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Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine

Original title: Shimmer and Shine
Shimmer, Shine, Leah, Zac, Princess Samira, Witch Zeta, Tala and Nahal
Authors: Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz
Production: Nickelodeon Animation, Studio Guru, Xentrix Studios
Country: Canada, United States
Year: 24 August 2015
Gender: Fantastic
Episodes: 42
Duration: 21 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Shimmer and Shine a cartoon produced in Canada and capable of gathering great acclaim among adults and especially children over the last few years.

Leeah and ZacThe origins of the cartoon Shimmer and Shine it has its origins in 2013 in very particular circumstances and modalities. In fact, the first appearance ever dates back to 2013, with a single episode screened in North America by Nickelodeon and in Canada from Treehouse in the month of September. Two years later, Nickelodeon is personally in charge of producing the series together with Guru Studio, with a first series that is very successful thanks to the theme song sung by Melanie Fontana. In the meantime, two other editions are made to the delight of many children. As for Italy, the first series is proposed by Nick Jr, while the following ones from Cartoon

La plot di Shimmer and Shine It is extremely simple and seems to be made on purpose to allow the little ones to have fun with the maximum of disengagement. The main protagonists are, precisely, ShimmerShine. The latter are two twins who come out of a magical bottle, discovered by the two friends and neighbors LeahZac. The two are very similar to real Aladdin lamp genes and want to make sure that no one knows their intriguing secret. The whole series revolves around these events, while the second season is held in the magical house of the twins, namely the Zahramay waterfalls.

Princess SamiraLeah and Zac become friends with the Princess Samira and of the master Roya. The first is the sovereign of the little geniuses. Everyone begins to fight against the witch Zeta, an arrogant character and without any kind of loyalty. All in a light climate and pure fun.

How is a typical episode di Shimmer and Shine? Obviously, most of the space is reserved for the two absolute protagonists, even if it all starts with friends Leah Zac who have a problem to solve. The girl thus chooses to rub the lamp and make the two little wizards come out. The latter move from their fairy castle aboard a flying carpet and rush to each other's neighbors, exhausting their desire in no time at all. Only Leah knows of the existence of the little geniuses, while Zac is limited to being her shoulder. A situation that remains so for a good part of the first season. All between settings with strong Arabian colors and songs worthy of being danced through belly dancing. At the end of each episode, Shimmer and Shine can return to their home and meet up with Leah for the next day, ready to give life to delicious new adventures.

The witch ZetaAnd now let's take a look at the characters of the cartoon series. Obviously the two main protagonists are Shimmer Shine, the two geniuses who give the title to the whole cartoon series. The first is optimistic with pink hair and blue eyes, while the second is more daring with blue hair and purple eyes. Their best friend is undoubtedly Leah, very patient child and close friend of Zac. The latter loves to go on an adventure and have fun living new experiences.

There are also several animals that assist the protagonists, such as the dog Rocket, the little monkey Tala and the white tiger nahal. The role of the antagonist is occupied by the fearsome witch Zeta. THE'authoress of this television series is the very young Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz, which he has previously worked for Dora the explorerGo DiegoNi Hao - Kai-Lan

all names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Nickelodeon Animation, Studio Guru, Xentrix Studios and of the right holders, are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Shimmer and Shine Episodes

1 - "The first wish"
Part 1: Leah wins a pendant in a bottle at a carnival party and to her great surprise discovers that her prize contains a magical bonus: the two geniuses Shimmer and Shine.
Part 2: Things get more complicated when Leah uses her remaining wishes to keep Zac from seeing the elephant.

3 - "The sweetest thing"
Episode where Leah wants to make cupcakes for a charity sale. Leah and the geniuses Shimmer and Shine will find themselves stuck with a giant birthday cake, some farm animals and a river of cake dough.

4 - "The strength of the Dinosaur"
When Zac loses his favorite toy dinosaur, Leah calls her genies to make a new one, but Shimmer and Shine get the magic formula wrong and end up turning the toy into a real dinosaur.

5 - "The tree house of the genie"
Leah and Zac try to build a tree house

6 - "What a Pig Message"

7 - "Ahoy, Geniette!"
Zak and Leah play on the beach in search of treasures. Zak spots the armor of a crab as treasure, which is obviously willing to defend it with his sharp pincers. The items for Leah's treasure end up in the sea along with her bucket, which she takes them to sail. Shimmer and Shine are summoned from their garden of hanging stars and their bracelets light up, coming out of the vial and ready to grant Leah's wish. The little girl would like to create jewelry, with the treasures found on the beach. Shine misses the spell and brings up the treasure map. Following the directions on the map, they arrive at a cave full of crystals, and then escape into a sea cave where a pirate ship is moored. They arrive clinging to the vines and with a breath of magic, they head west in search of the treasure.

8 - "Lights! Camera! Genies!"
Leah and Zac are about to watch "The Princess Dragon" on TV, but Shimmer and Shine end up making the characters in the film real.

9 - "Courtyard ballet"
Leah would like to be Queen Odette from Swan Lake and she wants the geniuses Shimmer and Shine to bring 6 swans into her house to play the ballet.

10 - "Abraca-Genie"
Zac wants to do magic tricks on his show, so Leah asks Shimmer and Shine to help him.

11 - "Santa's little parents"
Leah, Shimmer and Shine set out to visit the North Pole and find Santa's workshop. However, when Shimmer and Shine accidentally send him on vacation, they have to work together with Leah to deliver gifts to the children together.

12 - "Spaceship hit"
Shimmer and Shine invite an alien friend to Leah's house.

13 - "A Very Genie Halloweenie"
A Halloween special. Leah invites Shimmer and Shine to bring up a haunted house for the Halloween contest. Leah also uses the vacation to introduce Zac to Shimmer and Shine, as her friends dressed up as geniuses.

14 - "Pajama party"
Shimmer and Shine have their first surprise in Leah's house.

15 - "Game On"
Leah and Zac save money for months in order to buy a theater ticket, but the ticket machine breaks down and nShimmer and Shine intervene.

16 - "Arrived in Bowlin"
Leah and Zac go bowling, and when Shimmer and Shine start playing, the two wreak havoc.

17 - "The mistake of the great skate"
Leah visits Zac at the skating rink, while Shimmer and Shine help her make a skateboard. However, the geniuses build the skateboard with a surfboard and added wheels.

18 - "the dream dollhouse"
Leah wishes she had the dollhouse, but Shimmer and Shine shrinks it to the size of a doll.

19 - "Escape Goat"
While visiting a local zoo, a goat escapes and Leah and her geniuses chase him.

20 - "A gift for Leah"
To celebrate the anniversary of friendship with Leah Shimmer and Shine they organize a special day. Using the ingredients of dragon eggs, stardust, moonlight, sparkles and special gems, combined with a magical formula they build a gift for Leah: a bracelet with the most beautiful stones in the world.

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