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Original title: Angelo Rules
Sylvie De Mathuisieulx, Sebastien Diologent
Angelo Lowrence, Sherwood, Lola, Elena, Signor Zonka, Foot, Perla, Pastafrolla
Production: TeamTO, Cake Entertainment
Regia: Chloé Miller
Country: France
Year: 2009
Broadcast in Italy: March 2011
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 39
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The animated series "Angelo Code" (original title "Angelo Rules") was created by the French animation studios TeamTo under the direction of Laren Gold and Chloé Miller, in collaboration with Cake Entertainment.
The cartoon in 3d graphics is taken from the "Comment Faire Enrager" series of children's books written by Sylvie de Mathuisieulx and illustrated by Sébastien Diologent
Divided into 78 episodes lasting 7 minutes each, they were broadcast for the first time in Italy on Rai Gulp as of March 27, 2011.

The main protagonist is Angelo Lowrence, an 11-year-old boy, always ready to devise some strategic plan to help some of his friends in difficulty or to reach an impossible goal. Creative and full of ideas, he is not discouraged in the face of obstacles and full of optimism, he accepts all kinds of challenges. His best friends are Sherwood and Lola.

Sherwood is a boy of about 10 years of African origin, and is a true genius of computer science. Although he always has some doubts about Angelo's bizarre plans, he is always ready to help him and perfect some passages too imaginative.

Lola is a peer of theirs, cheeky and with a strong practical sense. She always supports Angelo's initiatives, but is equally ready to dismantle her friend's enthusiasm if the strategy becomes impossible to carry out.

Angelo Lowrence lives together with his family made up of his father (not very authoritative and very childish), his mother the real manager of the family, his sister Elena 15-year-old and his 5-year-old brother Peter. To complete the family picture there are also the cat Joe Momma and the little goldfish Mr. Bubbles.

Every day at school he has to deal with his professors such as Foot the science teacher, who always has suspicions towards his students and especially about Angelo. The only one who collects his sympathy is Sherwood, as the boy excels in the studies of his subject.
The physical education teacher is Mr. Zonka, who lives on memories of his past, when he was a medal winner. He demands a lot of commitment from his pupils, but in some episodes he proves understandable and kind-hearted.
Finally the teacher Perla the teacher of art education, adored by all her pupils because of her sweet and positive character.

Among other schoolmates we remember pastafrolla, a blond shy and clumsy boy, denied for all kinds of sports, who is often helped by Angelo and his friends in overcoming various difficulties, also because the boys have an interest in entering the amusement park, run by his father.
The bully of the class is Walter Manetti repeating for many years, who never misses an opportunity to torment Angelo, who has the advantage of being much smarter than him.

In the episode "Basket!“Angelo practices shooting for a basket in his school's outdoor basketball court. Since he manages to score repeatedly, he thinks he's a great champion. He invites a distracted shortbread to play basketball with his friends, but even though he loves this sport, he has never managed to make a single basket in his entire life, despite having always tried.
Precisely that day, in the hour of physical education, Professor Zonka will have to set the lesson only on free throws to the basket: for Pastafrolla a moment of sadness and humiliation is expected.
Angelo, Lola and Sherwood decide to help him, also because Pastafrolla's father owns a playground. First they insert a magnet inside the basketball and another near the basket, so that even a wrong shot can be captured by the magnetic force, which will be activated by a remote control. When Sherwood turns it on, adjusted to maximum power, the magnet is so powerful that in addition to the magnetized ball, it also attracts the other scrap metal that were nearby to the basket. The first experiment therefore failed.
Lola believes that the shortbread problem is only psychological, so she tries to work on her self-esteem and relaxation techniques. With his eyes closed he will have to pass the ball to Lola, who is in front of him, but even in this case he sends the ball in another direction. Luckily she is intercepted by Angelo, who sends her back to Lola and so Pastafrolla is convinced that he has hit the pass. Angelo does not agree with Lola's strategy, because he thinks he is deluding his friend, but it is also true that reality is what we believe.
Before gym class begins, Angelo gives a speech to his classmates, inviting them not to humiliate Pastafrolla in the free throws at the basket, but to encourage him in order to please his sick grandmother, who values ​​his grandson very much. Angelo manages to break through the feelings of his companions, who, moved, decide to help the clumsy boy. Angelo has the idea of ​​bandaging Shortbread and wherever the ball goes, his teammates will have to cheer for the basket, making him believe he has accomplished a great feat.
Meanwhile Lola continues with the self-esteem exercises, and Pastafrolla chants the phrase: "Yes, I can do it!"
Upon his arrival, the boy is greeted with great enthusiasm, especially by the gymnastics teacher Zonka, who first invites him to shoot for the basket. Angelo, as expected, makes him wear the blindfold and so Pastafrolla repeating the phrase: "Yes, I can do it" is about to take his free throw as a great champion, but obviously his ball goes well beyond the backboard of the basket. His whole class rejoices, to make him believe he has accomplished a great feat, but unfortunately another comrade arrives who, unaware of the collusion, takes everyone for madness and reveals to Shortbread that he has not hit the basket. The latter takes it out on Angelo and his companions, for having been deceived and seized by deep sadness he decides to abandon the lesson. His teacher invites him to return the ball and so Pastafrolla, casually throws the ball back, but it is just like that without looking, he makes an amazing basket under the amazed eyes of his classmates, who cheer.

In the episode "Love strategies”, We find the clumsy Shortbread, who falls in love with Monica, his classmate. Paralyzed by his shyness, he fails to invite her to an outing and so Angelo, Sherwood and Lola decide to give him a hand. Angelo documents himself all night, watching many romantic films, recommended by his sister Elena, and realizes that girls are crazy for love songs. The following day, armed with amplifiers and a microphone, he decides that Pastafrolla will have to serenade Monica with the help of a cell phone ringtone. Unfortunately he is so excited that he misses the ringtone, ending up offending the girl who listened to him looking out of his classroom window. Angelo decides to move on to the second strategy: humor. Always documenting himself through romantic films, he understands that one way to make girls fall in love is to make them laugh, so as to teach jokes to his friend Pastrafrolla. However, he is so clumsy that once Monica's attention is drawn, he even fails to tell a simple joke and so the girl ignores him even in this case. Angelo does not give up and decides to switch to the heroic rescue strategy. With Sherwood's help, she gets some acids from the chem room, some basketballs, some beads, an office chair and a rope.
When Monica arrives, Angelo will have to drop the basketballs that will hit Sherwood, who will have to drop the beads, then the wheelchair will be thrown that will force Sherwood to a mad rush. At that moment Pastafrolla must arrive, who under the eyes of Monica, armed with a lasso, will have to save her friend Sherwood. This way he will be admired by the girl. Mestre study that unlikely strategy, Lola arrives who mocks them and advises them to opt for a simple bouquet of flowers to give.
Shortcrust pastry does not allow those words to be repeated and immediately goes to Monica, handing her the flowers collected in the garden and taking all her friends by surprise. The girl falls in love instantly and so they can finally go out together.

Video by Codice Angelo

Titles of the episodes of the Angel Code
01 - In punishment
02 - Automatic litter
03 - Yak after hours
04 - pastry operation
05 - Out of party
06 - A pile of shards
07 - Fighting boxer
08 - Surprise check
09 - Shortcrust pastry
10 - Award travel
11 - Research
12 - Mister Bolle
13 - The snack thief
14 - Medieval battle
15 - Win '' the best ''
16 - The interval
17 - Household chores
18 - Change channels!
19 - The tail of the dragon
20 - In the queue
21 - Little Peter
22 - Peter's rabbit
23 - Experimental music
24 - The hour of supply
25 - The stew
26 - The riding course
27 - Pajama party
28 - The sneeze
29 - Limited editions
30 - Competition judge
31 - The break
32 - Sick fake
33 - Birthday gift
34 - The five kilometers
35 - Everyone to the sea!
36 - The collection
37 - Manetti's crush
38 - Impossible undertaking
39 - An unwanted guest

Angelo Code - Angelo Rules is copyright © TeamTo and Cake Entertainment and of the right holders, the names and images are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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