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Original title: Supernoobs
Tyler Bowman, Kevin Reynolds, Jennifer Shope, Theodore Roachmont, Zenblock, Memnock,
Author: Scott Fellows
DHX Media, Teletoon
Country: Canada
Year: 2 November 2015
broadcast in Italy: January 2016
Gender: fantastic, comedy,
Episodes: 48
Duration: 15 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Supernoobs is a cartoon created by Scott Fellows and produced by the Canadian animation studios of DHX Media for Teletoon. The animation style is very similar to that of Johnny Test, the previous animated series of Scott Fellows.

The comic and sci-fi series stars young Tyler, Kevin, Theodore and the girl Jennifer who have been mistakenly recruited to defend the earth and the city of Cornbury, from dangerous alien viruses. The boys are armed with a very special arsenal: battahlia balls that make them superheroes based on their characteristics. Unfortunately they can't manage their super powers well, due to their inexperience, linked to their young age and so they are helped by Mem and Zen, two aliens who would help them in the course of their adventures.

Supernoobs characters

Tyler Bowman

Tyler Bowman
Tyler is the first to doubt the battle balls and the assignment he's been given to save the earth. Unlike his friends, he knows the kind of commitments that await the Supernoobs. First of all, because he learned that "Great power corresponds to great responsibilities" and as the only comic lover.

Kevin Reynolds

Kevin Reynolds
Kevin dreamed of becoming a cannon man, but ever since he found himself being a superhero he has had to put that idea aside. He's the only one in the gang who truly appreciates superpowers. Maybe too much, since responsibility is not his forte, being a type ... extreme.

Jennifer Shope

Jennifer Shope
Jennifer Shope is a super-rational, super-stiff middle school student, and this logic, coupled with deep scientific expertise, helps her understand things like why she's denied for all sports or fashion. The fact is, his brain is programmed to understand different, far more important things.


Theodore Roachmont
Simply called Roach he is the youngest of the bunch and since kindergarten he is known for his scruffy appearance. Roach represents the ultimate hard-skinned hero, perfect for a search and rescue team.


It is to his father (a legendary member of the Benevolent Alliance) that Memnock enlisted. He sees it as an excellent opportunity to "see the universe".


Zenblock is by far the strongest of the crew and has vowed not to leave the earth unless he first turns the Supernoobs into adults, so technically it will take him no less than 5 years.

Supernoobs dubbing

Characters Voice actors
Tyler Bowman
Kevin Reynolds
Jennifer Shope
Theodore Roachmont (Roach)
Count Venamus
General Blorgon
Jock Jockerson
Amy Anderson
Alessio Puccio
Alessio De Filippis
Monica Volpe
Gabriel Patriarch
Emiliano Regent
Alessandro Budroni
Alberto angrisano
Irene Di Valmo
Stefano mondini
Gabriele Lopez
Joy Saltarelli



All characters and images are copyright © DHX Media, Teletoon and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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