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Me Eloise!

Original title: Me, Eloise!
Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight
Bobby and Brucey, Corky, Debbie and Ell Lincoln, Diego,
Edwin, mother of Eloise, Margarita, Matteus, Monte, Taylor, Yuko Takahashi
Production: Film Roman, IDT Entertainment, Starz Media, Anchor Bay Entertainment and HandMade Films
Country: United States
Year: October 2006
Broadcast in Italy: 2007
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 13
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The Eloise animated series (also known as Me Eloise) is based on the children's book of the same name by the American writer Kay Thompson, illustrated by Hilary Knight and was produced by Film Roman and HandMade Films, which made 13 episodes each lasting 22 minutes. The cartoon was broadcast for the first time on the American television channel of Starz Kids & Family in October 2006. Eloise is a 6-year-old girl, coming from a wealthy family to the point that she lives in one of the most luxurious hotels in New York, the Plaza hotel looked after by its inseparable nanny. Eloise is a lively and imaginative girl, always ready to find a solution that allows her to have fun and browse in different places and situations. Inside the Hotel Plaza frequented by people from different social backgrounds and cultures, Eloise has the opportunity to meet with new friends, also a significant variety of uses and traditions of the populations of the world, such as Indians, Japanese, Europeans, etc. the insiders and customers of the Hotel Plaza there is a cold and formal atmosphere, the little girl with blond hair always finds a way to revive the most reluctant situations to any type of socialization.

Eloise and Yuko

In first episode Eloise, happily runs, twirling with dance steps and pirouettes, among the corridors of the hotel, to deliver to all the people the invitation cards for her 6th birthday party, which will be held tomorrow at 4 pm in the courtyard of the palms of the Hotel Plaza. Guests included Miss Thompson at the reception, the driver Charlie, the manager Salamone, the elevator operator Max and the twins Bruce and Bobby. Eloise imagines that she is the princess of the small kingdom of Hotel Plaza so she often finds herself joking with the waiters, playing the part of the superb ruler. An 8-year-old Japanese girl arrives at the Plaza hotel, already an established violin concert artist, who, accompanied by her parents and Mr. Zanger, a surly and unpleasant manager, does not give interviews and is segregated in her hotel room to prepare for the concert. So Eloise, intrigued by that little girl, introduces herself to Mr. Tatashi, in order to invite her daughter Yuko to the birthday party. Mr. Tatashi thanks but is not inclined to the party, so Eloise's nanny manages at least to ensure that the two girls can get to know each other. The Japanese girl does not enjoy herself like all her peers because she spends all her time playing the violin, so she is infected by the overwhelming vitality of Eloise, who with a ruse manages to avoid the surveillance of Mr. Zanger, to make Yuko escape. from the hotel room. Together, despite some small initial misunderstandings, they will forge a strong bond of friendship and have fun with jokes and games, running around the different places of the hotel. The graphics of the 2d cartoon, characterized by simple lines adorned with some hatching, faithfully reproduce the style of Hilary Knight's drawings, embellishing them with the fluid movement of the characters, all with a very expressive acting.

Eloise and Yuko


All characters and images of Me Eloise are copyright Kay Thompson, Hilary Knight, Starz, Film Roman, HandMade Films and their rights holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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