voltron, rendered harmless by the Haggar witch and divided into five Robot Lions, which only by uniting with each other can transform into the powerful Voltron. The five lions represent the elements of the fire nature (Red Lion piloted by Lance), water (Blue Lion driven by Sven), plants (Green Lion piloted by Pidge), the desert (Yellow Lion piloted by Hunk), the earth (Black Lion piloted by Keith). To activate the five lions, however, you must have the five keys that were buried with the king.

The boys agree to pilot the lions of the Voltron and immediately set to work by engaging in a battle with Zarkon's armies, however the fifth lion is missing from the appeal, because it does not have the key. Vistosi in difficulty Zarkon attacks the Votron Force with a terrible robot beast and is about to get the better of them, when suddenly the fifth lion arrives, which allows them to transform into the gigantic Voltron, who eliminates the monstrous robot without any difficulty. Now Zarkon has to deal with the revived Voltron, so he organizes a gladiatorial tournament in order to identify the strongest warrior. This is transformed by the witch Haggar into a gigantic monster. Yura, Zarkon's right arm, attacks Princess Aurora's castle, with all her troops, but when Voltron goes into action he has to collide with the terrible monster, which knocks him out. Princess AuroraPrincess Aurora so he decides to ask for help from his father who rebuilds the castle destroyed by bombing in a new super-technological defense center, which with his new weapons helps Voltron to defeat the enemy. Subsequently the terrible witch Haggar, in order to prevent the union of the five lions, lures Sven, the pilot of the Blue Lion, into a trap where she wounds him by means of one of her robot monsters. In reality, in the original Japanese version, the pilot Sven dies, but the American production cut this piece by definitively leaving the pilot, sending him to a planet, in order to recover from serious injuries. Sven's place is then taken by Princess Aurora, who even if she initially presents the difficulties of inexperience, in piloting the Blue Lion, will later succeed thanks to the advice of her friends, to be decisive for the defeat of the Yura's troops, which happens to the Prince Lotor. He falls in love with the beautiful princess Aurora, her enemy, therefore he finds one more motivation to fight her, in order to bend her to her will, to have her as her queen in the kingdom of Zarkon, when he is deposed. The character of Lotor will be instrumental in the defeat of Zarkon's troops by the Voltron Force, as he will cause discord and disorder between his own armies and his royal family.

Golion Voltron is copyright Toei - World Events Production and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Golion Voltron episode titles

01. Escape from the slave ship
02. The planet Althea
03. The five keys
04. The great Golion
05. King Ramon's fortress
06. The death of the blue lion
07. The return of the blue lion
08. A stranger on Althea
09. The girl from the devil's land
10. The secret of the white lion
11. The red rain
12. A monument for Tay-Bazaal
13. Princess Elena
14. The prince of hell
15. Takashi's ghost
16. The bridge of love
17. The great challenge
18. The forest of monsters
19. Synkrain's Blackmail
20. Farewell to the Earth
21. The ghost castle
22. The flowers of friendship
23. Onesha's prediction
24. One will stand attack
25. Adventure on the planet Mura
26. The latest adventure ...?

27. Jellyfish in space
28. The treasure of the planet Tyrus
29. Magnetic attraction
30. The Sleeping Princess
31. The bewitched robot-beast
32. A transplant for the blue lion
33. The evil frogs
34. Synkrain traps Hiroshi
35. The Olympic Games
36. The Synkrain double
37. Synkrain's new hitman
38. The Raid of the Red Berets
39. The omega comet
40. Little prince
41. Royal wedding
42. The Sabbians
43. The planet of slaves
44. Golion vs Golion
45. The satellite of death
46. ​​The fantastic space mice
47. Far pilot Golion
48. The Return of Garrett
49. Golion counterattack
50. Tay-baal returns a robot-beast
51. The end of Tay-Bazaal
52. The Last Battle


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