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Atom the atomic ant

Original title: Atom Ant
Atom Ant, Big Fats Dynamo
Production: Hanna and Barbera
Regia: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Country: USA
Year: 1965
Gender: Action / Superheroes
Episodes: 26
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Atom the atomic ant is the cartoon character created by the Hanna and Barbera in 1965 within the "The Atom Ant Show" program. Atom is a small superhero ant (the first of Hanna and Barbera), which despite its small size has superhuman strength, able to defeat any gang of swindlers and criminals. It is characterized with a white helmet and an orange sweatshirt where the letter A stands out and can fly up to supersonic speeds. The character is clearly inspired by a well-known American comic book superhero named Atom and created by Bill O'Connor and Ben Flinton in 1940. It is actually known that ants are among the strongest insects based on their size, as they can lift up to 50 times their weight. In the case of the cartoon hero of Hanna and Barbera, we often find him engaged in impossible feats and helping the police team of his city. Some adventures look like parodies of Batman's adventures, featuring bizarre and very unlikely criminals. The first 20 episodes were voiced by American actor Howard Morris. In Italy it was known in 1978, as it was broadcast within the Banana Split TV show. It is currently broadcast on digital terrestrial Boing and on the satellite channel of Boomerang.

Atom the atomic ant is Copyright © Hanna & Barbera

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