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It is official, on MTV from Tuesday 29 May, at 21.30 pm, GARO begins, that is a "Tokusatsu", which in Japanese means "special effects" but which is also a real genre that boasts a continuous production for over 40 years!

Kaoru Mitsuki is a young aspiring painter who for some time has been dreaming of the picture book she read as a child, in which a golden knight confronts and defeats hordes of monsters out of the darkness. Dr. Ryusaki, his analyst, believes it is caused by the tension for the first solo show that Kaoru is organizing. But when the owner of the gallery is possessed by the mysterious painting that fascinated him so much, suddenly a strange boy wearing a white coat appears ... Thus begins Kaoru's adventures in contact with the magical realm of Horrors, demonic entities that feed on human weaknesses and enter our world by taking possession of the bodies of their victims. Fighting them on this earth are the Mystical Knights, of which Koga, the silent and unfriendly boy who saves her from certain death, is one of the most valid representatives, capable of transforming into Garo, the Golden Knight. Kouga tests her cold resolve by sparing Kaoru's life, tainted with the blood of a Horror. But what will be born between the two is still to be deciphered ...


Garo is copyright Dynamic Italia and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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