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Rika Chan

Original title: Supa Doru Rika-chan
Rika Kayama, Doll Rika, Doll Izumi, Doll Isamu, Nanae Kayama, Orie Kayama, Pierre Kayama, Sumire Shinohara, Dai Takabayashi, Rui Asagiyama, Catherine, Tomonori Fukuya, Yae Kayama, Evil, Doctor Scarecrow, Pul and Waya, Misty

Production: Genco, Group TAC, Madhouse, Takara Tomy, ON
Author: Mia ikumi
: Gisaburo Sugii
: Japan
Year: October 6th 1998
Broadcast in Italy: 2002 mm
Gender: Comedy / Maghette
Episodes: 52 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

After the success of Mew Mew winning friends , the new cartoon by the Japanese author Mia Ikumi, titled, lands on Italian television screens Super Doll Rika Chan (Subadoru Rikachan in the Japanese original). The series divided into 52 episodes, each lasting 25 minutes, was produced by Takara animation, Aeon, Genco and TV Tokyo and is currently broadcast on Rai Due from Monday to Friday at 9,25am.

The story features Rika Kayama, better known as Rika Chan a girl like many others, who attends the third grade together with her inseparable friends Sumire (her heart friend) and the enterprising Come on Takabayashi. One day the exhibition of a mysterious disappeared civilization called Doctor Scarecrow and his henchmen kidnap Rika ChanPhantociu civilization, better known as the Kingdom of the dolls. Rika Chan together with her class from the Santa Teresa institute, led by the good teacher Sister Chiaki, will have to pay a visit to the museum. That news scares Rika Chan's grandmother who gives her a strange bracelet called "calling ring", who will have the task of protecting her in moments of danger. At the exhibition Rika Chan and Dai meet a college boy named Rui (of which Rika has suffered a crush!), who is studying the Phantociu civilization. Meanwhile, the Dr. Scarecrow, a weird guy with a mustache who claims to be the archaeologist in charge of the excavations, along with him a very tall, dark-skinned, white-haired girl and a chubby, short, slightly clumsy type. Doctor Scarecrow convinces Sister Chiaki to divide the boys as a matter of order, but their intent is to immobilize the nun, with a sleeping pill, and hypnotize the entire school in order to capture Rika Chan, whom he calls princess. When Rika Chan realizes she is in danger, in the Calling Ring starts flashing and with it also the medallion thatRika Chan's grandmother invokes Doll RikaRika's grandmother Chan wears around his neck, who understands the danger his granddaughter runs. He then rushes to the cellar where he pulls out a box containing three dolls called Doll knight. With a magic ritual she invokes the help of Doll Rika, the central red-haired doll who immediately flies to Rika Chan to help her. Doll Rika arrives at the site of danger and after turning into Super Doll Rika, defeats the evil Doctor Scarecrow with his jojo, forcing him to flee. Doll RikaDoctor Scarecrow is actually a soldier of the evil forces, of the doll kingdom, commanded by the cruel Queen Yae, who is tasked with stealing Rika Chan's calling ring (her real face is a kind of skull). Queen Yae she is actually the twin sister of Rika's grandmother, but she became evil after being possessed by Evil an evil entity, affecting all creatures of the doll kingdom that came into contact with humans, have been in torment.Super Doll Rika Princess Yae had loved in her youth Katsu, the grandfather of Rui (the university boy), but their love had not been able to reach a good end because, his life belonged to the kingdom of the dolls. Before returning to his world, he gave his beloved a calling ring bracelet, which Rui now owns. Once in the realm of the dolls Yae was seized by deep feelings of melancholy for the loss of her beloved, therefore Evil the evil lord, was able to breach her soul and transform her into an evil being, who later usurped the throne Queen Yaeto the real queen: Rika Chan's grandmother. From this we deduce that little Rika is the princess of the kingdom of Phantociu and her grandmother wants to bring her back to the throne.
In each episode we will witness the attempt by Dr. Scarecrow and his henchmen to capture Rika Chan, in order to take her calling ring and eliminate the heir to the kingdom of Phantociu, but as always she will be defended by Doll Rika assisted by the other knights Doll Knight, who protect the doll kingdom, Doll Izumi e Doll IsamuRui(the latter is called by Rui with his bracelet). Doctor Scarecrow uses a thousand subterfuges to deceive children, as in the episode "Dark Prediction", where Rika at the exit of school meets a strange fortune-teller with a crystal ball, wrapped in a cloak, who claims to predict the future. Of course it is Scarecrow, who terrifies Sumire, Rika's friend, by telling her that this night will be visited by ghosts. In reality that night Sumire hears strange voices and cannot sleep from fear. Scarecrow's plan is to get Rika to lend her calling ring to Sumire, so that the little princess cannot call Doll Rika in time of danger. Luckily Rui arrives and prevents Rika from doing that, but she is still kidnapped by Scarecrow, to be taken to the doll kingdom, but luckily Doll Rika intervenes and frees the girl and gives a sound lesson to the clumsy follower of Queen Yae.
Super Doll RikaOne day in Rika's class, a new pupil called enters Catherine, which immediately shows a certain provocative hostility towards Rika Chan. We will later discover that Catherine is Rika's cousin who has a calling ring that can activate Doll Izumi and together they will fight against Queen Yae, even if Catherine is a little jealous of the aspiring princess. During a final confrontation with the Doll Knights, Yae recognizes in the face of the wounded Rui, his beloved Katsu, therefore he sacrifices himself to save him by giving his life. This gesture of extreme love of hers will make her conquer a soul that will forever be joined to that of Katsu.
We are in a showdown and Evil is defeated by Doll Rika, but thanks to Rika Chan's forgiveness, he gets rid of his evil charge and is reborn as a spirit of good. Now Rika Chan can sit on the throne of the doll kingdom, but decides to leave this privilege to her cousin Catherine, because she doesn't want to leave her world and her friends (especially Dai who she fell in love with). Meanwhile, Rui and Doll Rika fall in love and (given the example of his grandfather), Rui knows that if a doll in the kingdom of men has met a love, it acquires a soul that is incarnated in the kingdom of dolls. So it happens and Doll Rika can become a human being and marry her beloved Rui.

You can find the Superdoll Rika Chan manga comic also in newsstands or in specialized bookstores, as it was published by Dynamic Italy.

All characters and images of Superdoll Rika Chan are copyright 1998 TAKARA / AEON / GENCO / TV TOKYO / SUPERDOLL RIKACHAN COMMITTEE and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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