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Huntik - Secrets & Seekers
Lok Lambert - Huntik

Original title: Huntik - Secrets & Seekers
Dante Vale, Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, Zhalia Moon, Den Fears, Cherit, The Professor, Rassimov, DeFoe, Klaus, Grier
Authors: Iginio Straffi
Production: Rainbow, Big Mouth Productions, Rai Fiction
Regia: Iginio Straffi
Country: Italy
Year: 12 January 2009
Gender: Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes: 52
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Starting from Monday 12 January 2009 on Rai Due the cartoon series Huntik - Secrets & Seekers (translated Huntik - Seekers and Titans) started, conceived by Iginio Straffi (author of the very famous Winx Club) and produced by Rainbow SpA, in collaboration with Big Bocca Productions and Rai Fiction, for a total of 26 episodes lasting 25 minutes each. It is currently being broadcast on the Rai Gulp digital terrestrial channel. Awarded as the best children's entertainment program in Cannes at Mipcom Junior, the characters and the story offer excellent opportunities for the merchandising market, especially for collectible playing cards Huntik produced by the Upper Deck. The series is broadcast in various countries around the world such as America, England, Africa, Australia etc ... and is preparing to emulate the success of the Winx.

Sophie Casterwill - HuntikThe animated series stars Lok Lambert, a Venetian student son of the late prospector Eathon Lambert. One day while studying for a test with Sophie Casterwill, he is attacked by three mysterious agents, who enter his dormitory and order the young man to deliver his father's secret diary. In order to convince him they use magical powers against him, but Lok and Sophie manage to escape by holding on to the diary and heading to Dante Vale's house. During the chase, the three agents free some hideous monsters, which put the two young people in difficulty, so much so that the diary falls into the waters of the Venice canal and loses some important pages. Lok manages to dive and retrieve the diary, and then get to Dante Vale's house. Here the agents still make use of their monsters, but Dante Vale comes into action and thanks to the help of the Titans Solwing and Caliban, he defeats the demons of the three agents who run away. Dante Vale is part of the Huntik Foundation, whose purpose is to protect the earth from the evil lusts for power of the Professor, at the head of the Organization that makes use of powerful evil Titans, led by the perfidious DeFoe. Dante Vale - HuntikThe Huntik Foundation, which dates back to the early twentieth century, studies the secrets of the Titans of mythological creatures, believed to be extinct for many centuries, which thanks to their evocation are able to cope with the forces of the Organization. Those who manage to summon the Titans are called Seekers and Dante Vale is the best of the Huntik foundation, as he possesses the most powerful collection of Titans, among them the mighty Caliban, an Aztec titan who uses a sophisticated fighting technique, with a gigantic sword.
Dante invites Lok to be part of the Huntik foundation, as he too is a Seeker like his father was, without his knowledge, but needs careful training in order to better understand the technique of summoning the titans. Meanwhile, many Agents of the Organization, together with their evil Titans, threaten Dante's home. Caliban - HuntikThe Titans are too numerous to face and Lok and Dante decide to escape an underground route. They meet Sophie and Santiago (the girl's bodyguard) and being all Seekers they decide to study the remains of Eathon Lambert's diary. From this they deduce that
Lok's father was on the trail of the Ancient Amulet of Will. Meanwhile, Sophie decides to go in search of Jodis Lore, the owner of the Titan Golem, who is located in the city of Prague, where the Professor's Organization is based. The group is found by the Titans who were chasing Dante and Lok and a bloody battle ensues where the 4 Seekers have the worst. Until Lok manages to invoke the Titan Freelancer, a powerful medieval warrior who, thanks to his armor and his lethal youngster, manages to put the sadistic DeFoe and his monsters to flight. Zhalia Moon - HuntikFinally Sophie, Lok, and Dante can travel to the city of Prague in order to find the tomb of Jodis Lore. Here they are attacked by the titans of the Organization, but to their aid comes Zhalia Moon, a mysterious Seeker who reveals to the group the existence of spies of the Organization within the Huntik Foundation. Arriving at Jodis Lore's grave, at a secret passage inside the cemetery, they are attacked by DeFoe and his demons. The group of Seekers fights with great difficulty to keep up with their opponents, but finally Dante Vale manages to summon the Metagolem the powerful Titan of Jodis Lore, who manages to put the Organization's thugs to flight. Lok, Sophie and Dante return to Venice to understand some clues reported by Jodis Lore about the Amulet of Will.

All Huntik names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Iginio Straffi, Rainbow SpA, Big Bocca Productions, Rai Fiction, and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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