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Monica's gang

Original title: Monica's Gang
Monica (Mônica), Cipollino (Cebolinha), Patacca (Cascão), Magalì (Magalì), Frangetta (Franjinha), Gaio (Xaveco), Marina, Tito (Titi), Annie (Aninha), Osti Nato (Do Contra), Nimbus , Maria Cipollino (Maria Cebolinha), Blu (Bidu), Glu (Bugu)

Production: Mauricio de Sousa
Author: Mauricio de Sousa

Country: Brazil
Year: 1982
Broadcast in Italy: 2007
Gender: Adventure
Episodes: 115
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

The cartoons of Monica's gang (original title To turma de Monica) are taken from the comic Monica, by the Brazilian author Mauricio de Souza, which in his country had a huge success from 1965 onwards. The series consists of 115 episodes, each lasting 22 minutes, which are currently airing on Rai Due from Monday to Friday at 9,30. Monica is a girl, characterized by two big teeth, very alert and enterprising, at the head of a group of friends who do not question her leadership in the least, even if they often organize small jokes against her. Monica acts like a real tomboy ready to make a lot of trouble, but she also knows how to be an example of discipline in school, where she excels in almost any subject. Furthermore, she is always ready to help her mother with housework and to help anyone in difficulty; in short, a real model child if it were not for her great curiosity, which pushes her to sneak into adventures that are sometimes bigger than her, always in the company of her inseparable friends: Cipollino, Patacca and Magalì that animate stories full of action, fun and vitality. Cipollino (Cebolinha in the original Brazilian) has the characteristic of speaking with the "r" moscia and enjoys making little teasing to Monica. Patacca (Casc o) is a child who does not have the slightest sense of hygiene and always goes around dirty, as he hates to wash. Magalì, Monica's greatest friend is instead a great eater, greedy for watermelon and any type of sweets. For Monica's character, cartoonist Mauricio de Souza was inspired by one of her daughters.

All characters and images of La banda di Monica are copyright 2003 Mauricio de Sousa Produ es All rights reserved. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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