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The Octonauts

Cartoonito exclusively presents Prima TV: GLI OCTONAUTI.
From 18 September from Monday to Thursday at 20.30pm.

The Octonauts

Original title: The Octonauts
Production: Chorion, Brown Bag Films / L / M Rights, WILDBRAIN, Robot Productions, Silvergate Media for Cbeebies
Country: USA
Year: 2010
Gender: Preschool / Adventure
Episodes: 50 mm
Duration: 11 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 2 to 5 years old

Su Cartoon (DTT channel 46) the 2nd season of the exciting series arrives in World Premiere TV: THE OCTONAUTES.

The show, made up of 22 episodes lasting 11 minutes, follows the missions of a team, made up of seven explorers, who are activated whenever there is a problem underwater. Indeed, the intrepid group of heroes travels across the ocean, aboard the Octopod, in search of adventure and fun, trying to help anyone who finds themselves in difficulty in their path.

The team is made up of: barnacles, the captain, a brave polar bear, but also tender and caring; kwazii, an agile, impatient and reckless cat, he is a former pirate and loves adventure; Weight :, the penguin-doctor of the group, naive, sincere and truly competent when he has to help and heal creatures in need; Dashi, the dog in charge of the Octopod control room, official photojournalist of the group and eccentric artist; the Professor Inkling, expert in oceanography; Tweak, a bunny mechanical engineer; researcher Shellington, who observes life through a magnifying glass and finally, i vegetarian, underwater creatures halfway between the vegetable and the animal that help the protagonists to complete their missions.
Each adventure will be an opportunity to learn something new about science and nature.

GLI OCTONAUTI perfectly combines education and fun, excites and fascinates the public of children and teaches them the importance of safeguarding the environment and team spirit.
In Spain this show has quickly become a very successful phenomenon, loved not only by children, but also by their parents.

Video of The Octonauts

Barnacles - The Octonauts
Barnacles, the polar bear - The Octonauts

Dashi - The Octonauts
Dashi, the dog - The Octonauts

Kwazii - The Octonauts
Kwazii, the cat - The Octonauts

Peso - The Octonauts
Peso, the penguin - The Octonauts

Shellington - The Octonauts
Shellington - The Octonauts

Tweak - The Octonauts
Tweak the Green Bunny - The Octonauts

.All characters and images are copyright © Chorion / Brown Bag Films / L / M Rights / WILDBRAIN / Robot Productions / Silvergate Media for Cbeebies, 2010/11. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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