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The princesses of the sea - Sea Princess

Original title: Princesses of Mar
Esther, Polvina, Tubarin

Production: Southern Star Entertainment and Neptuno Films Productions
Author: F bio Yabu
: Brazil

Year: March 24, 2008
Broadcast in Italy: 9 September 2009
Gender: Comedy / Fantasy
Episodes: 52 mm
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

From September 9, 2009 on Rai Due at 7,55 the cartoons "The princesses of the sea" (original title Sea Princesses) are broadcast, a series aimed at preschool girls, created by Southern Star Entertainment and Neptuno Films Productions with the participation of Fiamma Films, which consists of 52 episodes each lasting 10 minutes.
The princesses of the sea are little girls who live carefree in the ocean depths, playing with dolphins, riding whales and having fun with their peers, but there is no lack of daily commitments such as going to school.
There are many princesses of the sea and there are many species, all colorful and characterized by strange headdresses in the shape of shells, crabs, molluscs and fish of all kinds.
The main protagonists are three: Esther wearing a yellow starfish, Polvina with a pink octopus on her head and Tubarina with a blue fish-shaped headdress.
The girls live in a beautiful castle at the bottom of the sea and every day they venture to find some fish to save, even if sometimes they fight over little jealousies.

In episode "The new little fish" Esther, Polvina and Tubarina find themselves in the middle of a storm. While seeking refuge inside the coral cave, they find a little fish in distress, as it is wounded in the tail. The princesses take him to Esther's house and place him on Spyke's bed, the starfish who proves a little jealous of the little butterflyfish's care. After having medicated and satiated it with seaweed, the little fish tries to express itself, but none of them understand its language. The only one who understands it is Spyke, who frees him in the absence of the three girls. But the storm is still very strong and the little fish is in trouble again. Fortunately he is saved by the starfish Spyke and the princesses of the sea, who bring him back to Esther's house. The intention of the butterflyfish is to return to his refuge and that is why he was released by Spyke, so the three girls accompany him back to his home, near the coral reef, immediately after the storm ends.

All characters and images of The Sea Princesses are copyright Southern Star, Neptuno Films Production, Fiamma Films and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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