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Method Films / Lux Animation
Original title: Skyland
Mahad, Lena, Dahlia, Aran Cortes, Cheng, Maestro, Oslo, Seijin
Authors: Mathieu Delaporte, Emmanuel Gorinstein, Alexandre de La Patelli re
Production: Method Films, Lux Animation.
Country: France
Year: 26 November 2005
Broadcast in Italy: May 19, 2006
Gender: Adventure / Science fiction
Episodes: 26
Duration: 26 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Made by Method Films and Lux ‚Äč‚ÄčAnimation (which took care of the particular movement technology), Skyland is a cartoon consisting of 26 episodes lasting about 25 minutes, based on the story written by Mathieu Delaporte, Emmanuel Gorinstein and Alexandre de The Patelli re. It is broadcast on Rai Gulp from Monday to Friday at 8.45 am and 15.40 pm.
A novel by David Carlyle was also drawn from it, which refers completely to the cartoon in the drafting of the plot.
The main peculiarity concerning the animated series is the technique used for its realization: it is in fact the so-called "motion capture", able to record the movements of each character starting from the real ones of a person equipped with particular sensors.

The history of Skyland
We are in the year 2251: the planet Earth no longer has its original form, as it has exploded and divided into small fragments, suspended in the void (the Skylands, in fact).
One of these bears the name of Babylonia: Mahad and Lena live here, together with their mother Mila. The latter is a Sejin, or a particular category of people with telepathic powers, or capable of moving objects with thought. These powers are powered by sunlight. Furthermore, the Sejin are able to create spheres by channeling their energy.
One of these "The Sphere" is the union of the powers of the Sejin guardians who serve it. It is an organization of the most powerful leaders of Skyland, who keep all the fragments (and therefore the whole earth) under control using these people. Furthermore, the dominion of the leaders is strengthened by their control over the water. In this particular era, in fact, this resource is very precious. The regime is a real dictatorship, where those who oppose, even if only in words, risk their lives.
The main exponent of this dictatorship is Oslo, the most powerful of all the Sejin as it is exposed both day and night to sunlight, unlike the others.
The story begins when Mila, realizing the cruelty of the organization of the sphere, opposes, being kidnapped, but managing to make her children escape. The latter take refuge in the peripheral areas of Skyland, among the Pirates who oppose the regime.

Main characters

Mahad: Seventeen year old, skilled pilot of airships.
Lena: Mahad's sister, XNUMX years old.
Dahlia: Twenty year old martial arts and bow expert who joined the "Resistance".
Araan Cortes: Chief of the Resistance (37 years old).
Cheng: Cortes' favorite disciple, he is a very smart hacker. But she is very young, only twelve.
Maestro: Man of great wisdom and intelligence, the only one capable of drawing a Skyland map.
Oslo: Chief of the Sejin, with great powers.

Method Films / Lux Animation

Main episodes of Skyland

1. Dawn of a new day - Part one
It is the first episode of the series. Lena and Mahad, children of Mila, come to discover the powers of their mother, who in an accident is forced to use them to protect them from the energy of the Sphere. But to allow their freedom, she will be absorbed by the Sphere itself.

2. Dawn of a new day - Part two
The second episode of the series sees Lena and Mahad taken to safety in the borderlands of Skyland, not subject to the control of the sphere. In them, the Pirates will tell him about their unknown past, and about their father who has been compensated in battle. Meanwhile, one of Oslo's henchmen, named Diwan, will attempt to kidnap Lena and Mahad to take them to the Sphere. But the Pirates will chase it away, officially welcoming the children to Puerto Angel (the name of the land outside the domain of the Sphere). Also, from this moment the battle against Oslo begins, to recover Mila.

3. The great wall
Master Hailong Zalo, powerful Sejin, manages to telepathically get in touch with Mila, reporting the message to Lena

4. Mogura
Puerto Angel is experiencing severe water shortages, and Lena is suffering from severe dehydration. The pirates, after a careful search, manage to find a reserve that contains this now precious asset. But they will have to face Mogura, a large spider-robot guarding it. They will do it, saving their own population.

23. Blue Sky
In this episode, Lena manages, with her courage and with Cheng's help, to connect to a database containing Mila's thoughts, leading to a great step towards her mother's liberation. But he will discover that it was just a trap to allow Oslo to infiltrate, in turn, Puerto Angel to close the games for good.

24. The secret of Temuera
Lena has a vision. Oslo is about to take possession of a relic, called "The Origins", capable of a hundredfold Sejin power. This relic is held in the village of Temuera. Thanks to the collaboration with Faro, an elder of the place, they manage to prevent the worst.

25. Karzhem Fortress - First Part
Diwan leads Lena and Mahad to the fortress of Karzhem. The two, in an attempt to recover their mother, kill the Oslo hitman. But once at the fortress, I'm trapped. At this point Oslo, in front of Lena, makes a revelation: her father is alive, and he knows where he is. Is he lying?

26. Karzhem fortress - Second part
It's time for Oslo and Lena to face off, but in the meantime Mila and Mahad flee Karzhem. The series ends however with Lena reaching the evil Sejin, and with a spaceship carrying Mahad and her mother to safety.

Skyland is copyright Method Films, France 2, Teletoon, ABC, CITV and the right holders. All rights reserved.

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