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From 24 May on Rai 2 PRIMA VISIONE TV for H2Ooooh! Is an extraordinary new animated series by Gruppo Some, starring the six Puppies, focused on the theme of water defense

Another extraordinary cartoon series for the youngest, proposed by Gruppo Some, which we can see on Rai 2 from Monday 24 May in FIRST VISION TV.
From Monday to Friday, Cartoon Flakes closes in the morning, the 3D animation series arrives "H2Ooooh!”(Conceived by Francesco Manfio and Sergio Manfio, who also directs) created in collaboration with the UNESCO headquarters in Venice and with RAI Fiction, which sees the Cubs fully committed to defending the environment.

How was this series born? Laura Messina, psycho-pedagogical consultant of Gruppo Some and lecturer at the Department of Educational Science of the University of Padua states that "... the only way forward for information to touch young people is to involve them directly in the training activity ..." .

The "H2Ooooh!" definitely goes in this direction, as it aims to address the very topical issues related to water, activating young people to make a creative contribution to these problems and allowing them to share their experiences and proposals for environmental protection .
In dramatic moments like the ones we live in - in which the British Petroleum company even opens a website to collect some useful suggestions to close the terrible leak that opened in the Gulf of Mexico - it is clear how it is increasingly important to make young people active protagonists in the defense of water heritage that represents their future.

More specifically, the “H2Ooooh!” Project, which led to the realization of the TV series, started with the active involvement of 6.000 students aged 6 to 16 from 280 Italian schools. The young people made short stories and storyboards on the theme of water: the use and exploitation, pollution and protection of water, limited water availability, the possibilities of recycling, the great water civilizations, etc.

Francesco Manfio and Sergio Manfio, together with Engelbert Ruoss, Director of the UNESCO headquarters in Venice, among the 566 storyboards arrived, they selected the most interesting stories that were transformed by the animators of Gruppo Some into 26 short cartoons. Each cartoon faithfully respects the plot and graphic design of the very young authors: the leitmotif of the series is represented by Cuccioli, former protagonists of the homonymous Rai 2 series and of the film "Cuccioli - Il Codice di Marco Polo" released in theaters with hugely successful and now also available on DVD.

In each episode there is the discovery, by a child or a group of children, of a "problem" related to water. Young people, for example, have shown themselves to be very sensitive to the problem of pollution of the sea and aquifers by industries. The protagonists of the cartoon, together with the Cubs, will try to understand the causes and propose a feasible solution. Despite the complexity of the problem, we will try, in each episode, to make young viewers understand that a solution is possible also thanks to their help. Help that can materialize in bringing the problem to light, assuming correct behaviors (for example not wasting water), sensitizing parents and adults, etc ...

With the story for "The blue fish" the state middle school "Balliana-Nievo" in Sacile (PN) tells for example how an oil spill is polluting and killing the inhabitants of the sea. The Friulian kids, not thinking that sometimes the problems are so complex that they cannot be solved immediately, suggest calling the marine guard to clean up the water and ensure that the fish can breathe again ...

Other themes faced by young people and that we can find in the series are:
- water pollution;
- waste and exploitation;
- reuse and recycling of water;
- the limited availability of this resource;
- its safeguard;
- the natural water cycle;
- the great water civilizations (Egypt, Holland, etc…).

H2Ooooh video!


"H2Ooooh!" ON RAI 2 FROM 24 MAY 2010

EP. 1: "EUREKA" - Calabria

More precious than oil! It is the water that is practically impossible to find in the desert. And Cilindro, who is crossing the desert aboard his custom-built vehicle, soon discovers it at his expense… This teaches us a great lesson: water is an invaluable asset!


Little Arakea asks the Cubs to help her because the water has disappeared in her village. Our, after discovering that the person responsible is a wicked sorcerer, resolve the situation and the magician will have the punishment he deserves.


The Cubs chase Senzanome's cap from the mountains to the sea, carried by a spiteful wind. During their journey they understand that action is needed because the natural water cycle is changing due to pollution.

EP. 4: “LINA'S PROBLEM” - Campania

What a desperation: Lina, a small drop, has lost her purity due to pollution. Only the Cubs can help her by making sure that the nearby factory uses the necessary purifiers and that the lake is cleaned of waste. But everyone has to do their part!

EP. 5: “WATER DISAPPEARED” - Emilia Romagna

Diva certainly cannot miss the opportunity to make herself beautiful. Even in the middle of the desert, he manages to find a beauty center. Too bad that the improvised Spa wastes all the water in the oasis. The Cubs cannot allow this and will find a way to fix the situation.

EP. 6: “A WELL FOR LIFE” - Lombardy

In a remote village in Nigeria, drinking water comes only thanks to tankers. The willing Cubs decide to build a well that will allow the inhabitants to no longer suffer from thirst.

EP. 7: “RUBY'S COOLER” - Marche

Ruby is a nice faucet who has a cold and therefore a runny nose. The Cubs know that, as in all such cases, it is necessary to immediately call a plumber who will solve the problem and save a mountain of water, as Olly says.

EP. 8: “SAPONETTA” - Piedmont

Cilindro, the usual careless one, has washed his paws but has forgotten the open water ... In addition to risking drowning the poor Lisetta soap, hectoliters of water are wasted. But the Cubs arrive in time and… they pull the poor Cilindro's ears!

EP. 9: “THE BLUE FISH” - Friuli Venezia Giulia

SOS Puppies! A terrible oil spill is polluting and killing the various inhabitants of the sea. The marine guard must be called to clean up the water and ensure that all fish can breathe again.


Water is never wasted! Cilindro learns this quickly because, to the sound of scolding, his beloved Diva explains to him that even the water used to cook pasta can be reused, for example to wash the dishes at the end of a meal.


How beautiful this sea ... if there were not all this waste! To find out where they come from, the Cubs descend into the water equipped with fins and snorkels. But cleaning a small part of the sea is not enough, everyone must do their part and not throw more garbage!


Help, in the Nile Valley the sources of the river have dried up because of the wicked adviser of the pharaoh! The Cubs intervene just in time and ask the guardian crocodile to return the water, a very important wealth of all.


It's terrible, the ozone hole could cause the ice to melt and get water up to the pyramids. It is necessary to find a solution and, to avoid the problem, the Cuccioli propose to everyone to pollute less and use the bike more.

EP. 14: “CARROTS MISSION” - Emilia Romagna

The world is completely without water. Puppies, help us: we need to find the water reserves. Our people discover that, to get everything back to normal, we need to stop wasting water that otherwise will no longer be able to complete its natural cycle.


Goccia, a small water molecule, asks the Cubs to help her return to the sea, her home. The six fearless little animals work to please the young friend. Thus they deduce that it is essential to respect the water cycle.

EP. 16: “THE MAGIC OF OLLY” - Sardinia

Olly, in the mood for magic, wants to teach all her companions that water shouldn't be wasted. So many tricks to remember: how to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, better a shower than the tub, recycle the water used to wash the vegetables, and so on ...


The greedy Mr. Arraffoni took over all the water to sell it bottled. But the drink is not as pure as the man claims. The Cubs, who do not let themselves be fooled, unmask the impostor and free the water molecules that can go back to their natural cycle.

EP. 18: “BRILLIANT LOSS” - Sicily

Not everyone is lucky. In many hot countries, in fact, it is not enough to open the tap to get drinking water but it is necessary to carry it with buckets and work hard to get it. Cilindro understands this well and explains that we must be grateful for this luck.

EP. 19: “THERE IS NO MORE” - Puglia

What a nightmare, there is no more water on earth because people have polluted and wasted too much! The Cubs decide to get help from a magician who will make clouds rise in the sky that will cause rain. Another lesson has been learned: don't waste water!


Two drops, Brio and Frizzolina, want to reach the Great River to purify themselves. The help of the Cubs is needed because the path is long and full of obstacles. But the group arrives compactly at the goal and Brio and Frizzolina will wait there for all their companions to live happily ever after.


AAA proverbs about water wanted! The Cuccioli, on holiday in a small town, are looking for traditional sayings that include water. Each of them notes how much they feel but in the end what is absolutely valid is "Water for everyone and everyone for water!".

EP. 22: “FRIENDS FOR WATER” - Lombardy

Water is important and respecting it is essential. The Puppies know this well because they have learned to follow all the necessary precautions: how to recycle rainwater, turn off the taps when brushing your teeth. And the Water Fairy can only reward them with a drop of gold!

EP. 23: “HEROES OF SAVINGS” - Abruzzo

Let's learn to save water! Senzanome teaches his friends some simple tricks to avoid wasting this essential good. But it is important that everyone does their part. And the Cubs will travel the world to spread the lesson!

EP. 24: “WATER… NTO IS PRECIOUS” - Calabria

Dirt, it stinks. Even a fire that cannot be put out because men have polluted and wasted too much. But the Cubs do not lose heart and decide to believe in the power of water that falls in the form of rain. Now we must learn to respect it!


Two water molecules, Rugiadina and Gocciolo, in the company of other similar ones set out to learn about the natural path of water. Thus they discover its usefulness for humans, plants and animals. And therefore it is essential to respect it!

EP. 26: “THE STOLEN AMULET” - Marche

Water belongs to everyone and no one should privatize it. The Cubs, to enforce this basic law, must thwart the plans of an evil beaver who wants to drain the lake and build his castle. To get the water back, you need to recover the stolen amulet ...

Cuccioli is copyright Sergio and Francesco Manfio Rai Fiction, Gruppo Some Alphanim Agogo and those entitled to it

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