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Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor
Elena of Avalor

Original title: Elena or Avalor
Craig Gerber
Princess Elena Castillo Flores, Princess Isabel, King Raul, Queen Lucia, Zuzo, Naomi, Skylar, Migs
Production: Walt Disney Pictures

Country: United States
Year: 22 July 2016
Broadcast in Italy: 17 February 2017
Gender: Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes: 30 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old
Elena of Avalor is one of the newest hits from Walt Disney Pictures. It made its debut in Canada in June 2016, it is an animated TV series that reconciles the tastes of boys and girls, because inside we can find both action moments and stories of little knights, as well as beautiful magical princesses and enchanted dream castles.
The tb series premiered in Italy on February 17 on Disney Junior and February 19, 2017 on Disney Channel.The story of Elena of Avalor to protect her from all evil. The witch Shuriki decides to take the power of the kingdom of Avalor and kills her parents, but luckily Elena is saved by taking refuge inside the amulet. His grandparents and sister are instead saved and enclosed in a painting by the court magician Alakazar, who after the storm tries to find a way to get the princess out of the amulet and the relatives from the painting where he had imprisoned them. It takes 41 years to free everyone, after which Elena takes possession of her kingdom again and continues to live with her grandparents and sister in the castle, trying to keep the evil witch Shuriki away from them.
As we said earlier this is a storyline that contains the right characteristics to please both males and females without any distinction. There are moments of tension and sweetness, the characters all have a very sentimental side and a warrior side. The very nice thing about the plot of this cartoon is the strong family bond. In fact, Elena fights with all her strength as well as for the kingdom, just to be close to her grandparents and her sister again, the relationship with the family is very much felt in many of the Disney cartoons and it is highly constructive that children understand the motto that whatever happens it is always possible to count on the affection and support of the closest relatives.
A sweet and captivating story that has glued many little heroes to the screen.

Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor, the protagonists.

To achieve a successful cartoon series, the protagonists are essential. We need nice characters, others who counter the bad guys and someone who is funny to get some laughs. Elena di Avalor contains everyone, from the good to the bad through the funny and the tender. Let's see a rundown of the main ones with some of their preponderant characteristics.
- Elena of Avalor she is the protagonist of the cartoon, she is 16 years old and after being freed from the amulet she discovers that she has acquired magical powers, in fact she is able to see and speak with the spirits and over time she learns to better manage her gift. An always cheerful and positive character, able to reflect and find a solution to the problem even in the worst of storms. Always designed with colorful dresses that make all the girls who look at it dream. Like all Disney princesses, Elena also has her own characteristics that make her unique, big eyes and a dazzling smile, dark hair wrapped in a tail that crowns her face, teardrop earrings and a crown of colorful flowers.
- Isabel she is Elena's little sister, younger than her and she is the inventor, in fact there will be many ideas in support of her sister. Little cute and very colorful too, with big eyes and a smile that warms even the grown-ups who follow her.
- Grandparents they are two elderly gentlemen who are characterized by a particular, sweetness, this is because Disney in his cartoons always tries to give a realistic and better imprint of the current world. Let's say they embody the united and smiling family that all children dream of having, because the creator of these cartoons has always said that his works must be used to make the little ones dream and feel good all over the world.
- Alakazar in the first episode the court magician is played by a bearded gentleman, but in the other episodes he is transformed into a Jewish spirit, his name is Zuzo and he is in the form of a fox, a character who is wise and sympathetic at the same time.
- Shuriki she is the evil witch who has taken possession of the kingdom for years, a woman with a wicked look, but also beautiful like all the witches drawn by Disney.

Of course we only mentioned the main characters, but within the cartoon series there are many other protagonists at each episode, some good friends and friends of Elena and other antagonists.
Each appearance has its own particular to help the little ones recognize it.

Elena of Avalor
Helen of Avalor

Elena of Avalor copyright Walt Disney and rights holders

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