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Original title: Porong Porong Pororo
Pororo, Crong, Eddy, Poby, Loopy
Production: Ocon Animation Studios, Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband
: South Korea
Year: 27 November 2003
Broadcast in Italy: December 2008
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 104
Duration: 5 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

From May on Boomerang comes PORORO (original title "Porong Porong Pororo"), a new series for preschool children created in 3D computer graphics created by Korean Cho Jong. This fun animated series is set in the Antarctic and will take us to discover the adventures of a little penguin and his cute friends.

The story goes that in a very distant place, there is a peaceful island covered with snow and ice, still unexplored by humans and not present in the geographical maps. On this white island there is a very small village inhabited by small animals. Here lives Pororo, a smart little penguin always ready for new explorations, who always ends up in trouble.

PororoHis friends are Crong, a very lazy little dinosaur, Pororo's faithful friend in his adventures, who was raised by the little penguin after finding it in the form of an egg. Loopy the shy and sensitive pink beaver who loves art and cooking. Loopy lives inside a hollowed-out log, and often invites his friends to enjoy his delicious dishes. The fox Eddy, brilliant in inventing robots, trains, cars, flying devices, ships, submarines and much more, even if they are not always fully functional. And Poby, a peaceful polar bear always in a good mood, who loves to photograph and fish. Poby has a big black nose and often wears a blue jumpsuit with a 'P' on his chest.
PororoLater in the second series we will find the penguin Petty, who will make the Loopy beaver jealous, for the attention that Pororo will have towards her. In addition, Petty will prove to be an excellent sportswoman. Petty lives in a hut and is characterized by a pink hat.

All the protagonists have very distinct personalities, which often cause small disturbances, during the silent days of the island. They can make a lot of troubles or disagree on several things, but nothing can ever scratch their friendship, which will lead them to always help each other in times of difficulty.

All the characters and images of Pororo of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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