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Bunnicula Bunnicula

Original title: Bunnicula
Bunnicula, Chester, Harold, Mina
: James and Deborah Howe, Jessica Borutski
Warner Bros. Animation
Country: United States
Year: February 6, 2016
Gender: Comedy / Dark Fantasy
Episodes: 5 mm
Duration: 20 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The exciting series starring a friendly vampire rabbit arrives exclusively on Prima TV free on Boing

From 30 October from Monday to Friday at 15.15pm.

In October, Prima TV free arrives exclusively on Boing (channel 40 of the DTT) BUNNICULA, the brand new series produced in the Studios of Warner Bros. Animation starring a cute vampire rabbit.
The show - based on a series of children's books by the American writer James Howe, which began in 1979 with Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery - consists of 40 episodes of 11 'and follows the fun adventures of BUNNICULA, the vampire rabbit with red eyes, long and sharp canines and ears that can turn into bat wings.


Bunnicula is a very special vampire. To feed himself and to reinvigorate his supernatural powers, in fact, he doesn't like to drink blood but carrot and vegetable juices.

The series opens with the 13-year-old Mina who moves with her family to an old house in New Orleans inherited from her great-aunt. In the cellar, the little girl discovers a room where a furry, wide-eyed black and white rabbit was stuck. Mina immediately feels sympathy for Bunnicula but is still unaware of her supernatural powers. The rabbit is welcomed with open arms by the girl and her dog Harold while the paranoid cat Chester is very frightened.

The monsters of BunniculaThe monsters of Bunnicula

Bunnicula will decide to protect Mina and her family from all the otherworldly and monstrous animals they seem to attract from the house.

Taking up the style of the classic slapstick comedy, and the latest Warner Bros. Animation series and remakes like Bugs! is Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, the show features many fun gags and adventures starring the lovable vampire-vegan rabbit and his friends Harold and Chester.

Mina friend of Bunnicula

Mina friend of Bunnicula

BunniculaMina and her friends

All characters and images are copyright © Warner Bros. Animation and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Bunnicula video


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