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Matt and the protagonists of the series

Original title: Matt & Manson
Matt, Manson, Bruce, mom Ellen, Dink
Production: Magic lantern, Gaumont-Alphanim

Country: Italy, France
Year: 2008 mm
Broadcast in Italy: 2009 mm
Gender: Comedy / Action
Episodes: 52 mm
Duration: 13 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Matt & Manson's cartoons were made in 2008 by the animation studios of the Italian Lanterna Magica, in co-production with the French Gaumont-Alphanim, for a total of 52 episodes lasting 13 minutes each. The series directed by director Grégory Panaccione is aimed at an audience of children aged between 6 and 10 and was broadcast for the first time on Rai Due on March 9, 2009 at 7,15 am within the program. Cartoon Flakes. Since 2010 it has been periodically broadcast on Rai Gulp.

Matt & Manson is the story of the FAM Anti-Monster family, which in the city of Joliville populated by monsters, has the task of capturing them and making them harmless, bringing out their positive side.
The protagonists are Matt Average, a nine-year-old boy fond of all kinds of monsters, who tries to locate using devices of his own invention. Matt is very creative and intelligent, but despite his valuable collaboration at FAM, he attends school and carries out the same activities as his peers.
Manson is a friend of Matt, who is also a lover of monsters. Manson is very introverted and has a dark gothic look, which is why some people mistake her for a boy.
Manson has a vivid imagination and is so "obsessed" with monsters that she thinks she has one as a brother when she is an only child.
Bruce Average is the father of little Matt, who in his orange camper, carries out the profession of catching monsters. Bruce loves to laugh and joke, but when it comes to monsters he takes everything very seriously and with great courage.
Matt and MansonEllen Average is Matt's blonde mother and Bruce's wife, an expert in marketing and business organization, but a real disaster in the kitchen. Even if Ellen apparently seems foreign to the events that overwhelm the FAM, she always finds some ingenious solution to resolve the situation.
Dink is an orange monster, characterized by two horns that emit electrical discharges. Dink is a real well of science when it comes to cataloging a particular monster, managing to provide data and information on its habits and natural habitat. Unfortunately his language is not understood by Bruce, who uses Matt to be able to translate it.
Finally we find the adorable pocket-sized mini-monsters, guarded by Matt who respond to the name of Zet, the touchy and grumpy mini dragon, Uxi the shy octopus and Mika the lousy amorphous creature, loved by all for his generosity and optimism. .
Like all free professions, even that of the monster catcher has to deal with the competition, which in the city of Joliville, revolves around the figure of Madame Bovary. The noblewoman with aristocratic ways, unlike Bruce and his family, does not try to redeem monsters, but always thinks of her gain, compared to the danger dictated by a monster: the more damage the monster causes, the higher its fee. To defeat the monsters, Madame Bovary avails herself of the collaboration of the brilliant and clumsy scientist Professor Appendix, who more often than not combines more damage than the same monster.

In the episode “The Lake Monster”, we find Bruce and his family, eager to take a break from their work, with a nice vacation on the lake. The place is certainly not the idyllic place shown in the postcard, because the area is infested with the monsters of the lake that terrorize tourists. In spite of himself, Bruce is forced to intervene and transforms the camper into a submarine, to locate the lair of the monster. Here they find frightening green creatures, with prehensile sucker tongues, who will do anything to get Bruce, Matte and Manson to escape from that place. But what will be the reason for their behavior?

In the episode "The review of Matt", during the school interviews Matt's teachers report to his parents, the poor performance of the boy too listless and distracted by his mania for monsters. Matt is in danger of losing the year and as a last resort, he will have to pass the history question. Suddenly the school library is devastated by a monster and Bruce intends to act without the help of Matt, who will have to prepare for the history question. Concentration in the studio is very difficult for Matt, since he can't keep his mini monsters at bay.
Bruce is in serious trouble with the monsters, because he can't translate Dink's information.
Meanwhile, in Matt's room, the little monster of the library, a book-eater, has introduced himself, who in a flash takes out all the paper material of the Average house. There is no time to waste: the team of the Anti-Monster family must get into action.

In the course of the other episodes Matt, Manson and the FAM, will face monsters of all species and sizes, always being careful not to harm them, but reintegrated into society and with jobs suited to their monstrous characteristics.

Episode titles of Matt and Manson
01. The abominable ice monster
02. The lake monster
03. Review of Matt
04. A monstrous water leak
05. Bovary counterattacks
06. The secret weapon
07. Moldy monster
08. Waste in revolt
09. Monster of the aquarium
10. The rush to oil
11. Don't wake the sleeping monster
12. A city in pink
13. Juke box monster
14. The fog has eyes
15. Double Dink
16. A monstrous work
17. The lights of the city
18. Holes everywhere
19. My favorite horror
20. Family history
21. Hairy monster
22. Monster who wanted to turn off Christmas
23. The waves of love
24. Multiplexe panic
25. The gas monster
26. One monster can hide another
27. Hunting license
28. No spring for Bovary
29. Monster city
30. The campaign that bites
31. To each his own game
32. Bovary is looking for work
33. Bruce's doubt
34. Halloween in peril
35. Paranoia about the city
36. The monster of the abyss
37. The mail monster
38. Dirty business
39. Matt can't take it anymore
40. The monstrous fever
41. The monster of the black forest
42. Trojolibazar
43. Bad or bad
44. Fatal attraction
45. Trendy monster
46. ​​A brother for Manson
47. Artist's touch
48. Shadow monster
49. Monster of clothes
50. The spot
51. The right sound
52. Timeouts

Matt and Manson are copyright © Alphanim, Rai Fiction, Lanterna Magica and of those entitled, are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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