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Spike Team the cartoon by Andrea Lucchetta

Original title: Spike Team
Johanna "Jo" Robertson, Victoria "Vicky" Silvestri, Elizabeth "Beth" Monroe, Patricia "Patty" Tan Denver, Susan Bredford, Ann Mary Lewit, Lucky, Julio Robertson, Carlos Montero, Mark McGowan, Philip "Phil" Berger, Brent Winters, Armand Alea, Luther, Grace Loton, Amalia Grabhall "Madame A", Vito Revelli, Pereira, Pinkett, Grandma Rina Robertson, Ramon Robertson, James,
Authors: Andrea Lucchetta, Maria Claudia Di Genova, Andrea Greppi, Bruno Enna
Production: Rai Fiction, Lucky Dreams, Graphilm
Directed by: Maurizio Forestieri, Alessandro Belli
: Italy
Year: November 21, 2010
Broadcast in Italy: 21 November 2010
Gender: Sportsman / Comedy
Episodes: 52
Duration: 26 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Andrea Lucchetta, unforgotten and unforgettable Volleyball champion, continues his adventure in the world of sport and kids by playing the role of coach Lucky in the animated TV series he created.

Spike Team is the brand new cartoon created by Andrea Lucchetta, world Volleyball champion and now author in team with Bruno Enna, Andrea Greppi and Maria Claudia Di Genova.
The animated series, created in co-production by Rai Fiction and Lucky Dreams with the direction and artistic direction of Maurizio Forestieri and with the executive production of Marco Ugolini of Graphilm, will air on Rai 2 starting from November 21, 2010 every Sunday at 8.30 for 26 consecutive weeks. Each episode will last 30 minutes.
Furthermore, from 6 November every morning on RAI 2 a one-minute "teaser" will be broadcast in which Andrea Lucchetta presents Lucky and the Spikes and reveals each time some details of the highly anticipated TV series. On the website they are active links to directly access the Spike Team Facebook and Twitter pages! 

In the city of Evertown, six 16-year-old girls start a psychological, sentimental and sporting journey full of adventure and mystery: together they will have to build and form a team in an attempt to win a decisive volleyball championship. of their college and the city. Evertown is now in the hands of a ferocious and unscrupulous tycoon, Madame A. The only island that resists in the city is Spikersfield College, which emblematically guards the Torch of Olympia. Trained by Lucky, a decidedly out of the ordinary Volleyball champion, Jo, Patty, Beth, Susan, Ann Mary and Victoria become ... very special. Each of the girls, symbolically identifying a special quality, Strength (Jo), Spirit of Sacrifice (Patty), Courage (Beth), Balance (Susan), Tenacity (Ann Mary) and Loyalty (Victoria ), through a growth path full of suspense and mystery, of pitfalls and twists where defeats become victories, they will mature in the awareness of themselves, their resources and their limits. Spike Team is an unforgettable story of friendship and love where the only thing you can't really lose is hope. Because the greatest adventure lies within us.

On the occasion of the Kids Licensing Forum in Bologna, TeamWorks organized an event to present Spike Team, the brand new cartoon on the story of six girls and their coach, born from an idea of ​​Andrea Lucchetta, former Volleyball world champion and now author , in Team with Bruno Enna, Andrea Greppi and Maria Claudia Di Genova. The animated series, produced in co-production by Rai Fiction and Lucky Dreams, with the executive production of Graphilm, will be launched in Italy next autumn and is already preparing to cross national borders. These are 26 half-hour episodes, which will be broadcast on Rai Due. Presumably, the broadcast will coincide with the Men's and Women's Volleyball World Championships, scheduled for next autumn.

Andrea Lucchetta, nicknamed Crazy Lucky for his very particular diagonal brushed hair, presented his ambitious project, launching himself into the world of cartoons. As a sportsman, he said, I have always had the desire to communicate my experience in the world of volleyball to my audience, and in particular to children. Dedicating my time to the kids I understood what their needs really are and how important it is for their growth to be able to learn and assimilate the values ​​of sport and team play . Speaking their favorite language is the language of cartoons - Lucky, the coach of the Spike Team will translate 20 years of sports experiences for all viewers by sharing the values ​​and training path through always and in any case smiles and fun, the only capable tool to make all the children of the world passionate about sport and the positive message it manages to convey.

At the Bologna event, Maria Romanelli, Vice President of TeamWorks, which manages the distribution and licensing rights of Spike Team, has already announced the first partners who have joined the project such as Cartorama with the school, paper converting and gift line; Fly with the line of shoes dedicated to the series as well as a sports line for the new generations; Erreà with the sports shirts present at the Play Offs that have just started; San Carlo with the salty snacks line and Pasta di Gragnano. He also specified that, thanks to the value contents, the project has met with great interest in all product sectors for which advanced negotiations are already underway.

"Andrea Lucchetta", explained Maria Romanelli, "for 15 years he has been playing and entertaining thousands of children and also this year he will be active testimonial together with other famous sports champions, Adriano Panatta, Jury Chechi and Francesco" Ciccio "Graziani, at the event sports "A CHAMPION FOR A FRIEND" dedicated to children and teenagers, now in its thirteenth edition. It will take place from May to September in the squares of many Italian cities including Rome, Milan and Trieste. An event of such importance will give our partners the opportunity to evaluate co-marketing, sampling and sponsorship operations ".

TeamWorks is an independent Italian company in the licensing sector, which intends to develop original brand projects in Italy and abroad. It is based in Milan. The TeamWorks portfolio includes Italian and international brands of great interest, including: The Qpiz (; Bella Sara (; Withit (; JaJa (; MashiMaro (; NICI and Little Wingels by NICI (; Bad Cat (; Shin chan (; Nymboo (; The Bogies (; Atomic Betty (; Bobbypin (; Arittown (; Little Princess (; Metazoidi ( and LucchettiPonteMilvio (; Spike Team ( For more information: .


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