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Kazuki Sendo - Comic Party

Original title: Komikku Pati
Kazuki Sendo, Taishi Kuhonbutsu, Yuu Inagawa, Eimi Ohba, Chisa Tsukamoto,
Author: Sekihiko Inui
Production: Oriental Light and Magic KSS
Regia: Norihiko Sudo
Country: Japan
Year: 2001
Broadcast in Italy: 2010
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 26
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The animated series Comic Party (original title Comikku pâtî) is divided into two seasons of 26 total episodes lasting 24 minutes each. The first 13 episodes made by the Oriental Light and Magic studio in 2001, directed by Norihiko Sudo, were broadcast for the first time in Italy on 13 September 2010 on the Man-Ga satellite channel.
The second season (not broadcast yet) was produced for the first 4 episodes by the Chaos Project, while the following ones were entrusted to Raidx.
To these must be added 4 special films, aimed at the Home Video market.
Being a genre belonging to the Seinen category, this anime is aimed at an adult audience, due to the complexity of the topics covered: those of the training course of the young Kazuki, a high school student who cultivates the dream of becoming a manga comic artist.
The series is inspired by a role-playing video game for PC, released in May 1999 and later on other consoles, which consists of creating various characters for a dojinshi and interacting with a group of girls. On Comic Party was also made a manga comic by Sekihiko Inui and published by MediaWorks for a total of 6 books.

Taishi Kuhonbutsu - Comic PartyThe story has as its protagonist Kazuki Sendo, a very careless boy to the point that he instructed his friend Mizuki Takase to wake him up so as not to be late for school. One day his eccentric and exalted friend Taishi Kuhonbutsu, invites them to go with him to the Tokyo Big Sight, the festival on comics and animated films frequented by thousands of fans and at the market exhibition of dojinshi, amateur comics made by fans (our fanzines). Inside the crowded stands Kazuki and Mizuki can't stand that place and struggle to move between otaku and cosplayers, while Taishi seems at ease. In the midst of that confusion, Mizuki gets lost and Kazuki is overwhelmed by a girl carrying a cart full of comics. Later he knows the mangaka Yuu Inagawa, which realizes gods dojinshi sought after and invites him to his stand, where the boys queue to receive autographs and drawings. After that exhausting day, Kazuki, Mizuki and Taishi meet up for the return home, but only the latter is satisfied with his bags full of purchased comics. The young man proposes to Kazuki that he aspire to become a manga artist by profession, as soon as he finishes his last year of high school.
Destiny wanted Yuu, to move to Kazuki and Taishi's school, never miss the opportunity to form a work team to make a comic. Kazuki has an innate talent for drawing and that same evening, he tries to pick up the pencil to practice. The team is taunted by Eimi Ohba, Yuu's rival mangaka with whom he suffered a heated argument. To avoid unpleasant encounters, Taishi and Yuu decide to meet in an operational base and choose ... Kazuki's house, despite his disapproval, offering him the creation of a manga, a parody of another literary work. Actually Kazuki, not having a great culture on manga, wants to create an original work, but the problem will be to create beautiful drawings, full of charm.
While the group is intent on studying the project, complete with interpreting the roles with cosplay clothes, Mizuki bursts into it, who is stunned by the attitude of her friend Kazuki and tries to dissuade him from his aspirations.
Yuu Inagawa - Comic PartyMeanwhile, Kazuki on the stairs of the school is again overwhelmed by the boxes of the girl he met at the comic fair and saves her again from falling: her name is Chisa Tsukamoto. The girl works at her father's print shop, where the team goes to get a quote for printing their dojinshi. Chisa works with a lot of passion, calling “Mrs. Paper” and “Mr. Ink” by name as if they had a life of their own, but her problem is carelessness and constant stumbling. Despite everything, he was commissioned to do the printing work, which he will try to carry out with the utmost commitment.
Mizuki is disappointed in Kazuki's behavior, as the boy is too busy drawing to go out with her, and accuses him of abandoning his original drawing in favor of an impersonal manga style. Mizuki's words question Kazuki, who decides to give free rein to his creativity, without referring to other authors.
The following day Kazuki has an appointment with Taishi, who already has in store the name to give to their club: they will be called the “brothers 2”. Taishi also organized participation in Comic Bravo, the next dojinshi market exhibition, where Kazuki will have to try to sell his works.
Kazuki goes to the stand assigned to him and here he meets Aya Hasebe, a very shy girl who sells her dojinshi near her counter. Kazuki collects copies of his manga from Chisa, which he exhibits with pride and satisfaction since it is his first work.
Mizuki Takase - Comic PartyUnfortunately Kazuki realizes the harsh law of the market, where his comics are snubbed for the benefit of other more flashy works, but even Aya is not doing very well. Kazuki also has to deal with Eimi Ohba, a very popular mangaka who has sold all his copies, but fortunately he is heartened by Yuu who has come to support him also with lunch. Yuu tries to reinvigorate the stand, with decorations and strategies to attract customers.
Meanwhile Mizuki, given Kazuki's absence, is forced to go out to the shops with a dear friend of hers, but she feels a lot of loneliness especially when she also goes to the cinema.
Thanks to Yuu's advice, Kazuki begins to sell his first copies and to give his autographs and at the end of the exhibition he is satisfied, also for the acquaintance with Aya Hasebe with which he exchanges his manga. After reading Hasube's work, Kazuki is struck by it believing that the girl has a great talent and this spurs him to commit even more.

Comic Party Video

Comic Party Episode Titles - Season I
01 - The first fatal experience !?
02 - Putting your hopes on
03 - People who sell and people who buy at the market exhibition
04 - We don't have any money!
05 - This is the problem
06 - Aspire at the Comic Party

07 - The festival of hope
08 - On the beach
09 - An indispensable dream
10 - The distance between the two
11 - Invisible tomorrow
12 - Brother 2, again
13 - Our party!
Comic Party Titles - OAV Special
01 - The fascination of steam - The case of the dispersed dojinshi group
02 - Threat! Dooby Doobah in the underworld!
03 - Amazement and truth! Discover the mystery of the evolution of mankind!
04 - You who inherit the stars! The truth is with you!

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