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The final season featuring the beloved Miny Pony is on the Cartoonito!
From 1 May, from Monday to Friday, at 16.55pm on Cartoonito

Cartoonito (channel 46 of DTT) arrives on the first season of the final season of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. The appointment is for May 1st, from Monday to Friday, at 16.55pm on Cartoonito.
In these unpublished episodes, Equestria experiences a moment of peace thanks to the work of Twilight and her fellow adventurers. Celestia and Luna, the alicorn sisters who reign over the city, tell Twilight their intention to retire and pass the crown to her. But Twilight has strong doubts that she is ready for such a huge responsibility: concern that escalates even further over the terrible return of the ancient evil Grogar and his coven: Sombra, Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis. When the villains destroy the elements of the tree of harmony and Twighlit realizes that their return hides a bigger and more evil plan to take over Equestria.
Ponies will have to overcome their darkest fears, fight and tap into the deep friendships built over the nine seasons to become the leaders of Equestria. Will Twilight be able to overcome obstacles and become queen?
MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC is a series capable of stimulating the imagination of young viewers, transporting them to a colorful world where they can experience fantastic stories. The show is also full of positive values ​​such as friendship and respect for others, explained to children through the stories of their protagonists.
The show is also loved by an adult audience all over the world because of its humor and the simplicity and quality of the animation. Adult fans are called the bronies (in the singular brony, born from the fusion of the words brother and pony). The characters of the animated series have in fact become part of the internet culture and the show has resulted in a large number of memes, dedicated sites, fanart, videos, original music and video games.

Trailer My Little Pony season 9



From the famous series My Little Pony: friendship is magic, MY LITTLE PONY: EQUESTRIA GIRLS, the first film dedicated to little unicorn ponies, arrives in the first pay TV on Boomerang. Fans of the series will see for Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack and the others, transformed into… girls! In fact, the little friends will be catapulted into the world of humans to recover a precious crown and thus save the kingdom of Equestria, and in the meantime they will live an unprecedented adventure full of new, surprising discoveries.

Little Twighlight Sparkle is about to face her future duties as Princess of Equestria when, during a ceremony, Sunset Shimmer appears from a magic mirror and steals her crown. The mirror leads into the world of humans, and Twighlight must pass it to retrieve the precious headdress,
essential to maintain harmony in the kingdom. But according to Princess Celestia's orders, the little pony will have to face this journey accompanied only by her dragon. And that's how Twighlight and Spike find themselves at the entrance of a school, transformed into a girl and her dog. Here, with great surprise, Twighlight meets the human counterparts of Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow and the other little ponies, and it is immediately great friendship! With their help Twighlight will stop Sunset Shimmer and take back the crown, and in the meantime he will learn about the habits of humans, and will discover many new things about friendship and altruism: after this incredible adventure, he can return to his world of pony, finally ready to become a princess.


Original title: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Spike, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, "Gomme da chat", Cheerilee, Diamond Tiara, Featherweight, Silver Spoon, Snips and Snails, Twist , Cake, Big McIntosh, Granny Smith, Mayor, Bulk Biceps, Cranky, Derpy, DJ Pon-3, Filthy Rich, Matilda, Pipsqueak, Ponytones, Sweetie Drops, raeburn, Thundering Hoof Chief, Brave Little Soul, Silverstar, Troubleshoes Clyde, Celestia, Luna, Fancypants, Hoity Toity, Lemon Hearts, Minuette, Moondancer, Photo Finish, Sangueblu, Sapphire Shores, Sassy Saddles, Sunset Shimmer, Twinkleshine

Author: Lauren Faust
: Jayson Thiessen, James Wootton
DHX Media Vancouver, Hasbro Studios
: United States
Year: 10 October 2010
Broadcast in Italy: 29 August 2011
Gender: Fantasy
Episodes: 117 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 6 years old

From 9 January, from Monday to Friday at 16.35pm, on weekends at 16.20pm on Cartoonito

In January on Cartoon: MY LITTLE PONY - FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, the new series dedicated to the famous toy launched in the 80s and which has become a real cult. The series consists of 26 episodes with simple graphics but capable of giving expression to the characters, highlighting all their facets. Each episode focuses on one of the various aspects of friendship, explained from time to time through the daily problems of the protagonists. A series full of positive values ​​that will involve not only baby viewers but also their mothers!

The series is set in the magical world of Equestria, a kingdom populated by colorful ponies that cause the sun to rise, rain, grow plants and fall leaves from trees in autumn. The protagonist is Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn pony, favorite pupil of Princess Celestia, the ruler of the kingdom. Seeing her always with her face on the books, the princess instructs Twilight to study a new form of magic, friendship, and to put it into practice. So he decides to send her along with assistant Spike, a young dragon, to Ponyville. It is here that the pony will meet other specimens, including Rainbow Dash, the tomboy of the group, Rarity, a lover of fashion, Applejack, a tireless worker, Fluttershy, shy and with a passion for animals, and finally Pinkie Pie, the queen of parties. Together, the group will experience several adventures within the town that will give the ponies the opportunity to increase their friendship. They will even discover that they were predestined to meet before they even knew each other. Twilight will be able to learn something new every day, while realizing that the bond that matters most is that of friendship.



My Little Pony

Fly my mini pony

Original title: My Little Pony 'n Friends
Megan, Molly, Danny, Spike, Firefly, Surprise, Gusty, Skyflier, Cotton Candy, Parasol, Starshine, Baby Cuddles, Bow Tie, Applejack, Seashell, Sundance, Cupcake, Heart Throp, Fizzy, Lickety Split, Buttons, Baby Tiddley- Winks, Sweet Stuff, Ribbon, Whizzer, Baby Ribbon, Galaxy, Forget-me-not, North Star, Cherries Jubilee, Paradise, Baby Lofty, Baby Heart Throp, Lofty, Baby Half Note, Masquerade, Shady, Posey, Truly, Sea Shimmer, Surf Rider, Magic Star, Gingerbread, Rosedust, Honeysuckle, Morning Glory, Locket, Princess Tiffany, Baby Quackers, Princess Royal Blue, Tex, Mimic, Twilight, Moondancer, Baby Moondancer, Baby Surprise, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Glory, Glory

Author: Bonnie Zacherle
: Jay Bacal
Hasbro, Sunbow Productions
: United States
Year: April 14 1984
Broadcast in Italy: 1988
Gender: Fantasy
Episodes: 61 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 6 years old
My Little Pony ("Vola mio mini pony" in the Italian traposition) is an animated TV series for children, produced by SunBow Production and created by screenwriters Michael Charles Hill and Carla Conway. Originally the project started as part of a program (My Little Pony 'n friends), but after the great success of the Hasbro toy line, it was decided to separate it from the rest of the group and make it a standalone series. In Italy there were two productions, the first from 1986 to 1992 and the second, with only 26 episodes, in the early nineties. Today Italy 1 (who already dealt with the previous television broadcast) has decided to re-propose this cartoon to starting August 29, 2011. There are 52 episodes, for a total of 2 seasons, which will air from Monday to Thursday at 8.20 in the morning. This type of airing spread over four days of the week meant that the sagas were cut to create four episodes, ending each adventure on Thursday of each week. The dubbing was entrusted to Debeb Film, under the direction of Paolo Torrisi. As for the theme song, made in the 80s (and also taken up for this new programming), it could only be sung by Cristina D'Avena.

My Little PonyHistory
Ponyland, or as it is translated in the Italian version Ponilandia (also called the Valley of Happiness) is an enchanted land, home to numerous magical creatures, although not all as peaceful and loving as ponies. In the villa del paradiso the magical ponies live in joy and carefree, spending their days between games and music. However, witches, goblins, trolls or other monsters who unfortunately inhabit the Valley of Happiness are always ready to ruin this peace. Their intent is to eliminate all ponies, or at least to make them their personal slaves. The magical protagonists of this series are not alone in fighting this threat. In fact, next to them there is the little girl Megan, the only one who is allowed to enter the fairy world of Ponyland. Very often Megan lets herself be helped by her little brother Danny and her little sister Molly, who live on a farm across the rainbow. In addition to the three small children, the other protagonists, especially among the ponies, are: Stella Magica, Gustavo, Dolcina, Fiocco, Ombretta, Gustavo, Tobia, Pallina, the Batuffoli, Dragoberto, Stella Polare and Schizzo. All together they will find themselves facing fantastic adventures, such as the witches of the Volcano of Melancholy whose plan was to eliminate the Sunstone. This is of vital importance for the ponies and for the whole valley, since all of them derive life from it. To these are added monkeys, marine creatures, Porcellina (a pig whose intent is to transform the whole world into glass), flowers that become monsters, evil dogs, dragons and many others.

My Little Pony movies
In addition to the TV series, a feature film and two medium-length films were also produced. The first was released in theaters the year in which the series was broadcast for the first time in Italy, the other two were born before the TV series, but aired on Italian TV only at the end of the second season. Since these two medium-length films were set in a time prior to the animated series, it was decided to show them as a kind of prequel. The difference from the version that all the children knew, however, was clear, in fact the various characters showed quite different physical characteristics.

The toys
The whole "My mini pony" project was born from an idea of ​​the market: Hasbro in fact had produced these little colored and glittered ponies, aimed at a medium-low range of public. In 1981 the commercialization was made official, and the sales boom that was recorded exceeded all expectations on the part of the manufacturer. For a certain period, in fact, the toys "my mini pony" even managed to surpass the sales numbers of the barbie, a real giant of children's toys in the world. The launch of the line, with the name of "My Little Pony" took place in 1982. A year later the toy line was distributed by DAG which, together with Hasbro itself, gave the reins in the hands of Co. Mark. P of Sapienza. The new marketing reinterpretation work led to the creation of a new name: "my mini pony".

My Little PonyLooking back we can well analyze the development of this phenomenon, divided into three generations of ponies. The first generation consisted of 6 ponies. The physical characteristics of these animals were designed to give them a human aspect as much as possible. In this way the children (especially girls to tell the truth) would see "my mini pony" not only as animals, on the contrary, they would approach them almost as if they were superheroes halfway between themselves and a fantastic animal fruit of the imagination. Physically their body was somewhat rounded, with very large eyes, placed on a face that, as mentioned, clearly recalled the human one. However, what most attracted the young buyers were the bright colors that characterized each pony. Colors that in addition to the body also expanded to the tail and mane. In addition, each animal was distinguished from the other above all by a unique symbol placed on the animal. Included in the box of the little pony, Hasbro also offered a comb, so as to always keep the hair of your mini friend in order. Soon, however, also following the television broadcast, it was decided to sell other characters from the cartoon. A winning idea given the sales statistics, and so unicorns, seahorses and pegasi made their appearance on the shelves of shops all over Italy.

Baby pony
Next to this line, already enriched by the newcomers, the new one of the Baby ponies was developed. In practice they were the same ponies already known, only this time their dimensions were really small, accompanied by numerous accessories, often sold separately. All ponies were part of this new line, starting with the first comers, the terrestrials, up to those with wings (the pegasi). This parallel production lasted for ten years (from 1982 to 1992), certainly not reaching the levels of the basic line, but giving more and more popularity to the series and in any case guaranteeing excellent income, facilitated by the sale of further related toys, in particular the various environments, such as the stable.

The second series
The second generation of "my mini pony" began in 1997. In America its name is "Friendship Garden Ponies" while in Europe it is known as "Ponyland". In the United States, the sale is a real flop and is stopped as early as 1999, even if the first generation had reported comforting results. In Europe, on the other hand, the second generation surpasses the first in sales and success. The new characteristics of the little ponies are longer and slender legs than in the past, moving heads (to give the possibility, albeit minimal, of an interaction between child and toy) and above all bright eyes which, together with the bright colors of the bodies of these little horses, they attracted the public as if they were made of sugar. As mentioned, the sales figures remained high, even if in the long run they turned out to be fluctuating. A recovery, however, occurred when it was decided to intervene decisively with a series of merchandising that went beyond simple puppets. So she found herself invaded by notebooks, perfumes, video games, teen magazines, T-shirts, hats and glasses. A real expanding market.

The third series
The third and last generation starts in 2003, and a small step back in the design of the bodies seems to have been taken. In fact, it seems to have wanted to recall the slightly more rounded image of the early 80s, while maintaining the characteristic of glittery and shiny bodies, also adding a small magnet in one of the four hooves of the pony. This served to attract the various accessories sold (separately) by Hasbro. But soon this addition was eliminated from the new productions, since there were malfunction problems, caused by the magnets, by the electronic equipment. An important market strategy was that of the points to be collected inside each box of "my mini pony". In fact, once the necessary points were collected, it was possible to receive exclusive ponies, not present on the market. This tactic allowed us to recover more than good results also in the United States, where the sale had started at the same time as Europe. Co. Mark does not pay at all. P, also in collaboration with Hasbro, publishes "Collection Pony", a publication also sold in America and Europe, even if the version of the old continent is much modified compared to the original stars and stripes. Given the great success of this initiative, a monthly magazine entitled "The newspaper of happiness of My Mini Pony" is also given to the press (it had a circulation of more than 100000 copies). To accompany the children at any time of the day, school diaries could not be missing. Thus "My Mini Pony Happiness Journal" was put up for sale.

The animated TV series is very simple in its architecture, in fact given the short duration of each episode, everything revolves around a powerful enemy that undermines the serenity of this equine Arcadia, and has an obviously happy and happy ending for each character, not forgetting to disseminate good advice and the right morale throughout the adventure. A more than discreet entertainment program for children, but to which the sale of puppets and gadgets is linked, whose success very often depends on the duration of the series itself.



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