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Rainbow Ruby

Rainbow Ruby

Original title: Rainbow Ruby
Katie Rocky, Phil Harnage
Ruby, Gina, Choco, Lightning, Ling Ling
Production: 38 C Animation Studio, CJ E&M Corporation, China Entertainment Corporation, DHX Media

Country: China, Canada, South Korea
Year: April 2016
Gender: Fairy tale, Didactic
Episodes: 52 mm
Duration: 11 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Rainbow Ruby is a cartoon made in CGI computer graphics by the animation studios of 38 C Animation Studio in co-production with CJ E&M Corporation, China Entertainment Corporation and DHX Media. Its first broadcast was broadcast in North America on DHX Media in April 2016 and in Korea in March 2017.

In Italy it has been broadcast on the digital terrestrial channel since 2017 Frisbee at 9,20.

History starring Ruby, a 6-year-old girl characterized by red hair and a pink dress, who has a vivid imagination and optimism towards the problems to be solved. His best friend is the Choco teddy bear, who has a fabric heart sewn onto his chest. Every time this lights up it means that the Rainbow Village has some problems and needs your intervention. So Ruby takes her teddy bear and wearing an umbrella and a cape projects herself with her imagination in the Rainbow Village, or the village of her toys that come to life, thanks to her dreams and her imagination.

Inside the village she is almost always contacted by the mayor Ling Ling, a stuffed elephant, who explains the problem they face. Ruby carries with her the Arcobaleno trolley, a suitcase where there is everything you need to tackle the problem. On this occasion Ruby will wear the dress and tools of the trade in which she will have to try her hand: doctor, lifeguard, investigator and more.

Rainbow Ruby characters

Ruby Rainbow characters

Rainbow Ruby - A 6 year old girl characterized by red hair and a pink dress, who is always ready to help her toy friends from the Rainbow Village.

Choco is the Rainbow Ruby teddy bear that has a little heart sewn on the chest. This shines whenever the Rainbow Village needs Ruby.

Gina is a pirate doll characterized by a red bandana and vest on a white shirt and black hair.

Ling ling is a fluffy big blue rag elephant, and is the mayor of the Rainbow Village.

Jessy is a red-haired doll with tails on the sides and wears a yellow dress. She is a very young doll and therefore has a lot to learn.

Daisy is a sweet pink colored reindeer plush fawn.

Princess Kiki is a Pocellana doll dressed as a young princess, characterized by a beautiful light blue dress and blonde hair tied up.

Ellie is a dreamy stuffed sheep, who loves nature.

Lightning he is a lively and messy plush bunny who loves to play with his scooter.




Harmony family

Lady Swan

Prize giving

Ruby Rainbow's cartoon series won a grand prize at the Zhongguó Dòngmàn Yóuxì Chuangtóu Jiang animation and comic festival. Presented by the China Animation Association, it was ranked number 7. The ceremony was held on 1st October 2015 as part of the Shenzhen Gameshow edition.

Rainbow Ruby Episodes

The palace garden
When Choco's heart lights up, they need Ruby in Rainbow Village. Mayor Lin lin has a problem with the building Princess Kiki, as it is necessary to put order to the disasters that caused the rebounds, who made a mistake in planting the seeds inside the Princess's garden. Ruby dresses up as a gardener and with her tools she is ready to put everything back in place. Kiki chooses the seeds of her favorite flowers and plants. Choco and Ruby design the garden and get to work together with the rebounds. Eventually Gina waters the field with her flying pirate ship and suddenly the trees grow very fast, but they are devoid of fruit. Ruby will find that the fruits of those trees sprout on the roots.

A bad stomach ache
Mayor Lin Lin calls Rainbow Ruby to solve the mystery of Lightning Bunny's stomach ache. It turns out that he ate several sweets and in particular the Cheese Cake. Ruby wears the clothes of the doctor and armed with a microscope, she analyzes the components of the cake. Here he identifies the "Disgustosius" bacterium, the cause of Saetta's stomach ache. At one point the fairy accidentally drops her magic wand which magnifies everything, including the bacterium which becomes a huge devouring monster. Entering a school canteen, the bad bacterium devours everything it finds, while the friends of Ruby Arcobaleno try to distract him, so that he takes some time to find the solution. Will Ruby Rainbow be able to shrink the bad bacterium and save the inhabitants of the Rainbow Village?

Ruby Rainbow dressed as a fireman

Ruby Rainbow dressed as a fireman


RUby Arcobaleno sings and dances

Ruby Rainbow singing and dancing

Ruby Arcobaleno copyright 38 C Animation Studio, CJ E&M Corporation, China Entertainment Corporation, DHX Media and those entitled


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