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Original title: Meet SamSam, the Smallest of Heroes!
SamSam, SamTeddy, SamMammy, SamPapi, Super Jade, Green Bean, Stink, Beard Beard
Author: Serge Block
Production: Bayard Press
Directed by:
Tanguy de Kermel
Country: France

Year: November 12, 2007
Broadcast in Italy: 28 April 2008
Gender: Comedy / Superheroes
Episodes: 52
Duration: 8 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Sam SamSAM SAM is the little big hero, the new protagonist of Boomerang starting from November. From the series, younger children can learn to overcome problems while having fun and using their imagination! Made in 3D, the cartoon is based on a hugely popular comic series published by Bayard Jeunesse. Sam Sam lives on a strange planet inhabited by extraordinary creatures, half monsters and half Martians. Son of superheroes, between school, family and friends, this somewhat special child bravely faces every enemy and helps anyone who is in danger. Our protagonist is endowed with several superpowers, including a super vision, a super hearing and a magic hat that allows him to fly reaching those who need him in the blink of an eye. He also has a strange machine that makes him travel through space and funny weapons that help him defeat monsters. His extraordinary adventures and clashes with the strongest and most evil monsters, serve him to grow and gain more and more confidence in himself by perfecting himself in the role of superhero, to which he seems destined. At his side, the inseparable bear Sam Teddy who, like a younger brother, accompanies him on every mission.


Sam Sam

Then there are Fagiolino, Sam Sam's best friend, a funny green alien escaped from Mars and the terrible tyrant who oppresses the planet, and Stink Dirty, a bizarre being who loves waste and garbage cans, a little smelly but definitely a great, very original playmate. In Sam Sam's Cosmomondo some fantastic superheroes could not be missing, including Super Jade, a very pretty and very brave girl, who always knows how to get what she wants.

In the second season, we will follow the new extraordinary adventures of the little protagonist, which see him perfecting himself in the superhero role to which he now seems destined. In fact, even a quiet day at the botanical park with dad can turn into a new mission to complete: a large meteorite is threatening the planet! Fortunately, it all works out in the end and a well-deserved piece of cake awaits Sam Sam. We will also see the little superhero in red grappling with a multiplier of cosmic heroes, which also triples his dad, and he has to fix everything ... in short, in Sam Sam's world you never get bored.

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